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The same as usual.

Useful links:

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's なんちゃって制服 hashtag.
Wego has a whole nanchatte collection for fall https://gocart.jp/collections/school?sc07
Bumping for interest, I want the thread to live longer than a month this time
If no one here cares about the fashion the thread will just die. Ie any j-fashion that isn’t lolita.
>implying lolita isn't dead compared either
i saw some chinese girls in my city wearing nanchatte. makes me want to wear it more often.
fall is the perfect time for a preppy look, do it
i will! i love the fall, time to break out my green plaid skirt!
Any fresh OC this time?
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why don't we fix this thread more? I love nanhatte but the OP is so barren with no resources anymore and the ones that are there are so outdated it would be difficult to get people interested. it's so niche. this might as well just be called a Pinterest thread.
I'd help but I only have a small amount of info, and it's for guys' nanchatte, not girls', so likely of lesser interest.
File: FUu4U3rakAAe_wt.jpg (274 KB, 1812x1376)
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>it's so niche
only if you search in english
File: 1429797157629.jpg (69 KB, 500x500)
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Idk about anybody else but I'd still appreciate the info on guys nanchatte
File: 1461233803368.jpg (115 KB, 750x375)
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File: 1446921721091.jpg (122 KB, 480x595)
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I don't know how I stumbled onto this board but I want to hold hands with a girl wearing nanchatte and pretend we're still young and catch up on experiences we missed out on in our teen years with her and—
I have these (plus a few basics like plain white button ups and socks) coming in a taobao purchase and haven't worn nanchatte before so I'd appreciate feedback.
Does this look too matchy-matchy? The skirt and tie are the same plaid btw, the lighting makes it look a little different. All the stock photos of the blazer show it coordinated with a different plaid set so I apologize for that. The badge on the blazer is removable and I bought an alternative one (not pictured) to use instead since I don't like the one it comes with.
What I really really need guidance on is footwear and legwear. I bought both colors of loafer since they were inexpensive but I'm feeling conflicted about which ones to wear. I get really anal about mixing navy and black but the brown might look too random. I was planning on wearing navy UTKs with this too, but also purchased white, black, and charcoal gray ones. I have the same issue with socks that I do with the shoes but I'm worried white is going to look way too stark when the rest of my clothing is pretty dark
yes it looks too matchy matchy, sorry to be mean but like, it's literally all navy. ffs look up photos and study them.
it would look very serious and defeat the purpose of the fashion a bit. if you are not planning to add or swap anything, I'd suggest to drop the vest so at least the white of the shirt will give more contrast. it's cuter if vest/cardi are a different color from the blazer. a pink, light gray or sand cardi could make the outfit more interesting. socks are generally navy or black but you could try white ones (even the scrunchy ones) with the brown loafers.
I'm disagreeing with the other anons, accessories could easily balance this, looking serious isn't really a bad thing, these are good pieces to have, you can get diff colors and mix and match, this is a good starting point, try scrunchy socks
it's good as a starting point, tho if you're matching the tie to the skirt I would at least leave out the vest or do a different colour for a bit of interest.
And there is at least one example here of a girl wearing navy socks with black loafers and it looks fine. Brown loafers work too. I know it feels weird but they're neutrals and it just ends up working out. Don't be afraid to trial and error your outfit when you have more pieces. I would go for brown loafers and white socks personally but you can experiment and see what you prefer.
Well you're fucking wrong. Navy on navy on navy will look awful.
I have a bunch of taobao nanchatte I wanna get rid of. Does anyone know if it would be a waste of time to post it on kei market or would it actually sell?
Set it up as a bundle it would be the easiest way to get rid of it on kei-markrt.

you may email me first
I'd like to see if I'd be interested

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