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File: esr234565efg.png (318 KB, 500x422)
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318 KB PNG
I think I've always enjoyed "nanchatte" fashion and didn't really know. From what I can see mainly women participate in it but what about guys? Is it weird or would one just not really notice or know when compared to their female counterparts?

Anyone have advice for either gender or want to share their fits?
It’s a blazer and tie, do you really think anyone is going to look at you and think ‘damn what a degenerate weirdo wearing a button up shirt. he looks like he faps to 3d tits’?

I used to be into nanchatte. Eastboy is a good brand and you can find it secondhand for cheap on the japanese market
File: 1429797157629.jpg (69 KB, 500x500)
69 KB
Whoa LOL That's not where my mind was going at all haha. It was more so WILL people even notice it's nanchatte?

To your point, it's just a button up shirt+Blazer/Tie. It just seems pretty normal and basic vs women's very unique and niche look + I don't really see any guides for men.
It's simple for a reason, because it's a uniform. Girls uniforms are generally more detailed and thus can be individualized easily with accessories. If you're wanting to boy's style, you can probably make it look more unique and resemble a uniform more than a suit, if you also lean towards a younger looking style, i.e. rolled up sleeves, oversized blazer (japanese uniforms are generally not custom made so kids pick the size they want or plan to grow into), wristbands/bracelets, a fun hairstyle. You could also invest in a nice school bag to get that student look.
maybe if the faggot on the left wore some proper black oxfords and got his pants done properly.
There are a few guys on insta, they looked pretty boring. I suppose it's because men would be less likely to do fun things with it, like pastel sweaters or something with a character motif. Similar to what >>10827255 was saying. I'd love to see a dansou version that uses some cute elements.
File: jk1.jpg (104 KB, 580x464)
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104 KB JPG
File: nanchatte-ryosangata.jpg (341 KB, 1440x1440)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
recently I have been seeing a lot of nanchatte mixed with ryosangata like in pic related. it's mostly girls who normally wear more ryosangata/jirai. what do you think about this crossover? personally I find it works quite well, I especially like the chunkier loafers and presence of jewellery. on the downside, the colour palette seems to be much more limited (mostly pinks and grays).
there's no crossover. nanchatte isn't a specific style or fashion, anyone wearing a seifuku style outfit is wearing nanchatte.
there are specific nanchatte brands, like conomi and east boy. some brands have their own nanchatte line, like wego or pink latte. their outfits tend to go in a similar direction: they are very similar to real uniforms, make-up is almost non-existent, loafers are classical, hairdos are simple. so one could say nanchatte is a fashion style, or that there is at least a blueprint.
incorporating items from brands that are specialised in different styles gives a different vibe to a seifuku and can make it more or less deviate from the blueprint, like we are already used to with kogal.
from what I understand, jirai is the new iteration of gyaru; same demographic (started with club workers and caught on with schoolgirls), started with an edgy makeup look and a derogatory label, turned into a mainstream fashion. so it makes sense for them to combine their style with nanchatte just like gyaru did. personally, I like the jirai trend, so it's fun to see variations on it. also, adding fashion elements like flashy jewelry and designer purses makes it more approachable to people who might not be comfortable wearing a literal uniform in the west. the only thing is, i much prefer the baby blue version of this trend over the dusty pink.
File: 1446921721091.jpg (122 KB, 480x595)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
OP here,

So after trying and doing some research myself,

Yeah, there isn't much to it as a guy/male.
It's what others said, A tie, blazer, slacks etc.

Now it's for those very reasons that it may come off as uninteresting or people who don't know will assume you're just business casual.

The key is in the fit. Rather how the pieces fit + specific details that lend the outfit an air of "authenticity". The goal of nanchatte is to essential wear a uniform. Not a fake uniform but a uniform that looks authentic but you don't have to wear one for an institution.

I think I've come across some basics/tips that could be used to build a foundation on.

Some tips I'd pass along to those who care:

- Shirts: Stick to white mainly. Light blue is seen and occasionally some other lighter colors but Japanese schools mainly stick to white like 8/10 times. I might be wrong but that's what I've observed.
Tips: Always wear a tie if, you can. Try to go for striped ties or argyle. I'll touch upon this later but you want to color coordinate them with your sweater, if you're wearing one. If not, go wild.

How should it fit?

Not overly tailored. I'll mention this again but if everything is overly tailored and perfect, people will think business casual rather than "nanchatte" or uniform.
This might be a weird concept to go towards, especially in men's fashion since we tend to gravitate towards cool/sleek in clothing like this rather than loose/baggier and cute.
Loose and cute on a guy can look dorky though but the aesthetic for both genders from a westerner's eye lends itself more towards cute and dorky.

- Pants: Stick to Navy, Grey and Black. Again other colors are used but it's rarely from my observation. Within these colors definitely try to go for checkered patterns if possible. If not solids work well too!

How should it fit?

Same advice as the shirt. You don't have to go overboard with pants that have several stacks or completely eat your shoes but do keep in mind, somewhat ill fitting or baggier pants gives the look
that the wearer is thinking they'll grow into them or outgrew them. Essentially a student. Inversely you can wear pants that are a little too small. Ones that may show your socks when you walk and definitely
when you sit down. Too short would be your socks being more than 1 inch visible while standing although you can do this for reasons described earlier about the pants being too long.

Too short also runs of the risk of making it look intentional/fashionable.

- Shoes: Best advice/recommendation, literally wear what the Japanese refer to sometimes as "Student Shoes" or "Coin loafers".
For us this is literally just penny loafers. You can be super authentic and get Haruta loafers or a Japanese brand. Amazon JP has you covered.
Stick to Black and Brown. Black is the primary color but brown is a close second.

Alternatively and also a popular choice for Japanese male students, you can wear sneakers/trainers. In fact that will make it look more authentic in some other ways. May even be cheaper for some and more accessible.


- Blazers: Can definitely make it for you. Again, don't have it super tailored or slim. That will break the aesthetic. Standard fits or boxy if you must.
Thrifting one that doesn't fit perfectly may even be ideal. Again make it look like you're still growing into it.

-Sweaters: Definitely do this. Probably more important than a blazer. Solid colors. Black, Grey, Navy, Cream, Tan. Try Sweater vests specifically AND
Cardigans. For Cardigans especially, get a bigger size than you normally would. one or two sizes up. You can do this with the sweater vest if you want but
don't have it fitted. Same for the cardigan. Long V neck sweaters are great too. Pair the above with a tie and you're golden.

-Ties: How you wear it isn't too important but a pro tip is to loosen the tie and pull it down. You can look up pictures of this but girls and boys do this with their
ties. In fact if you went to a Japanese school or were mistaken for a student, you'd be considered a square for wearing it normally.

- Socks: Unlike your female counterparts, your socks may not be within view, if you're standing in most cases.
Still, if you're trying to be authentic and adhering to school rules, white, black or navy are what you should stick to.
White socks + student shoes/loafers invoke a student feeling/aesthetic
in Japan.

Putting it all together

So it depends on what you want to go for.
One recommendation, is to have fun with it, especially if you're used to business casual.

Wear a tie and loosen it + unbutton one or two shirt buttons.
You can wear a loose cardigan or sweater over this + a Blazer, although not necessary but can tie the look together. Especially if you're at a con or somewhere where a uniform would be recognizable. Definitely go for a checkered pattern with pants and
tie it together with sneakers or trainers. High tops if you want to
go further.

Another recommendation is to play it by the book. Literally. Abide by school rules.
You can keep your hair neat and short. Black if you can or natural.
Wear a tie and loosen it slightly if you want + unbutton the first button. (You don't have to but you may be seen as uncool by even some Japanese student standards)

Loose cardigan/Sweater/Sweater vest

Pants can be solid or checkered and pair it with student shoes/loafers. If you want to be strict you can stick to white socks.

If you stick to the book on this one just be warned you may not only
look quite dorky by our standards but plain by Japanese student standards. Do keep in mind a lot of students try to escape uniformity and move towards an established quirk/flair. Like anywhere else. However it will most certainly be recognized as a uniform and OR nanchatte.

If you're still in school, I'd personally lean towards the first or incorporating unique flairs, the latter may cause one to look like a stereotypical nerd. Not that there's anything wrong with that and in fact, if that's the case, you're doing it right in many ways. Just have confidence either way.

For unique flairs, you can just look up Japanese high school aesthetics and how they wear the uniform. You'll notice small things. Anime always works if you pay attention.
File: 1461854115136.jpg (141 KB, 564x775)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: 1467372724205.jpg (171 KB, 420x560)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
we already have a thread for this
So this is basically a schoolboy/girl fetish ?

No, assuming you're serious which would be
strange since you're posting the "Cosplay & EGL" Thread.

You can also just google "nanchatte" fashion.

Not sure where you got that from unless you're projecting in which case,
you do you.
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD anon. STOP the reddit spacing for fucks sake.
File: Fnn_Vu3aIAAN85o.jpg (607 KB, 1600x1600)
607 KB
607 KB JPG
Sanrio is releasing some nanchatte sets.
I can see the appeal of nanchatte but as someone who went to a highschool with a similar looking completely boring grey/white/navy uniform its very funny to think of people wanting to cosplay as bored and retarded teenagers like the ones I knew
I went to a school with a uniform and I fucking miss it. it's so nice not having to think about what to wear each morning. Most work uniforms are sadly hideous
Try to wear Gakuran instead? Worst can happen is you look like a yankii if it's too short or baggy.
File: 1458959044415.jpg (122 KB, 564x816)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: 1463182540165.jpg (348 KB, 1280x1280)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
Just put on a skirt if you want it to be recognizable.
Button down and dress pants and sneakers
You'd just look like a GTA NPC
Ironically you'd stick out a little bit by being so plain but not enough for it to be weird, go 4 it
File: 1464640900611.png (551 KB, 500x750)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
I wore nanchatte today and spilt coffee all over myself
felt, i may or may not have done something similar before and stained my blouse
i miss fit pics from the old threads
also feeling like there's been a slight resurgence in kogal-esque uniform styles
these are gyaru. gyaru isn't nanchatte.
Anon, the scan is explaining various types of nanchatte outfits, only a single one is gyaru, it's literally in the text.
yes it is
File: 6-page-001 (1).jpg (642 KB, 1196x1600)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
File: 1429720171340.jpg (120 KB, 500x731)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

Text aside, gyaru fashion isn't confined to just to uniforms or altering them. So if a gyaru is wearing a fake uniform or something that looks like a uniform for fashion, it's pretty much nanchatte.

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