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I wanna cosplay Kahaku from To Your Eternity, ideally buying as many parts as possible (due to a physical disability I can't really sew or cut stuff). He and his relatives wear this kind of clothing, which I've seen before in other anime but I have no idea what the parts are called so can't even begin to search. What's the red cowl thing for example? What type of pants is he probably wearing?
Could anyone tell me the clothing item names or any characters from other anime that wear close enough clothing I could buy costume parts from their outfits?

Alternatively, I could use suggestions for a shop that does custom cosplays and won't kill me in shipping costs to Japan. Thanks in advance.
good individual. beffore someone says this in a mean and condescending way,
go to the help thread
These threads exist so that there can be an epicenter of discussion for everyone's cosplay issues. If we didn't have these, there would be too much of a race for individual help threads to die quickly

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