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File: mercy.jpg (193 KB, 1024x683)
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Is it possible for a man (straight) to cosplay a genderbent version of a female character and not come off as a huge fag? Does it depend on the character?
(Asking for a friend)
Yes if you actually add masculine elements and get rid of female ones
or simply dont care, it just shows your fragile ego
manly and burly guys in genderbent costumes are hot

Stop being a closet case and just take estrogen/laser hair removal/surgery for 2 or so years before grossing us out with your mascie crossdresser shit
File: Ey9P0dMUYAAD9Hw.jpg (17 KB, 250x253)
17 KB
which is it
Bro, just do what you fuckin want. You're at an anime con, no one will think you're straight anyways
dont be ashamed, the other retard believes that being feminine is clearly a transgender indicative, which it is not
if you start questioning your own gender then we can prod on it. but i think being a man is pretty cool
If you want to cosplay a feminine man there are a thousand characters to pick from. Stop being a weirdo.
File: isdjiz2nrjcencbl3zde-01.png (1.39 MB, 5000x4225)
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1.39 MB PNG
>Is it possible for a man (straight) to cosplay a genderbent version of a female character and not come off as a huge fag? Does it depend on the character?

Nah dude, the moment you even thought about cosplaying anything other than the most absolutely masculine characters in fiction, you're gay. You may as well be in San-Fran sucking random dicks in bath-houses, is how gay you are for even considering cosplaying something other than society's rigid expectations of you as a man, faggot. Catch you at the Pride Parade next year!
You can just not care about what others think, but I feel like it's more complicated than that. I didn't care when I tried being Miku, but I ended up aborting those plans because I just felt uncomfortable with the whole thing once I put the whole costume on. If you're not comfortable with it that way then just don't do it, no need to torture yourself.
File: karlpc.jpg (212 KB, 500x500)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
hence why he needs at least 2 years on HRT and a fair bit of work.

Mascies or even regular guys crossplaying are literally an eyesore to the vast majority of people(or worse, they think you're a fetishist).
You may not feel it's a big deal but the disapproving gaze of everyone else can certainly make you feel uncomfortable.
two words: Sailor Bubba
fuck off groomer
>Adjusting behavior and opinions based on people you'll never talk to
The first and biggest sign of NGMI
>>10819599 (check)
Also this.
File: hoyoyo.png (281 KB, 462x558)
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281 KB PNG
everyone here is over 18 you stupid motherfucker.
Very gay. Next question
It depends. I've seen a group of dudes with full beards dress in maids costumes for the lols.
Are you saying that's not gay? "Doing it for the lulz" is just a cover, they all suck dick.
it depends on what elements you convert to be masculine.
if the female character has a skirt, you do pants. the key thing is having enough unique identifiable aspects that your rendition still looks like the original character (eg. designs on clothing, wig style, etc)

honestly, a good genderbent is WAY better than "i'm a dude in a dress" that crossdressers do, or the somehow worse "dude it's ironic I got a beard and I'm cosplaying sailor moon lmao"
>honestly, a good genderbent is WAY better than "i'm a dude in a dress" that crossdressers do
how so?
A few of em had GFs with em but you got a point.
an actual genderbent (eg. "what X character would have looked if they were the opposite gender") gives a lot more freedom to wear more flattering attire that doesn't look out of place. I personally would never wear a dress because I think it's weird as fuck (plus I have wide shoulders, a sharp jaw, etc, so trying to look like a chick is out of the question), but switching the dress for slacks, and doing a masc interpretation of the character? for sure. It just has a lot of potential to look good imo, and you can play up your masculine traits (the aforementioned jaw, shoulders, etc) instead of looking like you crawled into your mom's closet
that's fair. I think a good crossdress cosplay can be as good as a gender bend cosplay. Obviously some are bad but when they take their time the results are pretty good
It depends on the body type and head structure of the person as well as skill and effort put into it but, in most cases, the genderbent version will look better and less uncanny than the crossplay.

The best option is actually picking a character that fits your psysique, but if you really want to do that one opposite gender character, those are your only options.
>The best option is actually picking a character that fits your psysique
yeah, my friend wants to cosplay female Ranma so he's doing diet and exercise

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