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File: 2B_Nier_Automata.png (127 KB, 228x439)
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127 KB PNG
Post here details that most cosplayers get wrong on their cosplays that drive you nuts.
No, 2B doesn't wear a 1 piece dress, it's a justaucorps with a tied skirt.

Out of the dozen conventions I've been too I have never seen a 2B cosplay done right.
wig color grrr...
Got some examples ?
not off the top of my head, but it just bothers me to see color inaccuracies within cosplay D:
Shoes. I am by no means a serious cosplayer, but this sticks out so obviously. Even when the outfit doesn't call for anything complicated, most just can't be fucked. Most will wear something too simple when compared to the actual character's design, some will even go the other way and pick something extreme, over the top. Very few bother to get the right ones.

Oh, and I also get miffed when I see a Sephiroth or Link holding their swords right-handed
Okay I get the shoe argument as nowaday I try to get something that matches but most times shoe designs might “look simple” but are often impossible to find within regular shoes, and only chinese sellers sell cosplay shoes that are like 50$ for ugly uncomfortable crap. I have yet to try and tackle shoe making as that sounds nightmarishly time and resource consuming, so I quite like platforms or running shoes that have a color that somewhat match and isnt too out of the ordinary. Plus with those chinese premades try walking around a con all day… horrible. But yeah ofc if people wear something totally different and gross then they could’ve made an effort (and I used to be that person with gross shoes so i know they totally CAN make the effort)
Hat Kind of grinds me gears is over the top make up for character where it just doesn't fit. Like meter long eyeliner for Eren Jaeger or big false lashes for amity from owl House.
I get that some want imitate the intensity of drawn eyes, but I prefer if you try to think how the person would look realistically in our universe and cosplay that.
I could imagine a grown up amity version with false lashes, but young amity probably only wears short eyeliner and Mascara
Inaccurate skirt length and/or volume, I especially think of Kurumi cosplays where the skirt is too short and the skirt is not a full circle like it should be.
Random ass kink Gear thrown into the cosplay. Hate it with a passion.
Not because of a stupid "think of the children" reason.
Children should not be on cons. Also not because I'm a fucking puritans.
No. It's because so often its just so freaking random ?
And in 60% of cases the cosplay is done by a random BL girl that ships the character she cosplays in a kinky way.
I'm all for kink, but please either cosplay or fethish gear. Not this weird Frankenstein
>and only chinese sellers sell cosplay shoes that are like 50$ for ugly uncomfortable crap.
The characters I have in mind don't have this problem, which is why it bugs me. No way am I endorsing anyone to buy the lowest end quality because those shoes just don't exist in normal life. I'm talking about ones who wear basic shoes you can find anywhere and can wear outside of a costume. Maybe I'm expecting too much from Demon Slayer fans (especially since I'm not a fan), but tell me you haven't seen tons of Tanjiro's and Innosuke's with sneakers. Even flip flops are more in-theme than that.
File: etna.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
Etna's hair. You can google 'spiky pigtails' and find numerous examples of her hairstyle. It's just short, high pigtails. However, most try to make it look 'exactly' like the stylized drawing at all cost and it just looks like giant tampons sticking out their hair. Otherwise, they just go au natural and still manage to fuck it up. I've seen ONE cosplayer actually make the hair look right.
File: 1651812935046978.jpg (319 KB, 1280x1920)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>character uses thigh high boots
>cosplayer wears thigh high socks/latex socks with heels instead
File: 1672764868049269.jpg (355 KB, 1280x1896)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
File: whytho.jpg (214 KB, 753x848)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
I can excuse cheap chinese cosplay but I don't understand why so many people wear these thick boots with everything
On the same train of thought, I absolutely hate it when tiktok zoomers shoehorn the demonia boots into literally every cosplay. Every Miku cosplayer I've seen seems to have it along with the overly teased tacky looking wig.

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