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I want to LARP as anime girl while staying anonymous at cons. Never gone to a con before. Where can I buy a mask and bodysuit like pic related? How much should I budget for this and a decent cosplay outfit to wear over it?

Every time I've tried to ask about this no one can give me a good answer for budget. I can spend 1k or so to get started. I plan on buying one mask to start and getting multiple outfits to go with it. Probably one in-character (school girl uniform) and something gothic lolita. I'm skinny af so I should be able to fit into most anything even with hip/breast/butt padding.

Any tips for getting started? Every community surrounding this is locked down so I can't lurk without an account. Who are decent mask makers?
/jp/ has a thread dedicated just to these, you should go ask there
Always the same response from you faggots on this board
>this cosplay isn't cosplay because reasons
>go use the board where you'll get ignored and flooded out by faggots simpling for nip 3DPD
Kill yourselves.

I just want a fucking estimate for budget. Is it that hard?
Kig masks range from $800-2000 depending on the maker, Hadas, the skin suit costs $200 or more if you don't fit any of the tiny Asian sizes and need to get it custom made. And then there's the outfits and wigs which can cost $200 depending on how many you get.

Essentially not a cheap venture that no one can easily dive into quickly without tons of research.
>I just want a fucking estimate for budget. Is it that hard?
which is literally in the first link of the /jp/ thread, faggot
>ugly fucking retard
Look I know this board is primarily 3DPD brats that get angry any time someone posts things they don't like. Only a woman would think ugly is an insult or jump directly to calling someone that. You aren't cute because you're ugly on the inside. I've never met a girl wearing Gothic Lolita in public that wasn't an absolute bitch. Well I've met one. But she was only nice because my grandmother liked her dress.

Thank you that's all I wanted to know.
>Essentially not a cheap venture that no one can easily dive into quickly without tons of research.
Also this has been my main issue. Finding a mask maker within the US. All the suggestions I've gotten are makers in Japan and it costs like $200 USD on top of the price of the mask itself to have it shipped. They put them in strong boxes that weigh a ton and you have to pay for insurance and all that stuff. I've seen some pretty horrible masks from western makers. I don't want to send some nip $2k because I'm worried I'd screw up measurements doing them on my own.

My primary reason for wanting to do this is to go to public events while remaining anonymous. I also can't do cosplay otherwise because all the characters I'm interested in LARPing as are anime girls. My masculinity would betray me and make the costume look like shit no matter how nice it looks or how much effort I put into it. I can't cover up my chiseled jaw line and good manly looks with a pound of make-up. It will never work.

But if I did kigu the mask would cover my face and make my shoulders look smaller.
>body suit
I didn't think about this either. I'm probably not going to be able to fit into anything the nip's are selling because I've been lifting these last two years. I've actually toned it down lately because my arms were getting fucking massive. I'm not even taking T or anything. I'm just naturally high T and lifting made my chest, arms, and legs explode quickly. I've been getting more positive attention from girls than ever.

I'd try to seek out people in real life for advice on all this stuff but I don't want anyone to know I'm doing it. If you saw me IRL you'd never guess I'd be into wanting to LARP as anime girl. I just want to find out what it is like to be cute. I don't want to troon out or anything like that. I just enjoy the cuteness and gothic lolita fashion. I've tried dating girls into it but they've all been batshit crazy. I wish I could find one that was decent person.
Oh one other idea I've had is buying a mask when I visit Japan again. I've seen some makers that will let you come in person for measurements. I think they'll even move up to producing your mask if you're in-country because they know you'll be leaving in 2 weeks-1 month. I plan to go back next summer so I can train in the arcades and climb Fuji-san. Something I didn't get around to doing last time I was there. Maybe I'll put this off until then.

Thanks again. If anyone else has advice I would greatly appreciate it. When I've tried asking on /jp/ I'm either ignored or the thread dies before anyone replies to it. I would really appreciate any tips for places to buy wigs, shoes in men sizes, and clothing itself. I'm mostly interested in picking up a Gothic Lolita outfit and a school uniform or dress that isn't some low quality fetish crap like I see on amazon for $20.

I'll lurk the board but I've found that sometimes it's best just to ask and see if anyone helpful responds. I know there is crossplay thread but a lot of the advice seems to be more centered on make-up and what not. Plus there is a big difference between someone that can pass and someone like me that will have to wear a bodysuit with padding just to have any hope of portraying a female outline.

Like I said my main reason for wanting to do this is going to events while remaining anonymous. I participate in some public events broadcasted on cable television and streamed to thousands of viewers. Rules changed recently that require signing a code of conduct and giving the events the rights to use my face for promotional material and advertising. I don't really want to give them the right to do that. So I think a mask is the best way to go if I'm going to keep showing up. Basically I'm looking to shitpost IRL as a protest against the likes of Disney and Amazon. The twitch jannys have ruined every event I attend with their rules and being greedy.
>thinking you can buy kig wigs
>not knowing the wigs of masks are made by butchering a shittons of wigs and permanently glued to the mask
The only mask maker currently in the US is Wyu who is notorious for a variety of reasons including just generally being really shitty quality.

Something to keep in mind is most masks are not custom sized to your head, most makers have a few basic shell types they then customise a little to fit whatever design you give them. Getting one that fits you is more about going with the right maker.

For a full list of the legit makers that wont scam you: https://kigurumimask.web.fc2.com/

also keep in mind for a fair few makers we're talking a waiting list of like a year. That's the extreme end of it but it's usually multiple months at minimum for a semi custom. Possibly a month for a generic style mask from a maker that's not too busy at the time.

Your body size shouldn't matter for the Hadatai (which is the bodysuit people talk about) since most of the places you'd get them from do them custom sized. Worst comes to worst you can just order a flesh coloured zentai.

For outfits, depends a lot on who the character is but you can find plenty of guides and links for plus size female clothing online, the same for alternative fashion like vintage/goth/lolita/etc. Plus sized cosplay is a bit trickier but there are resources out there to find them.

All this shit can be explained to you in the JP thread and like it or not they're the only people that are going to actually give you any semblance of help unless you start messaging kigs on twitter for advice which has a fairly decent chance of backfiring. Outside of the above website there are no active public resources or forums for kigurumi. The jp thread and connected discord is basically all there is in the west, aforementioned website notwithstanding.
File: pthetrinity_38293.png (574 KB, 1024x890)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
Hey thanks. I'll look into this further
>no public forums
I used to lurk one mainly out of curiosity but I noticed a few years ago they locked down everything hard. Do you know why? I figured it was because they were getting bullied by trolls or something.
I really hate the fact that this application has ruined every public forum. Lurking discord is fucking horrible. Half the ones I try to lurk want me to dox myself to discord for access or want me to jump through 20 hoops sucking janny cock just to read the information. None of that shit is archived. All that information is going to end up being lost forever whenever discord decides to start purging old channels or bans the channels for no reason or some lame reason.

This is starting to look like more of a pain in the ass than I expected. Money isn't an issue but I need
>custom mask
>custom wig (very large wig)
>custom cosplay
>custom foot wear and gloves
>a custom staff made
and a few other things.

I've thought about making masks myself. I have an idea I think people doing this would pay a lot of money for. I don't want to go into the details because I'm afraid someone will steal my idea but suffice to say I think I can make a much better mask than they're using now for far less money.

But again thank you. If you care to know what character I plan on LARPing as see pic related.
Oh something else I've been trying to figure how is getting to and from events without being spotted. I don't want some fag camping outside of my hotel room waiting to see who is going to come out without a costume on when it's time to check out.

So far what I've come up with is the following
>get private accommodations at bed in breakfast or similar small family owned business
>pay them off in cash to keep quiet
>pay for everything in cash while I'm in town
>ride my street bike to event/hotel and use fake license plate when going to/from venue
>ride in full costume and pray I don't get pulled over by the cops while doing it
>keep street bike inside of my hotel room for entire stay
>enter event 5-10 minutes before it starts and leave as soon as it's over
>assuming I win the event: demand all payments are in cash, leave the event ASAP, if they can't pay me in cash right then and there take payment in crypto and leave address for them to send the funds to
>do not operate social media accounts or participate in online discussion about the event or myself LARPing as anime girl

I basically want to show up to Evo next year and try to win it all. Then exit the stage as soon as the game is finished without acknowledging anyone. The only reason I am worried about payment is covering my travel costs and the fact that those pots are a lot of money to just leave on the table. But assuming I couldn't take payment anonymously from them I'd demand all money be spent on charity. Not typical charity. I'd instead demand that they bought arcade sticks for every kid that signed up for one. Or paid entry fees and travel costs for people that wouldn't be able to come otherwise.

I really hate Disney. I can't stand what they and Capcom have done to events like Evo. I can't stand all these people organizing bully squads and falsely accusing people or things like sexual harassment or banning people for smack talk. I want it to go back to the old days before the SJWs.
BTW no one cares about you, no one will follow you, and judging by your mentally I'll ramblings and posting Im gonna assume your an ugly women or a TIM in either case you will not be winning any cosplay contests especially in those horrific fucking doll faces, that are better used to children's stage plays and most events.
>no one cares about you
>that's why we made all these CoCs and constantly witch hunt people on twitter for smack talking while playing a video game
Sure sure.
i'm the guy from your other thread that got autosaged for some buzzword probably, it sounds insane so even if you don't do this you will always be my hero, is your face already known by these SJWs?
btw you don't have to answer if that would make it harder too
I think you're talking about Kig-O or Eurokig probably?

The latter died because the users were pretty infamous for reasons relating to unfortunate personality traits so no one was really active, eventually the people who did get along there just made a discord server (the animegao circle) and thus the website became even more barren. More recently the creator Cici died so that certainly hasn't helped.

Eurokig just never seemed to have much reach and seems to have phased out for facebook, twitter and discord collectively. There is a website where you can pay other euro kigs to go to a meet with them but other than that it's mostly a case of dissolving into ingroups.

Well good luck with that. I love Platinum and used to main her/him at one point but mask makers are renown for using shit wigs. Most of them use the same source so it's pretty universal quality for most of the newer makers and a lot of the older makers are even worse (see Sigma)

At least for Platinum you don't really need breast forms but you still might want some hip pads to balance out the shoulders, feel like it's pretty important for loli characters in general. That also means getting some shapewear to hold them in place (think shaping shorts, that sort of thing)

If you're thinking of 3D printing masks that's what the majority of makers are currently doing. If you get good at it you'll still make a fucking mint, there's only two western makers at the moment and both of them are a bit shit to be polite, but it's not a unique idea is something to keep in mind.

But yeah no there's absolutely no need for anything fancy. The fighting game community will lynch you for being a tranny anyway, no SJWs or fags are going to be anywhere near as much a problem as the average person you'd meet at evo.
So will you go through with it?
>I have an idea I think people doing this would pay a lot of money for
Yeah, not going to happen. Majority of people already in the hobby have their favourite makers, and most are biased towards FRP masks. Chinese makers already do 3D print resin masks, and they still cost $800+ for a decent looking custom. I wouldn't buy from a random, unknown westerner when I can just buy overseas lol.
I don't have a 3d printer, but would it be better if you print your mask yourself?
It would really depend on your skills in both smoothing/painting 3D prints, and all the other stuff that goes into kig (wigs, making the eyes, eyebrows, etc). If you're confident in your abilities, then yeah I'd say it's probably worth it.
youre gonna have to have someone walk you around, you can't see shit in those things

>Yeah, not going to happen. Majority of people already in the hobby have their favourite makers
I don't give a fuck about those people or who they are. My idea is good. I am surprised no one has brought it to market yet. It will come to market within the next 10 years and it'll make someone very rich.

My idea also solved this problem. I've thrown together a prototype that works well enough. I just need to improve the software driving it.

There are too many creepy fucks that are actually into the doll lifeless faces on these things. They even suck little baby Chinese cock and gargle the balls of these "artists" sorry I mean "makers". I will never understand why these people become part of every hobby, turn it into a "community" and then go on to fag it up proper.

I am not paying $800+ for some 3D printed piece of shit when I could have something far better and more lifelike for less. I really don't understand why no one has brought my idea to market yet. All the pieces are there including the software. I'm convinced most of these people doing it are into the creepy doll faces and enjoy being locked inside of abominations. If you're going to put in all this money and effort to be cute you should be getting far more in return for your money.

At any rate when I make millions off of weebs and perverts I'll come back to gloat about it. I'm not going to explain my idea in detail here. Smart people should know what I'm hinting at doing. ALL the technology is there for it already. It's just no one has bothered to packaged it up neatly for normalfags to wear and ruin yet. It can be used for both this and robowaifu.
Thanks this was helpful. I don't remember the name of the website. I used to lurk it years ago and study some of the people on there. They were fun to laugh at. I don't interact with people like that I just like laughing at the madness from a distance. For every impressive cosplay I saw there I'd see 10 people doing homemade stuff that looks absolutely horrifying. There was some fat guy on there that used to cosplay Babs Bunny. All his stuff was homemade. It looked like something a serial killer would make in his free time.

I figured other people like KF discovered the place and bullied them. They ruin everything good like that. Why must they touch the poop? Why not leave it for someone else to enjoy?

My plan at this point pretty much boils down to:
>build mask
>find wig
>starve body
>become the loli
I'm going to start playing using it at locals and regional tournaments ASAP. From there I'll see about going to a bigger one and not drowning in pools. My main problem is still getting to and from a venue without being seen outside of costume. If I start doing this I don't want anyone knowing who's hiding inside. The entire point is being able to attend without doxing myself.

I tried a mask on and I could sorta-see out of it. At least well enough to play. Walking around is a bit of a bitch though.
Yeah, go around in your car with a full face mask and a fake license plate, I'm sure the police will love that, you fucking moron.
>But if I did kigu the mask would cover my face and make my shoulders look smaller.
>I didn't think about this either. I'm probably not going to be able to fit into anything the nip's are selling because I've been lifting these last two years. I've actually toned it down lately because my arms were getting fucking massive. I'm not even taking T or anything. I'm just naturally high T and lifting made my chest, arms, and legs explode quickly.
i should add to this anon >>10765790
getting a hadatai that will FIT you will not be a problem
making a more-masculine-than-average body look feminine will, even with the neoteny the mask attempts to provide. expect to spend a lot of time and energy figuring out padding. if you're overweight at all, don't expect much.

if you're actually going to make your own masks and market them... make it good. America already has Cici and Wyu. We need people that can actually design a face and have the tact to take down the designs people hate.

Good luck doing tournaments in this, though. That'd be fun as shit to watch, especially if you market your masks as part of it. Imagine if you made an OC and had people cosplaying you.

Obviously you'll have control over how much you can see if it's you making it, but remember the closer you get to actually competing with your opponent, the easier it'll be for them to see your eyes. Maybe make the eyes removable, with an alternate eye-plate to swap out for competitions?
Just smoke a cigarette accept being an ugly tranny and just don't give a fuck man
Shit happens
Just learn to crossdress
why? those things are hideous and always garner the same look of creeped out from other people.

just cosplay someone with a mask or helmet
If I saw this at a con, I'd assume it's some fetish thing, kind of like furries. Just letting you know most people won't be perceiving you as an "anime girl" but as a pervert.
>America already has Cici and Wyu.
Cici died a while ago and Wyu is actually in Australia, just saying. No more american makers left.
You’ll have to show us. Regardless, having a human wear a kig is more interesting than any robot. As for still faces, it depends on the person, as I don’t feel uncanny valley for most kigs, unlike most other people
Which of you is OP?

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