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Kami-con is a month away! The con requires masks and covid vaccines, so hopefully that means the con won't be canceled due to omicron.
Anyone know why there are a bunch of wrestling guests this year???? This year's guest list is very different than previous years.
In Florida and saw this as a potential trip, but then I realized how shitty Birmingham is. Anything you got that could change my mind?
I've been to nearly every con TN, AL, and GA, and kami-con is probably my favorite con. There is always a lot more going on than just panels. Usually lots of interactive con story events. Its very different compared to other cons.
>Anyone know why there are a bunch of wrestling guests this year
It seems like a lot of people have been requesting wrestling guests, so they were like "Okay". I mean, fair enough, if enough people want to see them, then bring them. Not my thing personally, but whatever.

>but then I realized how shitty Birmingham is
I mean, Birmingham's not the best, but it's not that hard getting in and out of downtown or finding parking (if you arrive early enough in the day). I would say Kami is worth it, despite any issues you might have with Bham.
Bham local here. A bit worried about Kami this year. Lots of last minute announcements. I would say that if you are cool with the drive and finding a place to stay, then give it a shot. I don't think this is going to be a strong year though. The previous con was probably my favorite Kami desu.
Lots of guests are dropping out and the con is just...not announcing it?
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Alabama cosplay group !!!
They just did

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