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Anyone going to this? San Diego's got a pretty disastrous record with anime cons so I wonder how this one's gonna fare.
Nice artwork.

Why did it have to pick a super generic convention name along with a made in 5 minutes barebones website. At least they didn't rip off photos of other conventions to pass as their own.

It looks like a pending mess until proven otherwise based on SD record.
>Why did it have to pick a super generic convention name
"San Diego X Con". I think the logic is pretty easy to figure out there
It's generic as shit but probably good for SEO so I can see why they'd go for that over something else. Not that they really even have to worry about competition considering Anime Impulse isn't doing SD in 2024 (and tbf Del Mar kinda sucks to hold a convention at anyway, hotels or the convention center are really the only places to hold cons there.)
File: IMG_1540.jpg (3.02 MB, 4032x3024)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
I went and it was OK. This was my first time attending a convention based on a hotel, and good lord everything is like a maze.

>I wonder how this one's gonna fare.

I heard from the desk that tickets all sold out.

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