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FAQ (last updated: January 22nd, 2023): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-URQl5wxxBzP4-VWfMKfLG8ZqOkGt9Yoyo6Qbm333vs/edit?usp=sharing
Cosplay recommendations thread: none atm
Crossplay/crossdressing thread: >>10839846
LARP thread: >>10813669
Sewing general: >>10817921
Makeup, hair, skincare general: >>10809295

Taobao thread: >>10803045
Aliexpress thread: none atm
Stupid j-fashion questions thread: >>10836263
Previous thread: >>10828624
Unanswered questions from the last thread:
has anyone commissioned custom cosplay from taobao before? bhiner has a feature where you give them a request and they try to find it but i havent heard back from them for a while
It’s faster to Google “(series name) in Chinese” and look on Taobao yourself. All they’re doing is plugging in the series title into the Taobao search bar and giving you the first result.
that sucks then, ive looked and there arent any sellers for what im looking for lol
Reposting from #10843587
Does anyone know a good website/custom made outfit store I can get for a Kemono Friends Shoebill cosplay outfit? I'm male but it would look androgynous and unassuming I think, but all the ones I see on ebay and others seem questionable qualities.
I've NEVER cosplayed before but I'm willing to do it for personal enjoyment at some point
File: Jalter1999.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
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112 KB JPG
Anyone got any tips for a Jalter cosplay? Mainly the jacket, thinking of looking for a really thin leather or something and altering it. Unless any more material/fashionable anons can point me in a better direction
File: Saiyaman.png (237 KB, 1000x1400)
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237 KB PNG
Where would I find a green gi, cape and belt for this?
Very stupid question: is there any way to lighten 100% polyester? I know chlorine bleach will destroy it, but is there any other way? It's a very dark blue and I want it a shade lighter.
I'm not great when it comes to fabrics myself, but her jacket doesn't look like leather to me. It looks more like the same cottons/wools/etc. that military jackets are made of. Something heavy and tightly woven. Not sure about the dress though. Oh anime clothing, you so silly.
No, if it won't take bleach then there's nothing you can do. You can only go darker.
Ahhh, yeah, does remind me of military jackets a bit now that you say it..
I figures the dress was like, just some slightly looser (?) Tube dress or somethin
The dress looks like it goes over the shoulders from the v-neck design in the front. It's just form-fitting.
True true, good catch. I looked around some more just now and found like, ONE official looking nendroid that has the jacket off, and it is not a strap dress.
Oh good researching! Are you trying to sew, alter from premade clothing, or buy the outfit?
Is there some kind of fabric paint or easy-to-make blend of various fabric paints that closely resembles the color of fresh blood, won’t dry as a lumpy mass on the garment, and is washing machine safe (that is, won’t come off in the wash)?
Id like to find something close to it, then alter it. I don't really have skills to like, make something from scratch, so i figured that way is the best to have something that looks good and like "real" clothing
i don't have a qt cosplaying gf.
can one of you help me?
No but I’ll attend conventions with you in full S.T.A.R.S. Albert Wesker cosplay if you pay for my costume
Okay, here's some keywords to use when searching the pieces.

>navy blue long sleeve single breasted trench coat jacket
>add fur trim and gold bias tape. intermediate sewing skills or a very clean glue job.

>black mini or short bodycon dress, quarter or babydoll sleeves.
And you'll want to pay attention to the closure type. You could go for a front closure and then just put the zipper in (I think that's what it is in the picture? Just make sure you have enough seam allowance to do so) or you could find one with a zipper in the back or side and just add the silver stripe in front with heat transfer vinyl or more bias tape.
>Add black scallop trim
>Just be aware that if its bodycon, its most likely going to be made out of stretch fabric which means you'll have to treat the fabric differently for whatever adjustment you plan to do.

Or of course, you can buy a costume and just swap out the shitty parts with some better quality ones. That's always a good middleman solution.
Anyway, I hope that helps!
Any European stores for good quality wigs? Used are fine too.
thinking about using something like this sewn in to keep thigh high boot covers and arm covers from slipping down, would this work? would just elastic be enough?
Thanks thanks! those keywords are super helpful, def is making stuff "click" with me more searching for stuff online.
The dress has a front zipper mhmm. but yeah, might go the route of just popping a silver stripe on the front instead.
Thanks again for the help! Exactly what I needed!
ime getting paint or makeup to look like blood is primarily an issue of application. Blood, even when dried, isn't as opaque or evenly colored as paint is, and it doesn't have a matte finish. Most of the best blood application I've seen uses a mix of shades, even when it's supposed to be fresh mixing in darker reds or even burnt browns adds to the feeling of realism.
Some quick googling came up with this video demo of multiple mediums and application methods wet, dry, and post-wash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2bYg1nZEsE
File: -2115190065-1601256585.jpg (119 KB, 800x800)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
they already make these. just buy them.
You could also just make the zipper nonfunctional and glue it on the front too lol!
Anyway, good luck! :) Happy to help.
Ohhhh I see what you mean, I yeah makes sense
File: 1200[1].jpg (81 KB, 1200x650)
81 KB
Hello /cgl/

Now I really don't know the first thing about cosplay or anything of the sort really. It's my first time on this board.
But I really like Coraline the movie, and thought to myself it'd be nice to get some gloves like she has in the film

The thing is, how the hell would I go about getting something like these? I have less than 0 sewing skills so I doubt I could make them. I looked on Etsy here in the UK and the prices were around £50/$70. Seems really steep just for some gloves?
I don't care if they're cheaply made if they're accurate to the movie, but I also plan to actually wear them in cold months so hoping they're up to the task.

Any help please? I think this is the most apt board to ask, any pointers you could give would be appreciated.

TL;DR want coraline gloves. how get coraline gloves?
>I looked on Etsy here in the UK and the prices were around £50/$70. Seems really steep just for some gloves?
Cheap gloves that you'd find in retail for $10 or less in a fast-fashion store are that cheap largely because of scale, they can charge so little because they are producing large quantities of them and working in generic sizes. A bespoke item of clothing will necessarily cost more because that scale is not a factor and the maker is working to a more specific size.
That price for handmade gloves likely represents DAYS of work - they have to hand-knit out ten individual precise fingers! Also factor in that you are looking at four separate colors of yarn worked into a specific pattern.
However the positive side is that something handmade by an experienced sewist will be higher quality and longer lasting than that cheap pair that wears out in a few months. Ultimately it's up to you if you think the gloves are something you'll get enough use out of to be worth the investment.
I'm doing a few 3D printed parts from PLA, as the surface of it kinda sucks I want to use putty and sandpaper to smooth out the surface and fill in minor gaps where parts join.
Would it be a reasonable idea to do it like this:
1. Sand the surface with medium grit sanding sponge (for round surfaces)
2. Clean it with IPA
3. Coat it with plastic primer
4. Smear 2-component putty all over it
5. Sand it down again in several steps to smooth out
6. Primer it again
7. Paint it (airbrush?)
Thanks for the response, appreciate it.
So I guess the pricing is inescapable?
Is there anything I could do in terms of getting a cheap alternative, or mocking up something myself somehow? Obviously while still being actual gloves.
Anyone got any ideas? I did find instructions online if that means anything:

I do appreciate you explaining it to me though. From what I gather the ones on Etsy are actually generic size, they don't seem to be hand measured. Is Etsy generally reliable quality wise? Instead of Etsy, is there somewhere else I could look for such a service do you think? Either online or otherwise? Obviously I'm no expert but I dunno if the Etsy prices are inflated but worse than that, they only seem to have a kids pair left. Some others I've seen seem to use a too bright shade of orange, pic related. I'm a dude, I think I can pull off the gloves if they're darker shades but not if they're vibrant.

I'm torn on the pricing. I think I could go up to £30, at a stretch £50 but beyond that I'll struggle. While they're liable to be better quality, how long will the really last? Could one loose thread kill my whole glove for instance?

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