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How do you catch your fish? I shoot em with my karabiner, i simply trap the gäddor into small river streams, block off the exits and shoot em, really easy.
I just pretend to be stupid and they jump right out.
I use a hookless fishing lure. The fish still try to eat it, but quickly let go after a tug or two.
Use it to scratch that occasional fishing itch that occasionally pops up.
Based 4channel Larper
Trips checked. That’s pretty based. There’s hundreds of fish on my property I might have to try this if the desire strikes.
I use a sword to fish them out, then I yell at them till I get tired and I feel like theyve been sufficiently humiliated
Can gladly recommend it.
Been thinking of attaching some form of fishfood to it, but not sure how or what.
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What sort of prideful fish dare to challenge you on land? I only get carp, catfish, and exceptionally large pike during certain weather. What sword do you use?
For me, it's the McGladius

Only the sword of an emperor is fit for lytting uppity fish SAVAGES back in their place
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you can always just make a bargain
I don't get it
File: 245685876.jpg (9 KB, 174x290)
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I use explosives. Started doing this as a kid with firecrackers timed just right being thrown into a larger pond.
It put my penis in the water and wait for a bite, ahah.
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I just go to the aquariums at Walmart, buy up a few dozen neons for cheap then take em home and mash em up with a roller then finally bread them and fry them into fishsticks. They taste good and also their floursent coloring cooks into the breading and easily a fun and enjoyable meal for the whole family.

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