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>Youmacon just announced they are going forward with the con for the weekend of Oct 28-31
>No word yet on what the mandates will be
>As usual, FB comments are full of panic and authoritarians demanding they shut down or enforce vaccine cards/masks/etc. while a few chuds tell them if they don't like it, stay home
>Others are complaining that the time frame is too short to save up for a con (kek) or make plans
What do you think, anons? Are you going? Are you going to cosplay? Where are you staying? Are you ready for the return to normalcy?
>As usual, FB comments are full of panic and authoritarians demanding they shut down or enforce vaccine cards/masks/etc

And I bet all of them are vaccinated. If they're still not satisfied, they can stay home.

If Youmacon says "we are completely back to normal" i will travel there.

The only reason why they want the con canceled because they're too comfortable staying home and getting fat and having to maintain their onlyfans.
I will file a chargeback if there's any restrictions. The whole reason why Michigan reopened is due pandemic being undeniably fake after Fauci's emails and Whitmer's conduct being revealed. There's no excuse for ignorance. Just deradicalize yourself and move on with your life.
I doubt it they're the vaccinated ones. I have a friend who isn't vaccinated and freaks about cons happening even though a good chunk of people here and the surrounding area are vaccinated. Myself included. I'd be happy to go , I miss seeing herds of weebs just living life without a care and spending hours playing Pump It Up.

Also, people saying there isn't enough time to save up are bullshitting. Half of them just got back from Blerdcon and are like going to Dokidokon next weekend. They just want excuse not to go and talk shit about people who do attend Youma. It's dumb.
I want my refund.

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