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File: A7RV + 50mm f1.4 GM.jpg (126 KB, 1143x1600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I bought an expensive camera for the sole purpose of shooting cosplay because talking to pretty girls is the only joy I have left in my life.
But they're only interested in the photography and they're demanding as hell as to what they want from it.
I'm losing my interest in it.
I want to sell it and KMS, or at least do something more meaningful than be a tool to these people.
total sunken cost

A7R5 = 4k
50 f1.2 GM = 2k
70-200 f2.8 GM II = 3k
lights, softboxes = 2k
misc filters, batteries, tripods, grips & accessories = 1k

wonder how much i can actually get back
this can't be real no one would shell out over $11,000 for a hobby they have zero interest in just so they might have a conversation with a girl
You have 0 idea how far "professional" photographers let their egos drain their bank accounts without knowing the basics of proper lighting, lens type, or ISO setting. There is some guy I see at katsu and a few other east coast cons who walks around in full gear+shoulder lights acting like he's the king of any photoshoot and is doing people a favor for anyone doing a quick stop and shoot.

9 times out of 10 any modern smartphone will work so long as your hands aren't shaking like a 90 year old grandma.
>70-200 f2.8 GM II = 3k
Not a suave 85mm f1.8 for that bokeh effect
you where never gonna make it anyway anon

he's retarded, i got a basic but good gear for 1k for hobby, if your gonna spend more you need to make it a job and get it back and you should had lots of practice to master the basics before wasting money
What camera did you get? For a purely hobby level I've been after replacing my old one

>insure it
>rent it out, make $$
>when it breaks, collect insurance $$$
File: 1466985759120.jpg (3.27 MB, 4896x3264)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
And here I am just roaming cons with a Fuji XT-1.
any change you’re near NY? i’ve been looking for photogs to shoot with. every photog i’ve worked with has been really awkward or it’s been a pretty lame experience. Unless you’re lame too.
>Not a suave 85mm f1.8 for that bokeh effect
Are you a fucking retard?

200mm at 2.8 has a bokeh way more pronounced than a 85mm at 1.8.
>buys tool
>gets mad when the attention is only about the tool
ZeroSerenity? He was at Colossalcon hovering around every woman showing her tits.
In my neck of the woods 12k would had bought, idk, 3000 hours of sex. At one hour a day everyday you're looking at more than 8 years of sex. And as a bonus you don't have to carry all that shit around.
is this SEA or some shit? $4 for an hour of sex?
Why don't you equip one of your lenses with the infrared filter?

And then sell the "nude" transparent shots online later.
File: 6040171165_b646fd1322_b.jpg (345 KB, 1024x683)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
i got a sony alpha 6000 for like $350 around 3 years ago not sure if the model or price still around that
i spend less than 1k in those 3 years only got another lent, protection bag, extra battery for all day at con and a flash
i mean 85m instead of the 50mm my bad or what ever im not a pro just one of those hobby guys taking girls pictures
the second aswer was mean to >>10880866
Latin America. Like, the non-chink version of SEA. Yeah, I don't know exactly since I'm not an user of those services, but all things considered I can't be much off the mark.

Same. The a6000 series is great, aps-c and compact. I don't picture myself lugging a full size dslr around. Also the original a6000 is old and cheap by now but still a workhorse. Feels like I'm not missing a whole bunch from the newer models.

And with the recent apparition of all the manual chink lenses (there were not many when I got into the system in 2018) you have fun ensured for a long time. From what I read they are quite good. I barely use the camera now, but if I get back into it I'm delving into the ttartisans/7artisans line-up.
>they're demanding as hell as to what they want from it
Sounds like a you problem
Whenever I'm doing photos of my gf at cons and girls want me to take pics of them too even 'professional' cosplayers are nervous and ask if their posing is good

Even at fucking Anime Expo rhe bar for quality is so fucking low for guys with cameras since they're 98% lpsers like you and 2% failed mid photographers
Just have a basic sense of aesthetics
>even 'professional' cosplayers are nervous and ask if their posing is good
thats because no one can see exactly how they look when posing but the photographer can. Please please if you are a photog do not be afraid to micromanage the cosplayer's pose we WANT you to tell us whats working and whats not. My left foot is turned wrong and looking retarded? please mention it and say where to better move it for a flattering better picture
Exactly why I don't bother doing photos for people I don't know. I'm not going to tell you, "raise the heel of your foot 3cm, tuen it counteeclockwise 16 degrees, move the foot forward 8cm and to the right 7cm and then..."
I just physcially move people into poses with my hands. There is no other way to reliably pose people. This is just basic fucking posing for any normal photographer. You physically move the subject around.

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