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File: 9383848938483.png (2.7 MB, 1125x1505)
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ITT: Character cosplays only worn by the most insufferable people imaginable.
Has anybody ever meet a cool deadpool cosplayer? 98% of the time I only hear about them sexually harassing women.
i met a few back in the day that were cool, mostly just dedicated to staying in character, but this was back when cosplaying deadpool was only just becoming a trend
deadpool cosplayers are a hit and miss. But a good indicator of their behavior is how good their costume looks like. If their costume is a cheap aliexpress/spirit halloween morphsuit without a dance belt then run away.

Recently, i think they all transitioned into Spiderman. i just attended a con today and it has spidermen actually annoying. jumping in parkour and dancing in train like fashion
Im convinced anyone who cosplays a shirtless goku or that boarheaded guy from KNY are just there to show off
why would you want to cosplay as a gay anyway
I met a few that were. One used to read the old late 90’s comics like I did. Said the comics got dumb when they decided to make him gay for Spider-Man.
Remember 2017~ when Team Skull was the shit among annoying bum stoner cosplayers
I don't think the costume is the problem, it's the people. But a few do stick out as top tier troublemakers.

Deadpool and Spiderman

Because these characters are masked, they allow for anonymity. Coupled with people watching P Diddy's videos and trying to imitate his behavior without realizing that what he does is consensual skits.

D.Va and Harley Quinn

Worn by thots that want attention but don't want to put in any effort.

Female cosplayers are never trouble makers though, Like who cares about self-contained thottery? I wish they were more dynamic though like homestuck girls back in the olden days.. Man congirls used to be fun..
2017 was fucking peak and Team Skull was the fucking best.
This guy
found the bum stoner
Got a lot of attention for awhile, but now everyone is doing it with look-at-me vibes.
>If their costume is a cheap then run away.
I would apply this to any trendy character that you might like, if it's a shitty cheap cosplay then that guy doesn't care too much about the character. That might be why all the new annoying cosplayers are going for Spider-Man because it's the new big trend and they're all aware now of how Deadpool cosplayers are seen by others.
File: hf4bpribmav31.jpg (1 MB, 3024x3780)
1 MB
any pervert character used as an excuse to take "funny" pictures groping women
I only like this character if its shirtless with the big faux fur coat

Like that pink nigga from one piece

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