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I doubt there's more than two or three brazilians in here, but I still want to discuss some matters about this event.

It happens since 2014 and it seeks out to bring the experience of the San Diego Comic Con. I don't know SDCC at all, but what I can say is that the event has grown to such a level that is any disaster happens, people would die stomped, and the life of the average attendee is terrible: expensive food, lots of lines, horrible bathrooms, and basically all you can do is shop (200,000+ people in the four days of the event do that to you).

Plus the tickets are growing more and more expensive - the price of one day buys one a half or two tickets for other major events in Brazil.

And to top it off, many content creators are getting denied for having no "synergy" with the comic con and its themed. Creators that were in other editions with their press credentials, and it's been the biggest fuzz in our local community.

I want to know from my /cgl/ folks - to what measure conventions in America/Europe are becoming moneygrabbers and are new 'comic cons' or cosplay events getting created out of this 'power vacuum'?
>>CCXP 2022
Fuck Omelete, CCXP, Borgo, leftoids and trannies. We dont need this wokefest.
Borgo left in 2021 IIRC, bro.
Plus, I know even people who are in the LGBT+ community who are calling this the 'wokefest'/"lacração" CCXP moment.

This is the beginning of their downfall.

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