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File: 1667137088148041m.jpg (125 KB, 819x1024)
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Im going to go on a con with my friends soon enough and i was wondering, are all those stories of people doing lewd stuff with cosplayers legit?

If so what is it i should look out for if i want to meet people and get laid in a con?i wont be cosplaying btw if that matters
if you have to ask, you ain't getting laid
dont do it. it's not worth it. con whores are drug-addled and STD-riddled. look to getting laid at a european one if you ever travel. also, you dont want to deal with the fake rep you get if you seperate with a chick on good terms.
I will tell you your selection of women at cons
>Stuck up Instagram girls (only here for attention and money, not for you)
>FtM troons who will accuse you of rape
>Asexuals who will accuse you of rape
>Ugly fat girls
>Girls with boyfriends
>Insane BPD girls who will accuse you of rape
>Insane girls devoted to their husbandos and fanfics who will accuse you of rape
>Girls with legit trauma who will accuse you of rape
>Women who tease guys and will purposely have you fighting with 10 other guys over her in some hellish gladiator arena for her sadistic enjoyment
>Underage girls
>Radical feminists who hate you
>Lesbians who are annoyed by you
>Normal girls but who are very shy and will not put out unless you are their partner (but they are impossible to talk to because they're so shy, you'd have to be introduced to them by a friend)
>A small portion of average looking to attractive girls who will fuck you. This is less than 1% of the con and the chances you meet one are purely by luck, good luck
You will only realistically have a chance with the last two. Whores can be found by networking into the party groups and discords. But whores will fuck anyone, engage in orgies, are riddled with STDs, and also have hundreds of other guys ready to kill for some pussy. You can get laid at cons but most people who get laid already have a partner. Plus, you better find a room without roommates. It is far easier to just meet people, go on dates with them and get into a relationship. It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.
>It is better to meet a girl in IKEA.

stfu, you're going to flood the ikea pickup scene
i have no idea how to meet girls irl. the only girls i talk to are egirls i meet in overwatch and league. i think ill always be single at cons unless i can convince one of them to meet me irl but that would just be awkward as fuck
"Nice cosplay, [c] is my favorite character]"
If she's interested she'll carry the convo if she's not she'll brush you off
Why are guys so autustic
I will break it down for you:

1. Don't be ugly
2. Brush your teeth
3. Bathe/smell nice
4. Show genuine interest in the girls cosplay/character if she's cosplaying.
5. Involve Alcohol at the earliest point possible
6. Have your own room.

Bonus tips:
>i wont be cosplaying btw if that matters

7. Cosplay, you lazy fuck.
8. Pick Flavor of the month Husbando character even if you don't care about them.
9. Follow previous tips
10. Let girls mire you

cosplay girls really are that easy.
Shit advice
You don't want to cosplay flavor of the month character you want to cosplay the type of character the types of girls you're into lust over
For me personally it's fujobait
File: 1663514320776836.jpg (40 KB, 360x360)
40 KB
Not OP, but what if I only have two weeks for Ecchi Con and have absolutely no time to get some ragtag cosplay shit ready?

I'm also spending my nights at my cousin's place she got an office room I'm bunking at, are my chances of bringing someone back there a big no? Should I really get my own hotel room?
I answered your Q in >>>/adv/27775835
File: 1661915553531681.png (239 KB, 600x606)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
OP here's the actual secret no one will tell you

Firstly you gotta lower your standards to "I think they took a showa but it's not a deal breaker"
Secondly lie your ass off about what you banged, 2/10 with some funny eye stuff. No she wasn't with a lazy eye she wasy eye'n ya ballz

That's it I've been to a ton of cons that's what I see most of the time when people brag about sex, you ain't getting a porn star but you made the hole your goal.
>are my chances of bringing someone back there a big no? Should I really get my own hotel room?

bruh, no girl is gonna wanna travel long distance from the con area with a stranger.

Hooking up at cons means hooking up at cons. If she can't do the dirty and then easily skulk away back down to the con center, it aint happening.
I think a lot of the issue is just nerves
I kinda struggle talking to anyone that's in a group
Anyway to overcome that?
wing man. hell even a wing woman or couple. they start a group conversation then you start one with the girl.
Be white, hit on asian girls.
Cosplay masked characters. A lot of girls have mask kinks nowadays. They’ll want to get to know you and then just don’t fuck up and win them with “””personality”””. If you’re ugly underneath the mask just be funny, girls love funny confident guys.
actually the Asian girls here only want other Asian guys. that only works with Asian girls back in Asia
I don't know where you live but on the east coast in the states the asian girls all spread their legs for any white guy in the vicinity sans asian supremacists.
>Don't be ugly
Welp. I'm fucked then. Sucks to get filtered on the first step.
Thanks for the advice, tho.
D-does it work with a Kamen Rider cosplay or is that too nerd?
This is a bad idea unless you're ugly
Any time I'm alone at a con I get asked out and invited indirectly to fuck by girls
>y sans asian supremacists.
I doubt that
How many more of these threads are we gonna have? I've had some luck with girls at cons and here's my advice:

If you think you're ugly, here are some changes to fix that,
- Get a hairstyle that suits you
- If you wear glasses, get stylish glasses that fits your face frame. If you think you look better without them then wear contacts
- Do a daily skin AM/PM care routine. Cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer is really all you need. Exfoliate once a week. Especially do this if you have acne problems.
- In addition to brushing your teeth, use mouthwash, floss, and a tongue scraper.
- Drink plenty of water and cut off sugar. It makes your skin look more smooth and shiny and less puffy and leathery.
- Workout like crazy and have a proper diet. You're in a sea with skinny/skinnyfat/fat guys and being toned allows you to stand out a lot. Losing bodyfat can bring out your jawline. If you're too poor to afford a gym, calisthenics is the way to go.
- If you're not cosplaying that day because you're a lazy, wear some stylish clothes that suits you. Streetwear is the current fashion trend.
- Fix your posture and stand up straight.
- Maintain eye contact and don't be obnoxious when talking to the girl. Learn basic social cues.
- Don't be a mouth breather and breathe through your damn nose.
- Extra: If you're over 21 years old and have a nerdy wallet, toss that shit out and get a money clip or a leather wallet.
Doing all this can really change someone from a 2 to a 7 with ease and I speak from experience. I'm 6'0"/1.82m and while I was lucky to be tall (height isn't everything), I didn't pull anyone since I was an acne ridden skinnyfat slob with a shitty haircut, poor fashion sense and a mouth breather on top of that. After years of doing all the advice I gave, more girls notices me and approach me even when I'm not at a con.
>- If you wear glasses, get stylish glasses that fits your face frame. If you think you look better without them then wear contacts
In my case, I notice that I look worse without glasses

> Skin care
Gotcha, gonna do that.

Yeah, I left sugar weeks ago.

> workout like crazy

Absolutely, I am still fat, but losing 10 kgs is definitely a improvement.

> - Extra: If you're over 21 years old and have a nerdy wallet, toss that shit out and get a money clip or a leather wallet.

My godmother gave me one, I'm definitely using it.
>Yeah, I left sugar weeks ago.
>Absolutely, I am still fat, but losing 10 kgs is definitely a improvement.
Keep it up bro, we're all gonna make it
>go to con as my favorite character
>lots of girls approach me to compliment my cosplay and chat
>one girl even asks if I can walk around the con with her, I oblige
>never break character the entire time
>never once try to hit on any women
>the idea of getting laid doesn't even enter my mind
>go home having had fun at the con
Feels good to not be a porn addicted freak.
File: 1650795109573.png (522 KB, 853x1000)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
I would like to live such a life and open the veins in the bath.
they definitely don't want to be around you after seeing you in character for that long, let alone fuck.
I wonder if I go there to at least meet male weeb friends).

Its three hours away from my city, so IDK if its prudent to do that. Too much cost.

There are smaller cons on my current city, so I may better wait until there, then meet more male weebs until someone can taught me to do good cosplay (and I lose more weight, I need to lose another 10 KGs since now)
You leave the purity of cons alone! Conventions are for friendships and relaxation, not you heathen hanky panky fornication.
I want both friends and fornication :(
File: 1637292842159.jpg (64 KB, 719x688)
64 KB
There goes my hope and dreams.

Anon, do you think I can at least make out with some cute girls at those things that happen in the night? I've never attended one and would be satisfied just making out with someone, getting her attention or whatever.
Bring 1000 US dillars. Walk up to a hot cosplayer who maek ur pee pee hard. Say, “i can offer 500 if you wanna (want to) party in costume.”

If they say no or ew no, walk away. It they say yes, go up to the room. Then you say, I want the works/bj/anal whatever. They will haggle. I would not go above 750 bucks but youre likely a faggot so you can go up to 1000 if you need.

You will prolly go soft or cum in 3 seconds. If shes a pro e thot, she might ve able to solve hardness, but if you cum to quick just pretend you didnt and try to cum again.

Even if ur fat ugly and autistic if you try enough it will work
>>Radical feminists who hate you

Let's correct that

>>Radical feminists who hate you AND will accuse you of rape
Be attractive, don't be unattractive. Fucking women is literally impossible as a average non-fat white guy, they're chad only
funny, I'm an average kinda fat white guy and I've fucked women.
Have an instagram and start talking with people before and after the con.
No you're no, no you haven't
>Underage girls
And there you have it that's the only normal girl from that list you can pick so go for it.
Cosplay as a husbando character and be decently attractive. Then the cosplay slits will swarm to you.
There are some real horny sluts at these cons but beware the underage ones. Wherever the big saturday con afterparty is- go there. Girls get horny at cons, especially the ones who wear slutty cosplay. If you cosplay as their husband, they will come to you.
>sauce: former professional male cosplay model who got paid to go to these things
My tip this coming year is to go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
>go dressed as Lloyd Forger from Spy x Family
What if I have taste (and am ugly)
>Anon, do you think I can at least make out with some cute girls at those things that happen in the night? I've never attended one and would be satisfied just making out with someone, getting her attention or whatever.
Yes, as long as you aren't a spa. Go to the afterparty. That is when the sluts get drunk and wild.
This. As long ad you aren't extremely ugly and smelly, con sluts will come to you.
If you're ugly, wear a comedy cosplay, but not the kind that repels women. Or cosplay in a snorlax or pikachu onesie and go after the pokemon fetishist girls.
Alot of these con girls are shameless exhibitionists and just as big coomers as weeb guys. I believe in you anons. Ss long ad you aren't obese, getting con slutd is extremely easy. The question is do you want con sluts? I've found that so many of them that look hot in cosplay are distinctly average looking when you take it off them. That said, a lot of con girls are sexual freaks.
File: 3163.jpg (43 KB, 500x545)
43 KB
>As long ad you aren't extremely ugly
>1. Don't be ugly
lol money trumps all bro.
This only applies to trophy wives and girlfriends who actually get a lot of money. No one cares about money for a con one night stand, you're not getting fucking married kek
In my experience money goes a long way and doesn't really have to be all that expensive. the hotel is the most expensive part of any con. At nearly every con you can find that girl who really can't afford to be there. She'll usually be doing a group cosplay with friends. If she talks about being in a stuffed room and coffee pot ramen that's your girl.

If you buy that plushie or wall scroll she's admiring and give it to her (don't offer just do it) and offer to pay for dinner at a decent place and drop in to the conversation about how you have your own room. It also helps if you know where there is a good room party. Artist Alley parties are usually the best.

Stay the hell away from people advertising con orgies and people who are doing drugs. The con orgies is usually one fat chick and 20+ dudes. The people getting trashed drunk and doing drugs? That's where you're going to get accused of rape/sexual assault the next day.
File: you dun goofed.jpg (26 KB, 755x603)
26 KB
Excluding the 'never braking character' and the amount of girls being greatly reduced, that's how I roll on cons. I get carried away by walking and wanting to take pictures that sex is deleted out of my mind. And to think I have a huge libido.
File: baka mitai.jpg (222 KB, 1280x720)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>mfw I live in a shitty country to cosplay and none of that happens here

Fuck Brazil. If it wasn't enough to have the problems the country has, we can't have sex in conventions or look out for that because everyone seems to be dating. And if they're not, they're not interested in dating.

Note that I said dating. So few girls are willing to do quick fucks or friends with benefits. Often for a good reason because they're in fact scumbags or have something in their personalities that is truly unbearable.

I'm going to die alone, goddammit.
Escape to freedomistan
You already speak American
What if i can only feasibly cosplay as a Ugly Bastard?
Cosplay an ugly bastard that looks like you. My extremely fat white friend cosplayed The Major from Hellsing in 2019 and people ate him up.

I would say dont give stuff to girls unless you are guaranteed something and even when that the girl might just ran off with the free stuff and never do enought to compensate you for it.

Dont buy stuff for people I had to learn it the hard way.
Based in-character cosplayer. Granted, I know a coomer that does the same thing since he simply enjoys cosplaying and people playing along to their character, which suppresses his urges in a way.
Poorfaggots NGMI.

if you don't have spending cash for fun, including women, you'll never be able to have a wife and kid.

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