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Has anyone ever been to Comiket? Going for the first time this year and not sure what to expect regarding cosplay. I've heard there are some rules, but would love to hear from any anons that have actually been.
I have an online friend in Japan who has gone every year since I first met him. After every trip he'll send me a long rant in broken English about how Americans (Japspeak for white westerners) are ruining the experience for everyone. With each passing year the rant gets longer, angrier, and more detailed. If I can dig up the Steam chat logs I'll post one.
Please do, the cosplay etiquette over there seems very different and I'd really like to avoid any issues. Thanks!
i went a few times almost ten years ago.
you have to register and pay (when i was going) 500yen and arrive out of your cosplay. after you get finished with registration you may change in the designated area and are only allowed to be in designated spots for cosplays.
cosplaying ends at a certain time and then you have to change back into your regular clothes.
honestly it doesn't sound fun. more like a trade show

Tell him 些細なことで怒る奴は器が小さい、ちょっとは気楽にできないのかね
>tfw barely any western weebs attend this
Weird flex but ok.

This anon >>10819719 is correct. When I attended the cosplay area was outside. I can’t recall if there were places to do it indoors. The photographers are bizarre to say the least and swarmed the cosplay girls. It was like a sea of sweaty neck beards crawling over each other to get pictures. I refuse to ever cosplay there because of the rabid goons.
I went pre-pandemic. The cosplay is excellent in the designated areas but you need to wait in line correctly or you'll get dirty looks. I did see some cosplayers on the convention floor but you're not supposed to stop them for photos like you do at US Conventions.

Since they switched to lottery it's going to be a lot smaller than previous years when 250k were onsite each day.

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