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Covid policy updates
Badge cap and mask required but no vac card requirement like last year. Also they will not sell any badges at the con to keep the numbers down.

Hope y'all got your hotels.
really disappointed masks are here again, it's gonna ruin some of my cosplays just like last year
I took a quick look on twitter, and the virtue signaling crew on there is responding to the lack of a vax requirement in the expected manner.
These fucking dentheads need to realize that checking cards/test results just bottlenecks things, and results in being in close confines with people for extended periods of time, which is exactly what we're supposed to try to avoid during the pandemic.
It's almost as though you could find another solution for processing cards/results rather than throwing out the requirement altogether. Thanks for being part of the problem to own the libs or whatever the point is two years into this shit.
Don't comply, the hotels themselves are not going to enforce it. You could get away with not wearing a mask the whole time if you just stay in the common areas throughout the hotel.
Any quick solutions just make it easier for people to lie about being vaccinated.
Lol I love how these cons always wait till the last minute to say their mask rules. That way they can get as much money as possible before people can refund them or their rooms. Scummy shit.
Just put on the mask for 30 seconds when the wagie drone comes around and asks you to, then take it off once they leave. Its really thats simple
How about I just not wear it and make them seethe while drinking tequila in their fat faces cause I'll be in the hotel
Right but I actually want to see the whole con
>wagie drone
Convention center staff cannot enforce/will not enforce masks because they're under no obligation to even wear them. The ones throwing a fit (99.99% chance of being a lardass landwhale) aren't getting one cent, nor do they deserve to.
Nigga just do a chargeback
Host hotels do a lot of scummy shit when it comes to getting rooms. Marriott was charging extra for folks that wanted to stay on a lower floor. Hilton and Hyatt lock people out from even getting a room due to legacy systems of rolling over rooms for next year and people rarely give up those legacy rooms.
I went last year. Saw some people not wearing a mask. Literally nobody cares. No one enforces the mask mandate at any of the cons I've been to. (The vaccine mandate on the other hand was pretty strict at MAGfest this year.)

I'm vaccinated & boosted. Do I give a shit if you want to go maskless? No. Will I still wear one because I crossplay & grow a five o'clock shadow by noon? Yeah.
I got unlucky last year with a lardass volunteer bitching at me about my mask. Sat down with a friend on one if of the Hyatt lower floors near the bathroom. Took my mask off for a sip of water, but paused to say something. Water bottle inches from my face as I'm talking, bitch comes out of nowhere to tell me to put my mask on. I told her I was having water, took my sip, and complied. She stood nearby us and glared at us until our other friend came out of the bathroom and we left.
It was so stupid.
>I told her I was having water, took my sip, and complied. She stood nearby us and glared at us until our other friend came out of the bathroom and we left.
>It was so stupid.
Seriously do these staff have a life?
post your room number/hotel/an hour+day here and I will visit you
if you dont have a room just pick one to meet
be on time

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