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I am trying for so long to buy a jacket just like hers, i dont want the full outfit just the jacket, i only found one place on amazon that sells just her jacket that looks to be in decent quality, do any of you know where i could buy her jacket, preferably in black but blue is fine too
This is the one I mentioned, the other places all sell a cheap looking set and not just the jacket
just make it urself lol
its ez i promise :)
Anything you buy for cosplay is going to be made with awful scratchy polyester and will be cheap and uncomfortable. This is literally just a blue chore coat. You could find this at any secondhand store
File: 91mqKmyXUNL.jpg (540 KB, 1868x1881)
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Her jacket is worn so loose and formlessly, you can get away with getting a random large hooded jacket with a button front and pockets (like a hooded single-tone varsity jacket)
I've been looking for the same exact one as this, where do i buy it holy shit i could never find it anywhere
Look for any combination of keywords like Hooded/hoodie, button, sweatshirt/jacket. This specific one was released by abercombie & fitch some years ago. You can easily remove the hoodie string and rip out of the logo. You can also get one in white/light green/light blue if you can't find that exact shade of teal, and dye it.

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