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File: CCE22.jpg (286 KB, 1877x625)
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CCE is coming up soon, September 9-11.
Cosplay plans? Are you doing regular or swimsuit cosplays?
The con itself will likely be a bore as always, but who the fuck goes to CCE for normal con stuff?
No vax or mask bullshit, which is nice. On the other hand, a covid outbreak is pretty much a guarantee. Probably monkeypox as well, for the orgy/casual sex crowd.
No cosplans because its in bum nowhere and I need to pack light for the small aircraft.
If you think CC east is a bore then you must have the shittiest social skills in the world. It’s always a fucking powderkeg filled with drugs and binge drinking and all sorts of shenanigans. Even if I was a mute cripple sitting in a wheelchair in the lobby I’d have a blast just watching the fireworks.

Stop being retards, go talk to people, knock on random room doors and ask to party, offer/take some booze, risk making a fool of yourself by talking to that cute girl (guy? Fags) while drunk.

Conventions are what you make of them AND who you surround yourself with while at them. If you go in a bitter old fuck you’re doomed from the start, and or if your roommates are choir boys/moids/prudes it’s gonna be a lame time. It’s a hair over a month until day 0, and I can’t fucking wait.
If that's a response to my OP, you've misread it, or maybe I didn't explain myself well.
I said the con itself is a bore, by which I mean the traditional con stuff. Dealer's room/Artists Alley (both of which are very small at CCE.) Guests, panels, etc.
CCE is all about the water park, boozing, and partying. I can't wait either.
pumped, have been actually managing my time so my cosplays aren't garbage this year. don't wanna say the exact cosplans because some are obscure, but anyone going to any meetups?
>anyone going to any meetups?
Would be fucking swell if CCE would post the list of meetups so we could know what/when/where they all are. If they can take a break from making constant shit-tier memeposts in the FB groups.
File: 1654118984877.png (168 KB, 349x427)
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168 KB PNG
Did Ohio and Texas last year, flipping it around this time by doing Ohio and East (also North). Since flights to Hartford were so cheap today, I booked just a few hours ago. Looking forward to seeing how the shenanigans stack up in comparison, since this is my first East and first Northeast convention at all.
fucking YUP. still don't know what order my lineup is gonna be in because of that.
Taking bets on how many "diversity" and "LGBTQIA83jejjs82isnjs" panels there will be again

I know it's a party con, but I enjoy panels and they've been getting more ass every year
Well, if you're interested I've been accepted for a panel. And it IS not related to anything like "Cosplaying as a Black Transabled Lesbian Muslim"
Is it "In an industry that won't accept me - how to be a faggot 24/7"?
I'm planning an unrelated weekend up in the mountains with my normie friends there that just so happens to be the weekend this con was happening. I checked online and it seems i'll be a half an hour from the con itself. I might drive over and check it out.

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