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File: 20230311_232041.jpg (1.8 MB, 3021x2556)
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I wanna do a cosplay of the lady in black from demon souls, recently finished the game and thought she was really cute. This is a scuffed prototype more or less, I'd appreciate tips and ideas on how to make it work, preferably not with a huge investment. Thanks ^^
The dress will be the hardest part imo, and no, I am not trans
Oh also, feel free to tell me if this isn't the right board for this sort of post, I don't lurk here at all
Also the eye thingy... but I reckon hair on top of sight line is a cute and serviceable alternative that won't make the character unrecognizable, I for one only really spotted it after looking at the image more thoroughly, thought she just had an "emo" cut
You want to fuck her, not be her. Just embrace your natural self, you look good dude.
Her bandage dress design is pretty poopy and i feel like it would be badly translated in real life
Yeah it's a preety old looking game, not exactly the greatest
True I do, but Id still like to try it out, not exactly a cosplay person and I feel like I could make it work with her
We have a cosplay help general for questions like this

And a crossplay help general if you need help or advice on crossplaying in particular (makeup, padding, proportions etc.)
Gotcha, thanks anon
this loser can kill a thread with his rat face and everyone's nice to him? please cure your brain diseases
directing someone's on-topic question to appropriate threads to avoid future thread-killing does better than being mean for no reason. It's not as if this board is so fast that a thread from last fucking year is going to be missed once it's bumped off
fair, you should try cosplaying characters that this character would want to be with, better results
Too close to home becomes competition

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