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What are the best cons to attend in Norway Denmark?
The only con in Denmark I've been to was J-popcon in 2019 and 2021. It was really good in 2019 with many interesting panels, and significantly worse in 2021 but still an enjoyable experience. Could be that the reason they had less to do in 2021 was because they rushed it because of Covid and it comes back at full strength again next time, in 2023.

I mostly only go to cons in Norway, but cons in Norway are difficult to talk about. There are no must-go cons in Norway. I believe Torucon is the biggest one, but it's been some years since last I went there so I can't speak about the quality.
Banzaicon used to be the best, but the quality has lowered significantly. Almost no interesting panels, only DnD and Social Justice stuff. It used to be so much better. It's probably still one of the better cons to go to, the quality overall and the good cosplay competition are still good, it's just the organizers's interests aren't where they were before.

I'll just mention Kawaiicon too, it's a two day con at least. It's quite bad if you think of it as a con, but the opening show probably makes up for it. It's like a long theatre play, and then you get some con activities as a bonus. Last time, they'd made a good ending show too. One thing that I used to enjoy there, but they had ruined last time I went there, was the dormitories, where people slept. It used to be so that you'd meet people, talk to the people you shared rooms with, maybe go to other rooms, and just fun games on the corridor at night. But last time, they'd introduced a stupid age segregation system, so almost the entire evening was spent standing in line while they sorted it out, and it was also total silence quite early.
Kawaiicon in a few days, but I'm really not feeling it.
Lame panels (at least it isn't the exact same panels as the previous years like they've done in the past) too.
But I'm doing some high covid risk activities this week, so maybe I get sick and get an excuse to sell my ticket and not go.
I'm just a bit tired of this and I hate the current cosplay culture. But it does make me happy when I see people in cosplay too, so I know I'm not done with it either.
How is Narcon in Sweden?
What kind of panels do they do in Sweden/Denmark that are better than the ones in Norway? From what I can tell, cons in Norway just generally suffer from the overall cosplay community being smaller.
What I thought was nice about Magicon was that they had obvious ambitions about becoming a big two day con in the Oslo area.
Proudly alcohol and drug free !! (Also possibly my first international con ever but that remains to be seen)
The only con in Sweden/Denmark I've been to is J-popcon, the big thing that comes to mind was that they had the director of NGNL/Sora yori mo Tooi Basho/etc. as a guest at the con. I don't think any con in Norway ever has had Japanese industry guests.

Other than that, there's nothing major that comes to mind. That con also had a great emphasis on J-fashion, which I loved, but it's not like that'd be impossible to do in Norway. Maybe it'd be hard to actually find people who wear it, but having a panel about it only requires one person to know a bit about it and talk (and Yugicon did in fact have a panel about Harajuku (I miss Yugicon)).

For me personally, I think one of the problems with panels at Norwegian cons is that none of the organizers for major Norwegian cons really care that much about Japan, they prefer western stuff, so that's what they put on the program. And maybe a bit just that I'm tired of going to the same cosplay 101 panels.
I just wish the cosplay guests would at least talk about their own experiences with cosplaying, that's can be so much fun to listen to, just an overly organized powerpoint about how to order wigs and make a mockup isn't that fun.

Magicon just completely snuck up on me, suddenly it was there and I hadn't paid much attention. Maybe the name made it sound like a fantasy con, and I think they had drag on the program and I hate drag, so I just didn't realize it was something I should try to go to.
It's great if they actually hve ambitions to become big, Oslo really needs a big con. Hopefully it works out well, and it becomes a good con too.
There was actually a panel on Japanese fashion at Magicon. Yugicon announced their return too.

I can't really speak of the quality of the panels [spoiler]because I was in the Artist Alley[/spoiler] but it was fun seeing so many people cosplaying again, and the organizers have clear ambitions about making a big Oslo con replacing the old Desucon. The main producer was apparently from old Desucon crew that split due to disagreements on the direction Desucon was going in, and overall they're eager to get feedback and suggestions for what people want to see on a big con in the future. It's already going to be a two day con in June next year.
Sounds like I really missed out! And this is all great to hear, I hope it becomes a great con.

It's good that Yugicon is coming back too, but have they found a venue, that was their problem before. I think Nomcon also announced their return at some point but that never happened. It shows great promise though that the people behind it are still interested, hopefully they'll be able to do it.

And are you the person who for years have been talking about getting back into Artist Alley in the threads?
uhm, looks like Nomcon did do some announcements after their announced return, so maybe they did do it after all. for some reason I thought nothing happened of it, but looks like the con was completed in 2012 and a con was announced for 2013 (could be that one didn't happen though) Ahh now I found pictures from 2013 as well why am I spreading negative rumous when I've no idea what I'm talking about
>And are you the person who for years have been talking about getting back into Artist Alley in the threads?
Yes that's me lol. I did well and had a lot of fun. Definitely gonna try to go to more cons this year.
Though I think had the advantage of there simply not being much competition at Magicon this time. They had pretty limited amount of space for stands this year, and though I had literally no time to check out the other stuff, it seemed like it was more crafts and commercial stands, and not many others selling prints. Would be fun checking out the bigger cons like Torucon and Banzaicon too.
I'm happy that you were finally able to go and that it went well for you!
Thanks! Hope you get to have fun at conventions in Norway this year too. After going two years without cons people just generally seem excited for cosplaying again, so the energy and atmosphere should be good. Hope the bigger cons are able to pull it off properly.
Närcon lmaooooo :DDDD
I still haven't gotten covid so looks like I've got no excuse to skip Kawaiicon. Urgh, the trains suck too, and the train tickets are expensive.

And I don't feel like cosplaying either. If I go, I'll probably just end up sitting by myself in a corner, maybe watching anime on my phone or playing on my DS.
>Kawaiicon Norway
>Kawaiicon New Zealand
>Kawaiicon Hawaii
Ok it's just getting lazy at this point. "They're all insanely far from each" doesn't change that fact. Hawaii should probably be the one to keep it just cause of the rhyme.
I ended up forcing myself to go, because skipping social events is what depressed people do and it'd put me in a bad pattern if I stopped going to cons.

Overall I had a bad time, barely talked to anyone, by myself all the time, the dormitories were better though and it was okay to watch some of the things on the main scene.
Spent time both days crying.

Kawaiicon itself may be a bit better than in the past, they made an effort to have a greater number of panels. A bit lame that they'd removed side activities though, no game room this year, no return of Twister, and while Kawaiicon's way of doing karaoke is bad (just having Singstar), karaoke is often some of the most fun things at cons so I wish they tried to bring it back in a better way.
But this time there were pretty much no side activities, I think they had drawing and some competitions and that's all.
They'd also removed the entertainment during the closing ceremony that they'd introduced last time, but that can't really be considered a minus, maybe a slight disappointment but no cons do it so oh well.

The dormitories had major improvements since last time. No queues to list your names and no age segregation, instead you just went to a room and then they came after and got names from the people at the rooms. Much more time efficient, and you actually got some free time at the evening rather than wasting it all queueing.

And I hate that Kawaiicon takes money for storing your luggage, it just feels greedy and puts you in a slightly bad mood, and it's incredibly cumbersome especially when you have to pay online and there's no internet near the storage rooms.
Cons in Norway can always be improved, but this just sounds like you're straight up depressed. You're not going to enjoy yourself if you go to a con expecting and being prepared to have a bad time.
It's okay take a break or realize that you've outgrown conventions too, you know. You can't force yourself to enjoy things.
People keep saying I'm probably depressed, but I don't really have the symptoms. If I were depressed, my emotions would have been too numb to be able to cry. I do tend to have some symptoms though, like lack of motivation, but it goes away if I experience satisfactory social interaction, it's probably just loneliness that gives the symptoms of depression, not actual depression.
My problem with quitting conventions is that I can't really do it, for years they've been my primary source of social interaction and I feel trapped because I can't give up that, maybe it'd be good to go somewhere else but it's not really an option.
And I've had bad con experiences and cons I haven't wanted to go to for ages, but there are also some good experiences and times that I'm excited to go, so it's not a sign either that I didn't enjoy Kawaiicon.

I've bought tickets to Kazokucon and Constellation, so I'll keep going to cons this year. Maybe I'll have fun at at least one of them.

Thank you a lot for your concern, I really appreciate it.
Maybe I shouldn't have said so much, I just feel the desire to talk though.
I hope you are able to enjoy yourself and have fun at cons this year!
I’ve never gone myself, but everyone keeps saying Närcon is easily the best con in Scandinavia and I believe them. Any particular reason why you haven’t tried going? If you find con experiences and panels in Norway lacking, that might satisfy that itch.
Thank you!
I have heard the same things about Närcon. The reason I haven't gone is probably that it's quite expensive, and the size of the cons don't tend to affect how much I enjoy them. One of my best con experiences ever was at a con with a few dozen participants, and I've had a pretty bad time at some big ones including Banzaicon when it was still to my taste (and the much bigger Desucon, but Desucon wasn't that known for its quality). So I haven't seen any reason to pay that much for something that may not necessarily be better than something much cheaper and closer.
And I probably just haven't felt that strongly that it's something I shouldn't miss out on.

Actually, I do think I had some plans to finally go in 2020, but that didn't happen.
And now I don't feel like I must go again.
Considering both Kazokucon and Constellation sold out in advance for the first time ever, is the cosplay/weeb community in Norway growing, or are previous con-goers just desperate to attend as many events as possible now that Corona restrictions are over?
Don't know if cosplay interest has grown over the last two years among kids or what, but it will be interesting to see how the con scene in Norway will grow.
I think it's desperation.
The cons are also without competition this year, with no announcements from either Torucon or Banzaicon. Either you go to these small cons, or you won't go to any cons.
We also haven't fully seen how the lack of Desucon will affect cons, it was only one year without Desucon before Corona. That year you had Torucon and Banzaicon, but now the full Desucon crowd is forced into the small cons that remain.

But I don't really know either, could be that cosplay has grown.
I hope that translates into more cosplay events in that case, meetups had almost died out even before Covid.
Torucon had an announcement last year and have recently said they are definitely still happening, just that they're slow with getting tickets and info out. They have no reason to cancel at this point.
No one seems to know about Banzaicon though. And apparently people are treating Spillexpo as a major cosplay event now too? That's still quite different in nature since it's a big mainstream game expo.

>We also haven't fully seen how the lack of Desucon will affect cons
Yeah, could be that people are flocking to the other small cons in the Oslo area because there's no big summer con here to replace it yet. Curious to see if the small cons might try to grow next year, or if people will go to Magicon that's trying to replace Desucon and skip smaller events again.
It was a bit weird that neither Banzaicon nor Torucon had any announcements at Kawaiicon.
But actually, I think that or something similar may have happened before, so maybe it doesn't mean much.
Someone on Facebook said that there wouldn't be a Banzaicon until 2023, but don't know if they have any real info. It'd be weird to say that if they hadn't heard anything though.

I've never been to Spillexpo, I guess it could be fun if you go with a group of friends though, but yeah, a big mainstream game expo isn't my first choice for a cosplay event. Ir probably depends on what you are looking for in a con though.

I find it a bit hard to justify WHY we wouldn't see the full consequences of Desucon disappearing in 2019, but I just have the feeling that we wouldn't, so that's what I'm going with.
Yeah, I feel like the smaller cons should already have tried to grow before if that was their goal though, but maybe they'll take the opportunity now.
Desucon also had many visitors from all over the country, and these people are unlikely to travel to a small one day con, there needs to be one established main con for Desucon to be replaced, maybe Magicon will be that con, but I think it's unlikely that people from Harstad will go to Kazokucon, unless it somehow defeats Magicon in becoming the next Desucon.
First time going to Desucon Finland, I got a free ticket from my friends ordering a +1, and trying to get some advice from other sources. A few of my friends are going, and this con is a ~2hr plane+train ride from my place to the convention. Outside of some cringey YT 'reviews' of the con and some tweets I am having a hard time understanding the feel of this con. My friends have said everyone in Lahti basically hangs out and drinks at the con and around the city. Has anyone been?

I'd really like an anon opinion on the con or stories from it? If this is a party con I wouldn't mind, I just want to pack appropriately and maybe go for some lighter cosplay if maybe people will be drinking.
Banzaicon announced an announcement soon, wonder what they'll say.
They made it sound a bit like they were discussing the future of Banzaicon, which would be a bad sign, but maybe I'm just looking for bad news that aren't there.
I just bought a ticket for Närcon!
I've never been there before, so this'll be a new experience.
Then there is working on cosplay to have something to wear, ugh.
It was cheaper than I expected, probably comparable to or maybe a bit cheaper than Torucon.
The con is R18, which is an insane plus. No kids running around and everyone is generally chill with very little drama happening. From my experience people are pretty open to talking to others, as long as you aren't absolutely autistic. Pretty much everyone speaks English.

Most people just hang out with friends, maybe get a little buzz going and have a good time catching a few lectures or the cosplay competition. Chill vibes.
Alcohol is served in the restaurant, you aren't allowed to bring your own (you can obviously sneak some in, but that's trashy imo when you can get a glass of wine or a beer from the restaurant and just chill).
It isn't a party con per say. There is a con rave on Saturday where it's totally normal to get absolutely fucked up, but outside of that people are generally calm and polite. People aren't visibly drunk inside the convention center, no-one blasts loud music inside etc. Most of the visibly drunk people are outside drinking all day and don't even go in.

The con brands itself on being about "deep analytical panels and lectures about anime", but if you don't understand Finnish you won't get much out of those. And even if you do, the programs are pretty much just put together by hobbyists, not people from the actual anime industry, so it's debatable if there's much value in them anyway. Cosplay competition and AMV competition can be fun if you need something to do without understanding Finnish.

TL;DR: chill and calm con for hanging out with friends and talking to people, alcohol is okay but no-one is visibly drunk inside, con rave on Saturday
Oh looks like there's Harucon this Saturday!
I won't be going, but could be good for people who live in the region. It's at the opposide time of the year as Animanga too.
Torucon finally announced the date for ticket sales - they've been awfully late this year, but at least it's happening again.
I'm sad jpopcorn is cancelled this year. I'm planning a trip and a con during it would've been great
I still haven't bought a ticket for Torucon. I probably should - it's quite likely the last con this year, but I've already bought so many tickets, and Torucon always feels expensive and complicated. If I buy a ticket, it'll have to be a day ticket, and then take the night train both ways which leaves a great probability that I'll be too tired to enjoy the con properly anyway. A hotel room is simply too expensive.
I hope desucon has 2hus
Just get some friends in Trondheim
I went to Kazokucon yesterday, it's funny how much focus they have on cows, even if there's a chance they take it too far at times. It was a great idea to have the cow being murdered.
I think they need to update their website, it was a good surprise that they didn't take money for storing your items but they should remove it from their website, and fix other things too.

My experience was okay. I didn't go to any of the panels, I only watched the main events, and I was alone for most of the time, talked to some people I knew from before for a bit though but not a lot. And I was invited to join some people because I wore a cosplay from a series they liked, that was nice of them but I didn't talk much to them for the little time I was with them.
The band at the ending show was unnecessary, it lasted for too long and the music was too loud and they should have played songs that were relevant to a con and not what I assume was just normie songs.

That'd be useful, but it won't haopen, even if I had friends in Trondheim I'd probably have to be asked, albeit I did ask someone for another con so maybe I'd've done it.
Time flies, less than a week until Constellation. I'll probably wear the same I wore at Kazokucon, maybe I can make a small improvement but it'll be something lazy.
Is anyone else working/volunteering at Närcon this summer?
I went to Constellation today, this is my first time going there since before they expanded and they only had a super tiny venue. It was a major improvement, much more space, and it's one of the better venues for cons.
And the delays for the events I went to were insignificant.
I didn't like the opening show though, and I think I would have prefered if the venue was kept just a tiny bit warmer, it felt a tiny bit cold.

I think Constelltion has good potential, they have a location that's easy to get to too, and with that good venue. It had a good layout, and it's very nice outside too.

My experience atthe con was pretty bad though. It felt boring, I wasn't interested in much of what they had, and I barely talked to anyone. I left after the cosplay competition.
I wasn't really excited to go to begin with, so I went without cosplay, but it may not have had much impact on my enjoyment of the con.

Cons don't seem to be a good source of social interaction anymore, I just end up largely alone all the time, and the panels don't feel interesting either. There's no point in going anymore when it's like this, and I'm thinking that maybe I should just cut my losses with Närcon and not go, the money I've spent may be wasted if I can't resell tickets but at least not put any more money into it. It may just turn into multiple days of intense boredom and loneliness.
When I can't even get social interaction from it anymore there's no reason to keep cosplaying and going to cons, I should just quit. But I got no alternatives.
I just noticed that Banzaicon has announced their return this October, but at the old venue. The tickets will probably sell so fast.
Maybe I should try to go, but not everything will improve just by going back to the venue they had when they were better. There are other changes too. And if they get rid of the karaoke, they didn't introduce it until they moved, there may be no point.
Maybe you've just outgrown of the hobby?
I can't say if socializing really has become harder or if you're just out of touch compared to the main demographic of teenagers and newer fandoms you might not care about. If you're not interested in the panels or activities anymore and barely bother interacting with people, it might just be a sign that the average Norwegian con-goer is too young for you and have different interests.

I'm also older than the main demographic by now, and only go to cons when boothing in the Artist Alley, but I still find it easy to strike up conversations when people are enthusiastic, because seeing things like cosplays of niche fandoms I like, impressive cosplays, styling or crafts, or people liking my work makes me happy and excited too.

But if you're silent and sullen then people aren't gonna strike up conversations with you either. It's fundamentally a gathering of mostly teenaged awkward nerds that might lack small-talk skills outside of fandoms and topics they're passionate about. If the con has nothing you're interested in and you don't have anything in common with the crowds going there, I don't know what you expect. Most people also go with friends.
I'm for the most part silent and sullen. And I have no friends to go with, especially not spend the day with.

Part of it may be the fandoms too, I still see some of them but I don't feel the same enthusiasm about the fandoms anymore and they're also much less popular than before. Thinking back, it was very often through fandoms that I ended up talking to people.
Maybe a little bit that I'm not as desperate to not have wasted my money too, sometimes in the past I'd talk to someone because otherwise the money spent at the con would have been wasted.

But also the hobby, it may not appeal to me as much anymore. For years I've been thinking that I should quit but I can't.
File: PXL_20220617_203440213.jpg (419 KB, 1536x2048)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Fun con
File: PXL_20220618_182413796.jpg (544 KB, 2048x1536)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
Hope this rolls on next year need to see a few more places in Finland. Norway was cool but damn, finland people are better to drink with.
I bought tickets for Närcon, but I've decided to skip it. Maybe I'll try to sell my tickets eventually.
Maybe Banzaicon instead, but those tickets will be hard to get and I don't know if I'm motivated enough.
Närcon has begun, tickets are unsold. A fair bit of wasted money, that is. Oh well.
Huh, the cirno cosplayer at the flying saucer! Awesome.
Yugicon just released their tickets.

But they say it's their first "mini-con", so I want to know more before I buy, it may be very different from what they've done in the past. What I liked the most about them was their insane program, and if they've gotten rid of that there may not be as much of a reason to go.

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