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File: eccccmasks.png (100 KB, 616x597)
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>take off your mask so we can verify you are wearing an approved mask
>We’re all in this together as we find our new normal
Are cons dead? They have become soulless from corporations and now they are empty from COVID. Is there any way to save cosplay??
File: 1437069862051.png (6 KB, 342x245)
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>I like mask and you should like mask too
>I do not like mask and you should not like mask too
Thread over. There's nowhere it can/will go from there
Yo dawg, I heard you like masks, so put a mask over your mask, etc.
But yeah, cons aren't dead, they're actually hitting record highs in some cases.
It seems like people that hate masks (of which there are many) will just complain in anonymous forums, but will still go to cons that require them.
I do think the tide is beginning to turn, and there have been more people speaking up against mask requirements lately. Expect masks for the rest of the year, but I think there will be less of that in 2023.
>wear an approved mask under your helmet
People are going to be passing out left and right. Not that any of this is based on any kind of medical science or safety. Masks are for very short term use and if you're constantly taking them on and off, they are worse than useless and are more likely to spread infection straight to your respiratory system. Spend all day touching dirty shit that thousands of other people touched, none of it ever gets disinfected for the entire weekend or longer... and then you spend all day fumbling with a shitty cloth or disposable mask because some assclown thinks he's saving lives by forcing a policy on an event that ensures people will be touching their masks as much as possible. Brilliant.
Weebs are incredibly complacent about masks (this becomes even more obvious when you notice time and time again that the only ones who resist are approaching retirement age) but this is the line for most. Basically no one is down with masking under helmets and even fewer care to check.
>Weebs are incredibly complacent about masks
That's because of insecurities
I wear a mask at cons that don't require them because i think my face is ugly
this pertains to cons
we've had enough threads about masks and conventions that this is going to go just as he said it would. the only people who post threads that start like this one are looking for OUTRAGE
I wear masks because I get catcalled less. I prefer the anonymity.
I get catcalled by gay dudes more in a mask
File: 1633004867208.gif (3.74 MB, 498x494)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
This. >>10795871

At this point I am gonna plan my travels around cons without mandates. The ones who want them can go to the ones that have them.
i think at this point there are more with mask requirements than ones without, and none of the ones without a requirement are ones with something i want to see
It's not a big enough deal breaker for most, either way. Depending on the physical size of the con, like ones that take place in separate hotels and convention centers, they may have no way to actually enforce it. The hotel is only required to follow their city's guidelines, and most places in America have gone minimal to zero masking.

The halls between the conference rooms are typically not rented out space, so the Con usually doesn't have the authority to enforce anything beyond basic safety and decency guidelines . Any tunnels, walkways, skybridges, etc, between the hotel and any convention hall are practically public property so, again, they don't have any right to enforce masks.

Finally, you get into the exhibit hall or a big conference hall or whatever and they finally have actual authority to enforce masking. Some people throw one on at the door and then probably take it off 5 minutes later while walking around the most crowded area anyways. There's no way there's enough volunteers on hand to painstakingly harass every person who isn't wearing a mask or the right kind of mask or wearing it properly.

It's such a fucking shitshow that I can only imagine that the conventions that are trying to enforce this shit are desperately trying to get good PR on twitter.
>we've had enough threads about masks and conventions
it sounds like they need to stop enforcing masks at conventions then. you'd rather people stop talking about an injustice than face it. because you're a woman.
>cosplay as an abortion addict
>pretend the conventions won't let you kill babies
>go to next convention
>dress like george floyd rioter
>full blackface
>glue your hand to the wall
just ruin it for everyone else until they bend the knee like a football fan during the national anthem
you don't have a right to go to a fucking anime con lmao. if a business told you "no shoes, no shirt, no service" and you weren't wearing a shirt or shoes they could chuck you out too.
your thinking is antiquated. in the year 202X we can disrupt business for everyone. nobody gets to have nice things anymore.
It seems stupid to me to be requiring masks at all at this point. Just slap up "come at your own risk" and be done. If people are so worried about corona even after being vaxxed, they can just not go to cons.
are underwear and seat belts also too difficult for you?
on the other side of the coin, if you don't want to wear a mask, you don't have to go to a con. a con isn't a requirement for your life to proceed. if you want to go to a con and they put down a rule, deal with it. it's their business, not yours.
>It seems stupid to me to be requiring masks at all at this point
especially since it was proventhey don't stop the spread at all
>underwear and seat belts
are you ok?
>a con isn't a requirement for your life to proceed
exactly. if you really believe lives are in danger, stay the fuck home you crippled mental midget. the world is too scary for you. congrats on failing at life.
if there is believed to be a serious threat of spreading a dangerous disease at these cons then these cons need to cease immediately. if you can not comfortably where the costume you spent your time and money preparing as you feel is best then these cons aren't really giving you what you paid for. and refunds and stop giving these grifters your money.
isnthis because of monkeypox? the people getting that are literally going to gay piss orgies where hundreds of gross men tongue each others anuses.
i'm not the one mad that a business made a rule i didn't like while simultaneously still wanting to attend said business' events. go ahead, boycott them. put your money where your mouth is.
>while simultaneously still wanting to attend said business' events.
i want them shut down and the people responsible homeless
yes, yes. the injustice of requiring masks. if i can't go to this con sans mask, no one can! shut em down.
If there's any real issue here, it's that cons and hotels are fucking miserable about offering refunds. I can get not wanting to go for health reasons. Can't fault that at all. If the common cold can kill you, stay the fuck away from a crowded convention of tens of thousands of people. The issue is that the hotel won't give you back your money and the con itself will be really wishy washy about if or when your are allowed to ask for a refund.

If they REALLY cared about public health, it would be no problem at all
>What's that? You're feeling ill thursday morning before the convention?
>okay we'll process your refund right away.
>we hope you feel better and we appreciate that you are putting everyone's health and safety as top priority.
>here's a small discount for next year's con

All this circlejerking about masks and checking vax cards and shit is fucking pointless if people still show up sick and then you ask everyone to touch their faces to provide some meaningless safety theater just so some retards, who probably shouldn't be there at all if they're so worried, can feel like a thin layer of non-protective fabric is going to save lives.
Or if not a refund, just let people transfer their shit to the next year of the con. As long as their badge hasn't been picked up yet, that should be allowed any time with no fuss and minimal effort.
this monthly "MASK GOOD, MASK BAD" thread shit is soooo stale
you mfs only go to stand around and try picking up girls anyways
I know some cons rolled over badges when lockdowns were keeping shit closed through 2020 and 2021, so it's possible. It's doable without question or issue. Hotels shouldn't fuss over refunds either. Not like they wouldn't be able to rebook that room within minutes on an extremely busy weekend anyways. Just make a waiting list for people who want to get a hotel for that slot if anything opens.

Do both of those things and all issues or complaints with mask and coof guidelines go out the window, because now people can just skip a year and come back when they're feeling more comfortable.
File: red.png (1.06 MB, 1067x800)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
As long as cons continue to be dumbasses with mask shit to try to pretend they are being good doers, I'll continue to call them dumbasses.
or they can just continue to fuck with you anti-mask people who are mad such a thing even exists

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