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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

The organizers of the con are having trouble finding a site for the convention next year. It has come to conclusion that the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is not feasible for 2023. In addition, the McCormick Place is too large for a small con. They’re looking at Schaumburg to hold the con.

What we know will happen is that vaccine cards and masks will be required and enforced for 2023.
>Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is not feasible for 2023
Why!? Acen doesn't even use the entire con center, it has so much room to expand there this makes no sense to move.
>cards and masks for 2023
Nah they already backed down on that this year
Cause and effect. The venue demanded ACen to lift requirements, ACen didn’t want to. For 2023, the venue told ACen there will be no vaccine or mask requirements so ACen is looking for a different site that will allow mandates
Any choice other than Donald in Rosemont is suicide. There is no other area with as many hotels and convention hall space so close to eachother besides McCormick, and for various reasons that wouldn't work for them. I sincerely hope the organizers don't let their stubborn paranoia destroy this con.
And if they remain with Donald w/o mandates for 2023, their fanbase will be upset. Attendees, dealers, and staff want a safe experience. They don’t want to get COVID.
>their fanbase will be upset
Fanbase wouldn't care at all if there were zero mandates. Con would happen and tens of thousands will show up and have fun just like every other year.
File: 1663481942276371.gif (20 KB, 220x220)
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>They don’t want to get COVID.
Get with the current times. Even Biden said it's over. We all deal with it. It's said that if you don't want to catch Long COVID get all shots and boosters to be 85%+ safe. If you don't want COVID, don't go to cons. We're over it.
Good luck anons
>OP's retarded baseless claim was retarded and baseless
how would a mask requirement be any different than requiring a convention badge or other convention rules?
badges get flashed and put away after you're in

masks are demanded on at all times even in lobbies and areas before badge check

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