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File: help.gif (1.07 MB, 498x278)
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FAQ (last updated: May 19th, 2023): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: >>10846925
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10839846
LARP thread: >>10813669
Sewing general: >>10817921
Makeup, hair, skincare general: >>10809295

Taobao thread: >>10849072
Stupid j-fashion questions thread:>>10854327
Previous thread: >>10843285
Unanswered questions from the last thread:
File: 1674074148881026.jpg (920 KB, 935x661)
920 KB
920 KB JPG
Where could I find a good pair of similar looking red and green contact lenses? I'm considering cosplaying as Suiseiseki and can't seem to find any that would fit together with each other or fit the cosplay.
I have pretty sensitive skin, but also have heavy beard growth so my 5 o clock shadow is fairly noticeable even a few hours in & it's hard to do makeup to really account for that. I've been considering just waxing it 2-3x over the course of con season, but am worried about potential long term issues with regrowing. If it's just an occasional thing am I probably fine? Otherwise, is my best option gonna just be get really good with makeup?
File: IMG_1401.jpg (1.26 MB, 4032x3024)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Post your Discord lets talk.
It's in the FAQ but to give you the tl;dr honeycolor or pinkyparadise

>but am worried about potential long term issues with regrowing. If it's just an occasional thing am I probably fine?
Your hair will grow back just fine. If it didn't the waxing industry would be in trouble. Focus more on caring for your skin before and after. There is such a thing as sensitive-skin waxes. It absolutely benefits you to spend the extra cash on getting your waxes from reputable salons and better products.
Oops, dropped reply. Yours it the green text
>Your hair will grow back just fine. If it didn't the waxing industry would be in trouble.
anon it's a fact that waxing causes trauma to hair follicles which will kill them eventually. it varies from person to person, but waxing often thins out hair over time due to permanently killing the follicles.
File: 1677839331911.png (411 KB, 509x509)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
Does anyone know where I could buy wings like these (preferably shippable to EU)? All wings I keep finding on etsy are gigantic and those on amazon.de are just extremely low quality (that one's on me through, I don't know what I expected). I'm still new to cosplay, so I'm not sure where else I can search
Can you glue/sew Velcro strips on to compression clothes?
Yes but glue/sew them on while you're wearing the clothes. If you glue/sew them on while you aren't wearing them, the fibers will stay in their unstretched position.
What material would be best for making Purah's clothes? The jacket at least looks like linen to me but I'm well aware that linen is a pain in the ass with how easily it wrinkles.
File: 1680542159931906.png (202 KB, 510x414)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
I have never cosplayed before nor have I ever gone to a convention despite living really close to Comic Con all my life.

I might want to try it at a small "fest" next year so I want to know, where do you get good high quality wigs? I hate the trashy, plastic sheen-y look of cheap wigs
I sort of asked this in the last thread but I wasn’t really pleased with the response so I’ll try a different approach how do I get my hair to look like this?
are the cosplay orgies real
have you ever heard it happening in a room
no retard
You condition them, tease them, crimp them, and/or drench them in baby powder. All synthetic fibers are gonna be shiny even the expensive ones.
this is a help thread, retard. your incorrect opinion isn't needed.
>tease them, crimp them
Is this why zoomers do this shit so often? No wonder their wigs look so bad. Also you seem to not understand the difference between the sheen of high quality wigs and shiny bright trash that tangles in minutes.
Anyone got an updated list of online wig shops? The one i got from here years ago is basically dead.

Excluding taobao cuz my google-fu is dogshit
pls post an example of a high quality wig that you* own
File: art1.png (3.29 MB, 1640x1141)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
im looking for someone who has the zelda totk artwork book. if you know anyone who have it i need to see this pattern in full. it would help me so much.
I'd also say linen.
Start off with a long hair wig, then hold your scissors vertically to feather the tips. Lightly mist hair spray, blast it with a gentle bout of hot hairdryer, then pinch and shape the tip with your fingers. Hold it until it cools. Remember that synthetic fibers will take shape as they cool, not with heat like natural hair does. If you look up some youtube videos, it'll be easier to visualize.
The one in the current FAQ should be alive, but in short:
>taobao / aliexpress / amazon
Try /wsr/
why don't we have drawthreads here anymore?
Ordered a custom cosplay a few months back when the con date isn't settled, so I just gave the guy "I need this done by August". I know its the same month every year so there are no surprises. Recently, the date was now settled to the last week of the month. Three months left and the guy is still working on the order of the customer after me. I want to update the guy on the deadline that now has a date but I didn't want to make it seem like a "gotcha" or something impatient related. So how would I type that?
He did told me that he would work on mines after he finishes the order. He's a lone guy so I could guess the other customer ordered something really fucking huge because going by the updates on Twitter, it was some very complex guns and military outfit I've ever seen.
Are you still around? bellblush#8908 if you'd be willing to help.
Since covid, there's been less and less users on here. The ArtistAnons likely just aren't around anymore or there aren't enough of them. If you want to start one, you're welcome to. Just know that it'll be slower than you remember.
To be honest it sounds like there isn't an issue with the date if it's still within the same month and actually happening the last week of that month. It sounds like you're feeling a bit nervous because you haven't received as many updates as the other commissioner. Remember that just because you haven't seen it posted on twitter doesn't mean that your commission isn't being worked on. Ask for an update if it helps.

"Hey, [commissioners name]!
The date for the convention that I'm planning to wear your commission at has finally been released. It's [date]. Now that we have a concrete date, I was wondering if we could talk about scheduling? I know that you're currently working on another commission in addition to mine, so I wanted to get a feel for your schedule and where you're at currently with the project. In order to have it in time for the convention, I would need to have it in by [date]. Does that work for you?

I look forward to hearing back from you.
[Your name]"
I sent you a friend request I’m at anime north this weekend. I can help more on Monday night / Tuesday. velent
File: sock-garters-category.jpg (123 KB, 1500x873)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I want to use a couple of compression sleeves in my cosplay but they keep rolling down. Is there something like suspenders/garters but for sleeves?
How much could I expect to pay for a good custom cosplay commission? The character I want to cosplay is underground enough that there's no pre-made shit on the market, and the outfit is fairly complex with a giant arm attachment, so it has to be someone who knows what they're doing.
I've contacted some sellers on Etsy but they haven't gotten back to me, and I'm also not sure where reputable cosplay makers sell their services.
Depends on how much work it is to do and how good you want it to look. Can you post the character design in question?
I recently ordered a mask, pic related, which looks great but doesn't fit my face super well. I'm been experimenting with different placements for padding to make it comfortable to wear but its always either squashing my nose or the sides are floating well away from my head.

The mask is made of resin (~2 mm thick), but the store I bought it from doesn't list exactly what kind. What are the odds that I can reshape the mask a bit with some heat? Is there a best practice for doing this (heat gun, boiling water, hair dryer, etc)? Or is this a terrible idea?

I feel like if I can 'bend' the mask a bit so its a bit more triangular than flat that will both bring in the sides to fit my head and create some extra room in the front for my nose.

Bad idea? Good idea? How do?
One quote I got is 1k.. seems like a fuck ton, maybe an investment I'd be willing to make for a very high quality cosplay. Swords would be an additional 500.
Not sure if that's a reasonable price or not for just the outfit, I would prefer an outfit with little polyster but would definitely use polyster if it took off some of the price.
New to commissioning cosplays so just looking for some idea of what is overpriced and what isn't.
Hmmmm. Yeah, unfortunately that's a pretty complex looking outfit to make. If you want it to look good, $1000 probably is in the ballpark for something custom made. I don't know where you are commissioning from, but when it comes to quality you get what you pay for. You don't want to pay $400 for something and when it arrives it looks like you got it from spirit of halloween, you know?

Possible option is to break up the commission into smaller parts and shop around with different sellers rather than doing it all in one place. That much work doing all by one person is a lot to ask, because its a lot of different kinds of work. But, for example, if you order JUST the dress + hat from one seller and the arm pieces from another, and buy your own black leotard? That gets you like 80% of the way there, easily enough to be a recognizeable and functional costume, and you get your cloth work done from someone who specializes in that and your armor work done from someone who specializes in that, without having to find one person who does everything. This might mean that you choose to forgo certain pieces on your first outing, like the legs, but you can buy those later and split your costs over time rather than doing them all at once.

I can't promise that doing that will save you any money, splitting your work to different places might be more expensive. But its an option I would explore.
No bitch my hair not a wig and why tf did you regurgitate the most basic wig tutorial known to man if I’m getting a wig I’m getting a lace wig not some aliexpress shit
You idiot, the methods don't change whether you're using a cheap wig or expensive one. And you can get lacefronts on Aliexpress, it's a type of wig not a brand or mark of quality. What you meant to say was synthetic vs human hair or cheap fibers vs higher quality like kaneklon. Also, the advice would be the same even if you're using your own hair. This shows how little you know and yet how loudly you bitch. I hope you go bald.
>advice is for synthetic wigs
>it would be the same for natural hair
you're retarded
I'm begging you to get a clue or gtfo. The way you hold your scissors or apply hair spray doesn't change whether you're styling human hair or synthetic wigs. The only difference, in this specific example, is what temperature sets the style. I mentioned this in my original post when I explained both.
>Remember that synthetic fibers will take shape as they cool, not with heat like natural hair does.
I genuinely don't know what answer you're expecting if "cut using this technique" and "apply this product" was not the answer you were looking for. Alucard's style is extremely basic -- just wispy bangs and layered ends which are achieved using the method I fucking told you. You don't even need to build volume because his hair is thin and slick. I also directed you to more resources if that didn't satisfy you. If you're not happy with those answers, then figure it out yourself. You've gotten more than enough attention from multiple people here.
i'm not even the OP, you just sound retarded.
That's an excellent idea, actually. I found someone willing to do the clothing and shoes for a good price, so I can look for someone who specializes in crafting armor stuff for the arm piece + swords.
Didn't think about splitting it up but it's going to work out much better than putting everything onto one person. Commissioning cosplays is a lot more in depth than I thought, but that's what I get for picking a character that's not well known & quite complex. Thanks for the advice anon, really appreciate it!
I'm trying to buy 3 items from the same seller on aliexpress and the site is charging me shipping for all 3. Is there a way to combine the shipping to save on cost? I messaged the seller and they said they couldn't do it.
File: 1671558923253949.jpg (95 KB, 800x800)
95 KB
Will I be able to hide the headband underneath the wig?
Yes depending on how rigid that halo is, but you'll need to cut a hole in the wig to get it through then restyle the wig to hide the hole.
I wanna do Vulpes Inculta but holy shit the only wolf/coyote head dress I can find online are all 500-1500$
Why can I find so many good vulpes cosplays online? How did all these cosplayers get their hands on their head dress? Did they make them? How?
I know a way to make helmets/headdress that have fur, but it's a pain in the ass to do because you'll have to put a lot of work hours on it.

Pic attached is my inosuke mask, it could have ended better if I had more time to work on it (could have worked more on the hair patterns so they would look nicer, also the nose and ears weren't fully finished)
Yea thats what I feared. Seems a bit ambitious for my first cosplay. Maybe I'll just have to buy a large wolf plush, disembowl it and try to make it look okay. Kinda like picrel. I'll make up for it by putting more effort in the armor itself
what would be the best way to attach this helmet to the wig?

I have the stl for it here, but thought of editing it so it includes two clips that I can fit through the wig while putting it over the wig, or creating a head band that would go under the wig, with a slot poking out, so the helmet could snap to it after putting on the wig
Strong magnets on the helmet and wig to attach to one another is the easiest way.
How am I supposed to find new cosplayers?
Be more specific. Finding them online? In person? At cons? etc.
Try Halloween stores like Spirit (which sells year round). They likely have a prop or wolf mask
File: 1e0.jpg (86 KB, 640x890)
86 KB
What are some good brother and sister cosplays?
We're both (wo)manlets and look pretty similar
I have absolutely no idea where to ask this, because /ic/ is more about drawing advice but not about selling those drawings.
As an artist, it's my first time making merch but I have no idea how would I start making mass-produced versions of keychains or pins. Even more so, if I could make a web shop. The shipping depends entirely on me, right? I've never done this before, it almost seems like every artist has innate knowledge of selling prints and merch but I'm completely clueless.
There is an Artist Alley thread, you could also ask there as well. Most of them have online shops (e.g on etsy) and are quite experienced
I've been cosplaying for 10+ years on and off and I still have no fucking idea what the (synthetic) wig meta is.
Some swear by fabric conditioner, others claim it ruins your wigs AND even your clothes.
Either way I can never restore them to their original quality. what am I fucking up?

soft water region btw if it matters.

begone satan

duo/twin characters are a good bet generally, that or "(character) and (character's evil side/mirror image/etc)"
Off the top of my head I can think of the >Kagamine twins
>the MCs from genshit or some other french duo also from genshit
>Ram & Ren from re:zero
>Rin & Yukio from ao exorcist
File: FFXIV_SH_Y'shtola_2.png (1.61 MB, 1395x1915)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
I'm currently drafting up a pattern for this outfit, but I'm not sure what fabric I should use
I know that she's kind of a controversial figure here, but SarahSpaceman has a video on this particular myth. To give you the tl;dr, fabric softener doesn't really do anything and arguably makes it worse. If you want to restore wigs to close to original quality, I hear that your techniques when handling the wig (washing, drying, and combing) are more important to the end result than any one product. Some swear by Mane 'n Tail. I recently saw a video of someone restoring their wig with a steamer. I haven't tried it myself, but it did look great. If your wigs are already fucked, might as well try everything.
First off, at what point is your wig getting wrecked at? The brushing, styling, storing, washing, or something else?
At its core, a wig is a bundle of plastic fibers. The fibers will get warped with every heat application, even if you iron it back. If you heated up a plastic jug and bent it, then tried to reset it to original shape, there will be irreparable damage to the structure. Same with brushing out a wig, the tugging will damage the fibers over time. You can't stretch out a plastic bag and expect it to ever go back to its original shape and form. The best you can do are preventative measures, like anti-tangle sprays meant for wigs and food-grade silicone spray to minimize the fibers from tangling to start with and minimize how much brushing you have to do.

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