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Old thread >>10707600

>Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope it was a good one Here’s a very simple coord I wore to eat Christmas cake (cake to be included in comments)
Insta: mypearlforsunday
Coord Rundown:
Jsk, blouse, socks, headdress: Baby
Shoes: VW

>My bf got me this dress for X-mas.
>We open presents on the Eve, so it gave me time to put it on for today.
>KC, OP, Bag, Socks: AP
>Else: Off-brand
>Insta: dlakfoa
>Merry Christmas everyone
>Jsk: Cat Highness
>Cardigan: Liz Lisa
>Socks & hat: Bodyline
>I would have worn gold glitter heels if I was outside and not in my house lol
>Instagram: @eternally_enchanted
>Merry Christmas and blessed solstice! I got to finally wear my AP Fancy Noel!
>instagram: merrymadmadeline
>dress and tights: Fancy Noel from AP
>shoes, blouse, and collar: taobao
>headband: handmade
>I don't celebrate Christmas so here is a late Hanukkah coord! I only got the dress in the mail after the 8 nights had passed but I'm grateful to be able to wear it all all this holiday season.
>Dress by Metamorphose (Dim Light JSK)
>Blouse by Lady Sloth
>Hat by Sweet Dreamer
>Petti by Me Likes Tea
>Shoes by Cotton Candy Feet
>Accessories by Mira Mira Me
>Merry Christmas from me and my Orb!! He’s not really part of the coord but I take pics with him ~
>JSK: AP British Bear
>Blouse: Infanta
>Beret: Sweet Dreamer
>Bear Ears + Pin: Cheese Cat
>Socks: Roji Roji
>Shoes: Sosic Shop
>Wig: Dreamholic
>Jewelry: AP + Dolly House
>I’m loving everyone’s holiday coords! The nutcracker is one of my favorite coord themes for this time of year
>Jacket: Atelier Boz
>JSK, bag: Angelic Pretty
>OTKs: Metamorphose
>Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet
>Concrit okay
>IG: @adventurelibrarian
>Merry Xmas~
>I never expected my coord to come in time for Xmas!
>jsk: Meta Cats and Cherry Cake Dress with Overskirt
>Headpiece: AP Butterfly crown headdress tied on BTSSB White Rabbit’s Bunny Ears
>blouse: AP Old School Wine Cutsew
>Shoes: secret shop in wine
>Socks: AP Trio Ribbon OTKs
>bag: my sis bought it for me
>I got a new petticoat specifically for this dress and I'm so pleased with it.

>JSK: AatP
>Blouse: Sweet Fragrance???
>KC: Baby
>Necklace: Meta
>Shoes: Demonia
>Everything else: offbrand
>My 30 years old birthday coord
>Happy Holidays, lolitas of COF! I think I'm getting the hang of casual.

>Blouse: BTSSB
>Skirt: Enchantlic Enchantilly
>Cardigan: Snidel
>Bag: Ozz Oneste
>Beret, shoes, socks, and accessories: Offbrand
>I bought this dress a few months back determined to wear it for Christmas and was so glad I was able to Concrit is fine.

>JSK: Magic Tea Party
>Blouse: Neverland
>Bag: Lovely Lota
>Shoes: Nebula Carol
>Old school coord for Boxing Day with my family! I hope you have all had the most wonderful festive season<33

>Headdress~ Baby, the starts shine bright
>Blouse ~ Bodyline
>Shoes~ Demonia
>All else off brand
>Concrit welcome
>Green velveteen for Christmas. How original

>Op and shoes and bag is meta
>Hat is vm

>Insta @maistress
>Outfit for Xmas day celebrations! I’m so happy to have this dress as it pulls together a few themes in my wardrobe. Cooked a ton yesterday so today I’m lazing about; I hope you had some yummy food!

>Ig- mylesjennifer
>This was my Nutcracker inspired coord for Xmas with my family.
Unfortunately i forgot to put on my frilly socks over the nude tights

>Concrit is welcome

>Hat and jacket: handmade by me
>SK: Alice and the pirates
>Wristcuffs: taobao
>Shoes: bodyline
>Everything else: offbrand
>I went to Kobe Jones Japanese restaurant for my birthday a couple weeks ago and wore my cute meta co ord

>Dress, bow, blouse: Metamorphose
>Ring was a birthday present from my mum
>Shoes, tights and "belt" are off brand
>Fairly simple Chocolat-chan coord for winter!! I wanted to be extra comfy. Originally planned to wear my black books but the heels broke

>(And if you can see my petti, no you can't)

>Capelet, JSK, cutsew: AP
>shoes: BTSSB
>why not a little strawberries to celebrate Christmas Day !! This MTO set "Freshly Picked Strawberries" from Angelic Pretty ordered in July 2020 arrived at the end of September 2021 !!!
>Hi all, hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is my first time posting on here, so I felt a little shy, but I love lolita so I thought I should add something. This is what I wore Christmas day.

>Concrit is fine.

>Skirt + shirt is Fanplusfriend
>Cardigan is from Hollister (I know it's not a lolita brand, but I thought it went well)
>Boots, socks and headband are offbrand
>First time posting here, and I don’t really use Facebook all that much, but I’m a relatively new lolita (been in the fashion a little over a year) and wanted to share this coord! Concrit welcome.

>JSK, socks, KC: Meta
>Coat: Bodyline
>Umbrella: Angelic pretty
>Bag: Emily Temple Cute
>Boots: Antaina
>I took coord pics in the snow today I really want concrit on this coord or suggestions on how to style this skirt, So pls!!

>Headbow, skirt, socks- ap
>Blouse- Bodyline
>Shoes- taobao
>Angelic Pretty Christmas!
>No concrit, please.
>Happy holidays!
>I put this coord for a post-Christmas party at my friend's place. I wanted to feel cozy and comfortable.

>Skirt, socks, KC: Meta
>Blouse, capelet: offbrand
>Pom-pom earrings, snowflakes: handmade by me
>Jewelry,: thrifted

>Please excuse my slippers, I forgot to change into my shoes for a photo.

>IG: panna_lily
>Hello, this is my holiday coordinate for this year, based on the nutcracker

>JSK/Socks: Angelic Pretty
>Hat/Sash: Handmade
>All else is off brand

>My IG is @ashton__tailor if anyone wants to connect outside of Facebook
>It snowed! So I thought it was the perfect opportunity for Nakayoshi. Too bad all my snow pics suck.

>Bonnet, JSK, bag, socks, parasol: AP
>Else: Offbrand

>Instagram: dlakfoa (snow pics here lol)
>happy holidays everyone! I wore AP British crown for Christmas. it’s one of my favorite dresses. I like both ivory op and navy jsk.
>concrits are welcome

>hair accessories (noble collection),jsk, blouse, necklace,bag, otk socks( chocolate rosette): angelic pretty
>shoes: Jane Marple

>insta: coion_moe
>Christmas day coord. Such a lovely set from an indie brand

>Head bow, cape, jsk: Tomoyo’s Atelier
>Blouse, hair combs, overknee socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
>Shoes: Metamorphose

>Instagram: hearttoosoft
>Went to the gardens with my bf and got to hang out in a butterfly room as well! It was cold outside so had to try to be both cute but practical.

>Jsk: angelic pretty
>Headdress: swimmer
>Socks: btssb
>Shoes: bodyline
>Bag: souffle song
>Everything else just offbrand
>Simple coord for the snow.

>Snow Field JSK
>everything else offbrand or hand made.
>Fashion insta: @saunterforth
>A very recent christmassy(ish) coord. I know my petti is showing through the skirt a bit but I like that this photo shows the socks better than the photo I got with it fixed~!

>OP - Cornet
>Necklace - BTSSB
>Bag, socks - Jane Marple
>Shoes - Antaina
>Headdress, wig - Bodyline
>Really loved this coord with magic princess, concrit welcome!
>Red is probably my favorite color to coord with
>Bonnet: Anna House
>Blouse: metamorphose
>Bolero: baby the stars shine bright
>Dress: angelic pretty
>Socks: honey fox
>Rhs: bodyline
>Baby's best Christmas print in my opinion last year I was searching 24/7 til I was able to find cause I couldn't live without

>Jsk, bag: Btssb
>Accessories: mostly AP
>Everything else Taobao

>Insta: zombieyanos
>Wore this really toned down coord to hang out with my best friend

>Jsk: Lady Sloth
>Bag, socks: Moitie
>Headdress: Requiem
>Jewelry: Neant Glass

>IG: laviedanslaforetnoir
>I got this dress in the mail today and I'm so glad I snagged it!
>Blouse and shoes are bodyline, headdress and socks are taobao, Bag and ring are Btssb, dress is IW.
>Put some coords together for a video, quite liked this one

>Coord rundown:
>Jsk: Halloween Origami- Ladysloth
>Blouse: Fanzy Fantasy
>Tights: snag tights
>Hat: rose thorn
>Shoes: angelic imprint
>Wrist cuffs: off brand
why is it always 99% Sweet
>Happy holidays everyone! This was my Christmas themed coord I wore when hanging out with my Mom and partner.

>* Blouse and JSK (Royal Academy of Chocolate): Dear Celine (Taobao)
>* Bracelets (brown): ivyandmichelle (eBay)
>* Head bow and tights: Angelic Pretty (British Bear)
>* Pochette (Kuma Kumya): Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
>*Necklace, JSK alterations, Kuma Kumya's bracelets, OP/ruffled headband alterations, rings: www.bluecanarygallery.com
>*Shoes: Clown Girl (Taobao)
>Christmas coordinate

>With my Christmas Baby Yoda plush lol

>Apron skirt + beret: Sugarstar Cafe
>Blouse + cardigan + shoes: taobao
>Socks: IW
>Necklace: Soft Sekai

>IG x_haro_x
>All dressed up in horrible lighting and with nowhere to go

>Alternate title: just got my first burando, couldn't wait for good lighting to try it on

>Jsk: double frill jsk by Angelic Pretty
>Blouse: Orchid lane
>Clips, socks, and bracelets: Offbrand
>KC: handmade
>Shoes: Bodyline
>Hotel: trivago
>My wa lolita outfit for visiting an exhibition

>My insta: >https://www.instagram.com/angiedreamdream
>Dress brand is Flower banquet lolita (Taobao), tayaki bag is from Taobao too.
>Sometimes you just gotta go for a traditional black and white coord~

>Bonnet - Lab de Merveilles
>Cutsew - Angelic Pretty
>OP - Cornet
>Socks, bag - Metamorphose
>Shoes - Demonia
>Necklace - Emily Temple Cute
>Me and my daughter’s outfits for the Angelic Pretty Christmas Tea Party It’s been already 2 years that the Angelic Pretty Paris store didn’t do any events due to the situation, it was so nice to see everyone again

>Headdresses: Voodooodolly & Kaneko shop
>Dresses, tights and shoes: Angelic Pretty
>Accessories: Vivienne Westwood

>@liona_sellam @dorithsellam
>My usual photo spot is packed up for moving but I wanted to wear this dress since I got it. Went out for pizza and drinks with friends.

>JSK, Shoes, Headbow- AP
>Sweater- Forever21
>Necklace- Sugar Star Cafe

>- @jinbeees
>Some old school sweet vibes
>I just wanted to procrastinate and dressing up is more fun than doing school work. And my girl is the cutest and always loves doing pictures

>Dress and Headbow by Btssb, blouse is from Anna House and shoes from Sosic.
>Hair was curly but already lost them all
>My mom successfully navigated wunderwelt in order to get me this dress for xmas! It's very "zipties spray painted gold glued to a head band" vibes and I love it

>Insta @carleyscoolpics
>Jsk, bolero, socks, necklace, beret, hair bow, purse: innocent world
>Shoes: fluevog
>Belt: Jane Marple
>New years coord with my new dress! Wearing it early to film a video

>Jsk, kc - btssb
>Blouse - AP
>Shoes - baroque mask
>Wig - dreamholic
>Tights - offbrand

>Concrit welcome
>casual outfit
>Went a'visiting Lincoln cathedral on Tuesday with Friend tho I wasn't much liking my face (I rarely ever do as I look twice my age in photos). Not my best and definitely not these boots again but with the hills of Lincoln, they'll do just fine.
>This will be my last outfit for this year. Love this dress, so much cuteness.
>See you again in 2022. Hopefully it will get better
>Dress is by Angelic Pretty.
> Today's coord for shopping

>Jsk: Miss Point
>Blouse: Alice Girl
>Tights: Offbrand
>Shoes: Bodyline
>Headdress: Offbrand
>Last lolita day of 2021 and success: I've gone skating multiple times in lolita this winter and not fallen once!

>JSK, brooches, wristcuffs, socks: Angelic Pretty
>Blouse: axes femme
>Shoes: meta
>Gloves, cardigan, scarf: Liz Lisa
>Hair bows: Innocent World
>Earrings: Merci Mel
>A casual coord for running errands!
>Jacket skirt and shoes are bodyline and everything else is off brand. No concrit please
>While it’s still arguably the Christmas season thought I’d throw out my last coord of the year! I was able to get my dream dress using lockdown and this was it‘s first outing

>concrit more than welcome!

>JSK: AP’s Milky Swan
>Blouse & Underskirt: Lady Sloth
>Bolero & Tights: Taobao
>Jewellery: BB&Deco, AP, Taobao
>Headband: homemade!
>Jsk over an OP experimentation is under way. So is the New year's prep, so coord experimentation is a good way for me to unwind in the midst of it all.

>Jsk: Tiny Garden
>OP: Alice Girl
>KC: taobao (brand unknown)
>Socks: Offbrand
>Shoes: Bodyline
>Last coord of the year!! Sorry for the crappy phone camera quality

>Sweater: Valfre
>Blouse & wrist cuffs: BTSSB
>Skirt & socks: AP
>Shoes: Antaina
>Bag: My Violet
>Is Scent of Rapunzel a Christmas dress? No. Am I gonna wear it like one anyway? Obviously.
>Happy New Year!
>One experimental picture and one where my coord is actually visible

>JSK and shoes: Bodyline
>Blouse: Handmade by me
>Socks: Roji Roji
>Sparkles: The store on the corner

>Concrit is fine! (I only noticed the petty peaking after I took the photos )
>Felt like wearing something cute to the office today.

>Cardigan: Little Dipper
>JSK: Walnut Museum (taobao)
>Necklace: handmade
>Everything else: offbrand

>IG: @angelique.pretty
>Happy New Year!

>Headbow is Innocent World
>Everything else is off-brand

>I finally got to wear AP honey cake and met a dear old friend. i haven’t seen her for 3 years and we were twinning honey cake! concrits are welcome

>wrist cuffs,cutsew: taobao
>hair accessories, jsk, necklace, rings,bag, otk socks(topping heart ): angelic pretty
>shoes: btssb

>insta: coion_moe
>Last outfit of the year! This dress is from 2002 so it felt appropriate to wear it as it turns 20 years old. I need to replace the elastic a bit but it’s doing well for its age.
>Glad the days are starting to get longer again, wore a new OP today
>Happy Yule

>OP, ribbon (tied around crown of hat)- Physical Drop
>Jewelry- Sheglit, AATP
>Bag- Meta
>Offbrand shoes and bowler
>Happy new year! celebrating early because I am an old lady and will probably be asleep at 9PM

>JSK: Meta
>Blouse: Lady Sloth
>Necklace: BB&B
>Ramen: Shin Sen Gumi
>All else: off brand
>Hello there, just wanted to share this coord I made back in october for a Tea Party with some friends in a beautiful venue, before the year ends.
>I hope everyone has a wonderful ending of 2021 and beginning of 2022.

>Dress - Puppets (mexican brand now in hiatus)
>Necklace - H & M (I think)
>Brooch - La petite Pololita

>Concrit appreciated.
>Happy New Year's everyone (it's currently NYE here! This is my last coord for 2021.

>* Bag: Poshmark
>* Beret: NYFASHION101 (eBay)
>* Blouse: Sleep Doll (Taobao)
>* Borelo: Little Dipper
>* Clip (wool strawberry): Super Dreaming (Taobao)
>* Cockatiel charm, necklace (bear), rings: www.bluecanarygallery.com
>* JSK: Kumya's Cherry Strawberry JSK II (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright)
>* Necklace (strawberry): Gift
>* Shoes: Sosic Shop (Taobao)
>* Tights: Target
>Maybe a bit late for another Christmas coord but I couldn't help myself

>Skirt: Btssb Kumya Chan’s Christmas Holly Night
>Accessories: Btssb, AP
>Blouse: Taobao
>Plant lady in her natural habitat
>(it was snowing like crazy outside or that might of been more natural.)
>My last coord of 2021 and happy to share it with all of you, even though it's been a long time since I've posted on here. I hope to change that in the coming year.

>jsk & blouse: Tiny Garden (both altered)
>headdress, necklace, & rosette: Handmade
>socks & shoes: offbrand

>IG: strawberrymad
>Happy new year, everyone! This was my last coord in 2021 to celebrate New Year's Eve with my husband and my parents. I've wanted to wear something fancy to say goodbye to a really turbulent year

>Dress, Ring: Angelic Pretty
>Hat: Vintage
>Tights and shoes: Offbrand
>Bag: Liz Lisa

>My instagram is dielausi btw
>Happy new year to you all!

>Here is a coord I wore to a tea party in December!

>Dress, blouse, headbow and petticoat are handmade and I'm quite proud of it!

>I wish you all a frilly jolly new year!
>Happy new year everyone!

>To begin 2022, I wanted to thank my beloved best friend Lempicka Maria who clearly is too good to me. I will never thank her enough for this present : the Iron Gate dress.

>Our love for this dress goes back to it s release in 2006, I never thought I would eventually own it.

>This fashion used to be all my life 17 years ago, haha

>outfit : all is Moi même Moitié except for the shoes who are An tai na
>It has been so long since I saw a dress and said "I need that!" but when I saw this one I fell in love instantly! It arrived today and I threw this outfit together really quickly to snap a photo!

>I feel so cute in this outfit and I can't wait to hopefully wear it out somewhere soon!

>Everything is offbrand!
>Concrit welcome;
>I coord this medieval/renaissance lolita outfit 5 minutes before but I was happy with the result.

>Went to the museum night in my city and to a medieval music concert with this coord.

>Boots:bodyline >headress, blouse and cage purse: made by me. >Dress:AliExpress. >Everything else: offbrand.
>Is it weird if I say I dressed up exclusively to go look at the Valentine’s Day collection at home goods? Anyway, I’d love some thoughts on hair and head accessories. I don’t find myself going toward head bows very much but I also feel like I’m using the same three accessories. I like styling my natural hair usually since wearing wigs on the regular is kind of a hassle and uncomfortable. (Also sorry no shoes shown since I don’t like wearing them in the house. They were brown leather Mary Janes!)

>Dress is Henrietta on taobao
>Blouse is IDDxHaenuli
>Socks are sock dream
>Hat is made by me
>Wanted to break out this dress since it's been sitting in my closet for a while, at least while it's still cold out.

>Concrit welcome, but totally still working on getting the right colored pinks for this one. (But I've definitely been trying.. )

>OP, Bag: AP
>Socks: AATP
>Else: Offbrand
>A very belated christmas outfit, but the photoshoot was amazing and I really wanted to share this with all of you

> OP: Windyan
> Blouse: Taobao
> Corset: Miss Point
> Shoes: Loly in the Sky
> Everything else: off-brand

>My IG @sugaryshiro
>Long time no posting in this group ~ New Year’s Eve is so cold this year that even with these many layers on I was freezing. Berette is also definitely my favourite accesory in cooler weather.

>JSK & brooch: metamorphose
>Everything else: taobao & offbrand
>Loving this bonnet from Kuroneko Majo

>Op&socks: taobao
>Shoes: Fredja

>First coord of the year to show off just how tiny I am.
>Bonus pic on comments.
>Thank you for any comment or concrit.
>Happy New Year!!
Ok, dump over. I tried to leave out any coords I already saw being discussed in the ita thread. Adding the captions was a pain in the ass but for the sake of context I did it anyway. Happy new year gulls :)
Thank you OP for this hard work!
That’s what is popular rn idk
holy shit is that a poinsettia from a wreath on her head?
that dress looks huge on her, it really brings down the coord
the overpuffed skirt along with frumpy posing makes this look so gross
the belt on this jsk makes it look so weird, why would she do that?
I love the blouse in this coord & it makes me want to wear wa
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coord with a red blouse that I like. I can why people would think it works in theory, but every time it’s just too much and takes away from the dress
this jacket needs tailoring, it looks so baggy on her.
I hate how she always reminds people she's Jewish. We get it, calm down.
Racist chan strikes again.
this coord isn't awful or anything but white people just never look good in wa. it always gives me weeaboo asian fetishist vibes
I hate nutcracker coords
no it looks bad on ugly girls, like everything else.
i feel like christmas lolita is rarely ever not ugly
Agreed nonny. And nonwhites shouldn't wear other lolita substyles either. Especially classic, it always gives off european colonizer fetishist vibes.
Her cords are cute but the wig she uses is dreadful
i agree. also japanese lolitas should only be able to wear wa and chinese lolitas qi/han. but only the han chinese get to wear han style so we all need dna tests.
I know you guys are being ironic, but the US is totally going this direction and it's like rubbing salt into a wound.
I'd rather see some variation than the same cheap dreamholic wigs.
sorry, gull. hopefully that will pass soon. maybe once they figure out cultures all steal from each other they will calm down.
>maybe once they figure out cultures all steal from each other they will calm down.

I think they won't ever arrive at that conclusion. I hope they eventually just denounce using colonizer tools, since they hate colonizers so much.
racist chan?
She posted about how she doesn't want BLM supporters following her because she's a tradcath or something
nta but not liking BLM cultists is reasonable. That doesn't make someone racist, because there are plenty of black people that also denounce that movement.
>there are plenty of black people that also denounce that movement
only the grifters being paid to denounce the movement, i think you mean many people don't necessarily support the organization itself or specific behaviors like some protests in a few cities.
That's not racist, it's called having a functioning brain.
Shit stirrer lol
>Thinks I'm talking about fucking influencers.
I'm guessing you really don't know many non-racist black people, then. Congrats on living in a poor community. Did you share your xmas with your rats?

That or you live in a completely white or "progressively racist" area, are white, and have no concept of anything outside of your area. But yes, you totally understand everything about an entirely different place that you do not live.

Either way, you're retarded. I hope you enjoy failing EVERYONE all the way through to graduation because "black people aren't good enough to make good grades." Great logic.
No one said any of that shit and I'm black. All black people I know (friends and family) are like "damn I wish people would stop fucking killing us" whichbis kinda the point of the BLM movement as a whole. Except my genuinely paranoid schizo MAGA uncle who is an actual Uncle Ruckus level white man worshiping individual.

Only a retard would think the vast majority of black people don't just want to be left the fuck alone instead of targeted by other people who think racial profiling is justified and moral based on FBI crime stats.
Don’t de-rail the thread, move it to lolcow
Right right. So you're racist. Got it.
10713482 #
10713648 #
lmao i didn’t say anything about who or who can’t wear whatever style what but keep reaching
I mean the implication most normal people would glean from "all white people look bad in this substyle" is that they shouldn't wear it. Unless you yourself just completely lack self awareness and wear things that don't suit you. Nice backtrack though.
super cute
She’s always so cute. She very gamine, it suits lolita really well
Gamines are awful in lolita, they look like teenage boys.
i said they don’t look good bc they give ME fetishist vibes… not that all white lolitas ARE racists or weirdos. i’m not gonna try to dictate who wears what. like i said that coord isn’t even bad. just posting my opinion which is what this thread is for
black people look bad in all lolita, it gives me fetishist vibes
>Gamines are awful
BLM supporters are cancerous af though, can’t blame her really.
Sounds well-adjusted and reasonable
Take it to the farms no one gives a shit
I do, stfu newfag. I agree with the anon.
anon's living in the past, she thinks we will get banned for anything.
holy shit you guys make it so easy for someone to derail a thread. just bait by mentioning politics. ignore it, you fucking newfags
do you think your post adds value, then? it doesn't. congrats.
I'm not, I just really would rather talk about lolita.
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Doing a recent dump
File: FB_IMG_1641672150095.jpg (90 KB, 1080x1080)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672169974.jpg (112 KB, 1080x1350)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672174861.jpg (94 KB, 1080x1440)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672179758.jpg (236 KB, 1080x1439)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672183093.jpg (129 KB, 1080x1337)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672187737.jpg (104 KB, 1080x1248)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672193578.jpg (289 KB, 1080x1515)
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File: FB_IMG_1641672202816.jpg (124 KB, 828x964)
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that chain looks so sloppy, it's like they just tossed it on their head
the chanel bag looks so misplaced, it doesn't look gothic at all
I like all of these

Agreed with >>10716044. Designer bags can have their place within lolita coords but this isn't it
i hate this hair more than i hate the coord and dumb expression
cool pic and coord
Love it

Why does she look tense and uncomfortable
Are you that weird guy who keeps talking about her shoulders
disageee, designer is usually styled in such a way that looks bad with lolita. lolita is too dissimilar to modern clothing.
“Designer” doesn’t imply a single mainstream flavor of fashion, there is more than one kind of designer handbag.

Designer bags that would suit lolita could be things like this Moschino cake bag, a Westwood heart bag or Niels Peeraer’s cute pastel bow/winged handbags. Things that suit lolita themes and don’t distract with a flashy logo like the Chanel interlocking Cs that are already associated with a different fashion theme entirely.

Sage for OT, don’t want to derail the thread so that’s all I’ll say.
she never misses, i would kill for her closet
I usually like her coords but honestly this one is a bit awkward and confusing to me
What's with the old schoolers self posting or circle jerking their friends? Back to Discord with you.
NAYRT but people just like old school a lot rn. Personally I usually like >>10716003 #’s coords; this one was kind of sloppy and unremarkable but I figure people are allowed to have a casual thrown-together coord day here and there.
She's insanely popular dude. It ain't surprising that anyone would praise her here. Quit crying.
>a total nobody
>insanely popular
Make it make sense next time dude.
This picture is really confusing me. She looks like 4'11" but the jsk is still so short her crotch would almost be showing without the bloomers.
Are you even a lolita?
She's not 4'11, she's just a little chunkier which makes her look shorter proportionally.
nta, but I understand where the anon is coming from. seniority makes for popularity in lolita still, to some degree. if you were only around in the last couple years, a lot of people are going to be like "who?"
agree. the amount of oldschoolers on this board is ridiculous. they are always on here circle jerking each other. I basically just assume if someone is hardcore into oldschool, they are also a gull.

Nta but yeah actually, for over 10 years now, and I don't know her. I just don't care for old school, and like it or not, it's not a requirement to know every old school westerner.
agreed. also been in the fashion for 10 years. only reason why I know of her is because she posts all the time on CoF.

Outside of that? She's a nobody. Seniority really is a lot in this fashion because a lot of us have been doing this for a while, even if newbies think otherwise. Newbies come and go like the next fashion trend.
Lmao this is meow tan levels of copium. I've worn lolita for eleven years and I don't know or care who she is.
Congrats. Just because you don't know who she is doesn't mean other Lolita's don't. Get over it.

Wow what a backpedal lol.

>"She's insanely popular!"
>2300 followers on ig
>Multiple anons say they've never heard of her
>"Uh well just because you don't know her doesn't mean other people don't!111"

Come back when she has 10k followers or something, it's about the average for a somewhat visible lolita these days.
Stop white knighting your friend or defending yourself. If you were a real lolita, you'd know not to do either here. It's cringe as hell.
nta but she does seem quite popular as far as getting reposted and if you follow a lot of old schoolers she's one of the 'best' as far as dressing well and not being cringe.
Y'all are so mad that people itt like her lmao. Classic cgl.

There is a huge difference between liking someone and this amount of wk-ing about their supposed popularity. Also it's fine if she's not popular or not known by everyone, idk why anons always need to die on this hill.
I was one of the anons above that said popularity and seniority in lolita are pretty connected and they are. I know of her, but she's still a nobody. Whoever is in here simping is just making it look really bad to people who have been around and don't know her. No one is dying on a hill, except for the dumb whiteknights sipping the titty milk

Nah I'm referring to the WKers. In addition to being delusional that she is "insanely popular" like does it even matter. It's ok if she isn't. Nobody is attacking her character or even how she is dressing, like wtf.
Yeah, that's what I don't fathom either. No one is even shitting on her. I think we have a good deal of lolita at heart or larpers in our community that have some perceived idea of the community from just a glance or the surface.
actually the anons who initially started the infighting were being cunts on purpose to start shit. i think it's less about her and more about anons fighting and taking bait.
The "WKers" are using reverse psychology to make anons mad, thus giving her more attention. They do it when meowtan posts too.
Less arguing more coords
I hate when this comment pops up because you could do it yourself instead of bitching.

And if you're going to cry about not having a FaceBook, make one you lazy ass.
dump incoming

"this dress is my D R E A M dress and i feel so fortunate to have found it but oh my gosh, i feel like I'm seeing so much wasted potential here, so feel free to share concrit/suggestions?? this is like one of my first coords ever and my first post ever in this group so
jsk - Haenuli
blouse: Angelic Pretty
socks, headbow: Taobao
shoes: B.A.I.T. footwear
jewelry offbrand"
I kinda got Iron Gate not knowing if I would like the rerelease or not but I love it sm-
I tried to put together a simple look to showcase the print
IG: @earlle.grey
Edited the bg because my home is not cute
No concrit please.
First coord of the new year! I attended my comm's new years meetup and tea party this weekend~ as always, concrit welcome.
JSK/gloves: Sweetwood lolita
Hat: Moi Meme Moitie
The rest: BTSSB, metamorphose, handmade, vintage
I got to wear one of my favorite coords a few weeks ago! I’ve really been vibing with the pink x sax combo recently. Ignore the fact the bow on my ankle disappeared lol. It slid to the back.
Coord rundown:
Beret/Skirt: AP
Blouse: Anna House
Cardigan: Nile Perch
Purse: Sheep Puff
OTKs: Roji Roji
Shoes: Sosic
Jewelry: Cornnn and sakura1tama
I actually don't really care much for Iron Gate, but I had this idea in mind for it.
Op, overdress, otks, headdress: Moitie
Shoes: Hades
Choker: Raspberry Mazohyst
IG: laviedanslaforetnoir
Wore my new actress lace jsk. Everything AP besides Meta bag, offbrand shoes and bracelets
Fun look from a few days ago, feeling very poofy
Insta @carleyscoolpics
Jsk, blouse, socks, shoes, beret, jewelry: taobao
Purse: Rosemarie seoire
Brooch: @iampotaeto on Instagram
Wrist cuffs: carleyscoolstuff on Etsy
What I wore to my Comm’s New Year’s meet! I just got one of my big dream dresses and I was so excited to wear it. I’m sorry my petticoat is deflating and depressed
Finally whipped out Honey Cake. Almost left the house in my old bodyline shoes..that now no longer has the bottom half of the shoe.. hahah. Crap.

Insta: dlakfoa
My coordinate for our comm’s New Year’s party! I had a wonderful time and huge thank you to our mods! They work so hard
I was excited to wear this new Moon River set that I had just received. Added pic to show the beautiful details.
Bonnet • Triple Fortune
Canotier • Alice and the Pirates
Jsk & bolero • Moon River
Shoes • Iris Corolla
First coord of the year and my first post to COF (re/tarded please)
Coord rundown:
Headdress: bodyline
Blouse, purse, OTKS: MmM
OP: Victorian Maiden
First coord of 2022! I went to brunch at a crepe place with my friends, then we walked around downtown for a bit. It was a fun afternoon.
Closeup in comments!
IG: @cellestia
Coord rundown
JSK, tights, blouse, KCs, necklace, rings, bag: AP
Wig: Arda
Shoes: Sosic Shop
Lol is that really the caption? Hate the boots and gloves
Did a death princess inspired coord for a princess themed tea with friends.
Jsk: Dark Box
Overskirt: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Boguta
Tights: Moitie
Shoes: Hades
IG: laviedanslaforetnoir
First coord of 2022! Finally had time to dress up.
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: bodyline
Socks: RojiRoji
Bag: Nanaco
Shoes: Angelic imprint
Coat: Alice girl
Accessories: Taobao
Conrit is welcome ^^
Had to take this quickly cos my 4yo kept getting in the shot. Another one of my favourite coords in Moitie, Summer Catherine OP, long underskirt, black x white parasol and blue candelabra handbag etc and DKNY coat to finish for this wintery day in London
Today I went shopping with my family, it's my 5th wedding anniversary very soon so went to get something nice. Just a day in the life of a lolita..
Insta kathyxjapan
First time in iron gate! Very excited to do all sorts of things with this.
My outfit to see Labyrinth on the big screen
Luckily it was cool & comfy in the theater
Only brand is the Putumayo skirt, but hopefully the idea is clear enough & this is the most i've dressed up in weeks since being sick
& Hopefully I can dress up more soon!! All my off days are spent cleaning lately...
No concrit please
Birthday coordinate
Wearing one of my dream dresses. Sweet Girl Room, that I got recently!
Sorry my petti is peaking, is one of the best pics I took
First coord of the year for an online meet, a simple one but I'm really pleased with it! Concrit welcome!
(he/him pronouns, @frills_and_princes on insta)
Wore this coord for MAGFest!
Looking for concrit since this was my first time coording Nameless Poem and it was very last minute
A dress I wanted to coord for a long time
It's mostly Angelic Pretty. The silver crown scepter is by BTSSB
Since I own no navy gloves, white was the best choice drawing the white of bunny and shoes in
More pictures on Instagram @princessmirellamay
My coord for today's trip to my local tea room
Dress and beret: Lady Sloth
Shoes: BTSSB
Blouse: Taobao
Everything else: offbrand finds
After three years of waiting, I finally got to wear Snow Globe Train!!!!!
All items are Alice and the Pirates or Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Instagram: @steffairy_flying
First time wearing Lolita in 2022
I hope this year I find my motivation to dress up more often and feel more comfortable with myself ~
Concrit is always welcome
Instagram: candy.carnival
Got all dressed up to go to the sewing supply store (in the snow!!!!) and they closed early at least I looked cute lol
Insta @carleyscoolpics
Jsk, headbow: angelic pretty
Cardigan: Liz Lisa
OTKs: Jane Marple
Wrist cuffs: handmade by me (carleyscoolstuff check it out lol)
Everything else is taobao
I posted a lot using my Summer Catherine OP, but I do have other one pieces but this dress suits my coords the most. I try to limit to 3 colours as much as possible, I think I balanced thr blue, white and black perfectly and used Matt Royale by Mac for lipstick.
Everything is Moi Meme Moitie, I've been collecting for nearly a year now but never got a headpiece, I received it yesterday and I'm so excited I rushed to take this photo today, it's not the best quality but I wanted to show off my complete look. Let me know what u think
Insta KathyXJapan
No caption
I received this OP recently and love it so much
IG @earlle.grey
Coord rundown:
OP - Btssb
Headdress - Atelier Pierrot
Shoes - POMPOM (taobao)
Wristcuffs - Wax Poetic Shop (etsy)
No concrit please
My room was messy so I edited the bg :')
BG image from Lennea Sandbakk
Very casual coord for school
(Yes I’m wearing a petticoat lol)
Skirt + cutsew- ap
Coat- misdemeanor
Everything else- taobao
An over edited pic of my Charlotte’s Bear coord! I love this dress, it was one of my dream dresses! My coord isn’t 100% done, I still need Milky Bear Backpack in purple but I had to wear it! I tried to match my mask to the green on the print.. idk how that went lol..
JSK + KC + Bears: AP Charlotte’s Bear
Blouse: Infanta
Shoes: Cute Q
Jewelry + Accessories: AP, BBandB, DollyHouse
Socks + Beret: Offbrand
Finally got around to Honey Cake! I tried to bring my brown boots in with the hairclips from Nakayoshi Ginger Cookie, since my brown boots are my most comfortable shoe for walking at a con along with the brown in the print, I think it worked out lol, I don’t own much brown… But I do own a lot of Milky Bears! I was carrying Milky Bear 3-Way Face bag in pink but I forgot to take a pic with it
JSK + KC: AP Honey Cake
Blouse: Yolanda Fondant Carnival
Socks: Roji Roji
Boots: To Alice
Jewelry + Accessories: AP, DollyHouse, Offbrand, Handmade
I don’t have great lighting, or anywhere to take pics right now! So I apologize for the low quality photo. However I was so excited to put together something for My Lovely Macarons, which I just got! I didn’t do my hair, so concrit welcomed but like, I know lmao
OP (folded down) and beret: My Lovely Macarons by Lady Sloth
Blouse: bought off devilinspired
Petti: melikestea hybrid poof monster
Necklaces: bb&b deco and Lady Sloth
Wrist cufs: tea time by Lady Sloth
Socks and shoes are off brand!
Haven't dressed up in a while, so threw on something comfy to walk around the house in~
Beret: H&M
Blouse: AP
Jewelry: Chantilly, AP, Axes Femme, Fatally Feminine
Shoes: Sosic
Simple coord for my birthday today!
Jsk- Ap shadow dream carnival
wristcuffs- peacockalorum
rhs- montreal
everything else is offbrand
Coord for yesterday’s IKEA trip! I liked this JSK with a black blouse so much more than I expected, it really inspired me to pull more black in this coord. Concrit welcome!
Jsk: Glittertale, with bows stolen from other jsks lolllol
Blouse: Maxicimam
Shoes: Demonia
Socks, bag, jacket, wristcuffs: Taobao
Back north Ready for Valentines
Jsk, necklace, lace socks- AP
Tights, KC, rings- BTSSB
Bag- Milk
Cardigan- Pink House
The aforementioned first coord of 2022! Worn on January 4th. I'm really proud of this one and I feel like we're starting the year out strong.
JSK, Beret: AatP
Blouse: Atpie
OTKs, necklace: Meta
Shoes: Demonia
I haven't had a chance to wear this coordinate out yet, so I thought that I'd get dressed up at home.
OP: Angelic Pretty "Holy Theatre"
Socks, shoes and wrist cuffs are off-brand.
I received the wig, socks and the bag this week and wanted to try everything on
Jsk, socks, shoes, bag: Btssb
Canotier, blouse: Bodyline
Wristcuffs: Summertales Boutique
My instagram is dielausi btw
Second outfit of 2022! (I haven't shared outfit number 1 in this group, but I might.)
I feel like it's been forever since I've coordinated a white blouse.
JSK, Beret: AatP
Blouse, OTKs: Baby
Shoes: Demonia
Necklace: offbrand
First post, concrit welcome. She/her
Had a meet at the DIA today in Detroit! I got to debut my cinnamoroll coord finally! I forgot to take my backpack off for the photos
Blouse and JSK: Meta
Cinnamon roll headpiece: Beholder (etsy)
Ears: dynamitekitten.shop (insta)
Everything else Taobao/off brand
Celebrated my birthday early before my friend had to go back to college. I’m quite proud of this coordinate since it’s one of my dream dresses. Everything is AP except for the shoes and headpiece.
Fox Cassius and I have been doing a closet swap! Today’s theme is boleros! Featuring my sheltie, Tessa, and awkward poses lol
My coord (you're/female):
JSK - Innocent World
Bolero - Innocent World
KC - Sweet Dreamer
Wrist cuffs - Lolita Collective
OTKs - Innocent World
Shoes - Sosic
Cas’s Coord (also/female):
JSK - Yolanda
Bolero - Innocent World
Beret - Yolanda
Wrist Cuffs - handmade
Bracelet - AP
Choker - Sweet Dreamer
OTKs - Roji Roji
Socks - Ms. Sox
Shoes - Honey Cherry
Parasol - AP
Here's a coord I was going to attempt going out to visit friends a couple counties away in, but then I stepped outside and then I saw that the roads were still icy, so nope, stayed home.
OP, headbow, and socks are IW. Bolero is Axes Femme, longer necklace is Metamorphose. Shorter necklace, bracelet, and wristcuffs are offbrand. Shoes are Bodyline. Petticoat is Classical Puppets (and really too big for this OP). Wig is Tasty Peach. It got a little frazzled with that friggin' wind out there. I swear one of these days I am goign to learn how to make my wig stay put how it is styled. I did a quick makeup job.
As always, CC is welcome. I have come to the conclusion that I really should get one of my DSLRs back out and get better pics. Just need to figure out what I did with my remote for them.
I dressed up for my dear friend’s baby shower yesterday! I got some cat ears for Christmas and decided to do a more experimental coord (for me at least ;)) with them! Concrit welcome - I’m not sure I’m in love with how this one turned out, but it was fun to try something different!
IG: misspinkstazi
JSK: angelic pretty
Blouse: angelic pretty
OTK: angelic pretty
Boots: lizlisa
Wristcuffs: atelier Pierrot
Accessories: BBandB deco, baby the stars shine bright, and off brand
My first lolita coord 2022
IG: mag.sugar
One last coord in AZ and then back home gotta say I’m pleased with the Moitie summer happy pack set, it was super comfy and still looks elegant imo
Jsk, headdress, OTK, rings- Moitie
Sheglit peognoir
Bracelets, shoes etc- offbrand
basically is.
attended a small meetup with my comm for a secret santa exchange. I was gifted the bonnet on the right; I decided to take a photo with it, since I thought it matched my socks better.
dress: angelic pretty
cardigan, bonnet, socks: btssb
headdress: metamorphose
IG: killuras
Elegance, sensitivity, nobility, that's how I would describe this wonderful dress !!
" RENAISSANCE " OP by L'esprit de la Noblesse brand.
Crow - kaneko
Shoes - Antaïna
Otk - Angelic Pretty
Late New Yrs cord , Angelic pretty soda pop jsk and everything else offbrand
I wore this outfit in december
JSK: Innocent World / Blouse, Socks and Hair ties: Le Carrousel / Shoes: Moleca / Bag: Off brand
My coord from Christmas Day!
This dress arrived the day before so I thought it’d be perfect to wear, I felt like a candy cane!
OP Milk
Jacket Putumayo
Bag, otks Baby the stars shine bright
Headdress Custom made
Shoes Hello Kitty collab Doc Martens
Instagram is @poison_mushroome
Dropped pic, my bad gulls
First coord with that new btssb dress of mine ! It's 15 years old and in pristine state, such a good find !! I really fell in love with its nostalgic feeling ~
Concrit is very welcome and ig is @didi__yaya
No caption
First anime expo after 2 yeaaaars!!
Coord Breakdown:
OP, Bonnet, Choker: Hinana Queena
Gloves: Sub Rosa
Wig: Dream Holic
Shoes: Bodyline
First coord of the year!!! British Bear from my Angelic Pretty lucky pack 2022!!
Dress + headbow: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: axes femme
Rest: offbrand
best from start to now
based sissy with the good coord
Because Hobby Lobby has it, doesn't mean you should slap it on your head.
If a cowboy got drunk and fwak a witch, that hat is the offspring.
tell me /cgl/ why do they ruin perfect plaid coords with a huge completely unrelated cringeprint?
Or a logo, saw it just today, a fucking huge fucking logo, somebody need to slap those bitches (talking about brand) into some sense.
dreamholic wigs are such trash, yet every lolita wears them
This guy needs to take his pictures from a different angle. This one does him no favors.
>every lolita wears them
Ew. Speak for yourself.
They're shit quality and they scammed my friend by not sending her order. How is DH in business still?

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