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Looking to buy SMASH 2022 tickets, willing to pay a very decent price if you wanna sell or know anyone who's thinking about selling.
DM me: BIG sleepy#6603
File: 1617438801934.jpg (94 KB, 494x800)
94 KB
anyonw here going to GAMMACON?
Hope you found tickets and had a good time Nonny.
Anyone going to the Crunchyroll anime convention in Melbourne around September?

Melbourne might finally have something that rivals SMASH this year
Honestly I liked the layout of SMASH 2019 more than this year's SMASH, still really enjoyed my day though. It felt smaller this year but honestly it might of been because I wasn't wearing my glasses because. cosplay. Excited for next year already!
Being an Adelaidebro hurts /cgl/. We have to wait until next year to MAYBE get our state's main con back.
How did everyone find SMASH? The lines were a fcking shitshow if you ask me and I'm not a fan of cosplaymodels being judges for cosplay comps but it was nice to have a con after so long again. Hope they will bring Crunchyroll Expo here because one anime con isn't really enough.
It was cool to see Kevin Penkin. He's not a great speaker but he has some interesting shit to say and his music is some of my favourite OSTs of all time.
What do you mean, cosplay competitions shouldn't be a popularity contest? Getta load of this guy
Lines was indeed a shitshow. Good thing I was able to skip all that despite how packed it was. Artist alley was completely choked and was wearing a mask coz apparently covid was in the vicinity. I didn't care for cosplayers desu but I went to do my thing; bought shit, meet friends especially ones I've not seen since 2020 when Madfest Sydney happened while being there as a guest. Happy days
As a guest?
I caught a pretty bad not-covid cold while I was there.
Also there was a photographer who was being rude towards cosplayers. Goes by zen photocraft media, Sydney based. Also a known creeper too
I mean the judges being cosplay guests who are just whoever is cosfamous for being hot shouldn't be a thing lol

elaborate pls
Caught shooting very low angles (exposed underwear) back in 2020. Disappeared for those few years.

Was at smash this year apparently harassing cosplayers for photos otherwise takes candid photos esp without cosplayers kmowing. Most people forgotten who he is except a few.

Having said that, his cosplay photography is shit and gets zero coverage
Bit late but yeah, going with some mates.
Got no idea what to expect since my main cons are PAX and a couple Supanovas here and there but I'm keen.
I'm in no shape to cosplay, though.
how convenient for him but I guess since he's pretty irrelevant he can escape under the radar mostly

enjoy, i mean they've only announced two guests anyway

It's good that one of the cosplay judges is an actual cosplay creator who makes their own costumes and not just a model cosplayer, wondering who the other guests are.
The one from Perth?
I've heard she's a bit of a bitch.

What's up with all the infighting in cosplay circles here?

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