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>The "I have to go to work in 8 hours and need a meal that will literally put me to sleep" special.

What is everyone else packing this fine afternoon?
haha, hey buddy!

thats what you wanted, right?
Ehh it's my day off and I'm going over to a ladyfriends place for the day. I know she has like 7 kinds of dip in her fridge right now so i'm just going to bring a bunch of chips and eat like all the dip while Netflixing and later chilling. I mean, if I don't it's just going to be a waste of dip.
No, this Is a food and cooking board and I wanted people to post images of what is the most commonly partaken meal of the day. Actively engaging in board related threads is the best way to combat the ridiculous uptick in /pol/baiting that has been plaguing this board lately.
It's probably just /leftypol/ retards having their occasional sperg out.
no pic but every day i eat a bowl of nongshim spicy kimchi noodles and a pack of tuna or can of sardines. fairly cheap and hits my macros. not worries about sodium my kidneys work just fine thanks
I'm waiting until temperature tuesday tomorrow so I can get my shit at discount

After working there for 8 years and becoming used to paying half-price, it's hard for me to justify eating there that often.

Still delicious though
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>mfw biting into a hot Runza on game day
There is no place....
Honestly though....why didn't you get any ranch?
this isn't your personal message board you retarded flyover faggot. i understand no one lives where you are but go find some friends

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