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Previous thread >>10600798
Has anyone had a package labeled as abnormal? Taobao's not allowing me to send it to myself even though its arrived at the warehouse and has a weight.
I tried my best to communicate with customer support using Google Translate but I can't figure out what they said exactly.

The sentences with hyphens are my responses.

- 有什么办法可以寄给我吗?还是需要退回给卖家?
- 不幸的是我不会说中文
- 如果我买了东西然后要求仓库发货,那么我的异常订单也会被发送吗?
Where can I get fattychan socks OTKs and knee highs preferred
File: green.png (447 KB, 480x640)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
I'm looking for dark green shoes. Any recommendations? My feet are size 34.
google translate is so bad, anon. just come to the thread next time. from what i can tell they're saying one of the sellers packaged one order in multiple packages, but they counted it in the warehouse as 1 order but it's two packages so it will need to be consolidated as two packages instead of one.
search term would be lolita大码袜 but you won't really find much besides normie tier stuff
thank you!
How badly marked up is DHL to Canada right now? Just would like to what to expect for a tiny order, or if I would be better off with ems
Anyone got a link to where I can buy the fabric from this bodyline dress? (A non taobao link that a Japanese SS could buy is also fine). I know it was for sale in the past.

The few links I have found my SS have come back to me and said the item was out of stock.
Ooops, dropped pic
I want to buy some Angelic Imprint shoes, but I don't know if the size guide is for foot size or shoe size. I google translated it and it literally says "Foot size (shoe size.)" My feet are 26.5cm. I bought antainas in size 43 that fit perfectly, but someone told me they run small.
didn't this get taken down because the fabric design was part of their design contest and they stole this from the submitter?
No, I don't think so? Not the print afaik. It was fabric from a Japanese or Chinese producer and I remember it being sold online in multiple colors (pink, lav, ivory), well before Bodyline ever sold the dress.

I'd honestly buy the dress from bodyline for the print if it wasn't overpriced and poorly designed.
What's a good a-line cage skirt for low-mid poof?
Hmm. That makes sense but it's still considered a abnormal package and I don't have the options to consolidate it normal. Thank you though!
Please be informed your order is in more than one package.
>- 有什么办法可以寄给我吗?还是需要退回给卖家?
- What ways are there to send it to me? Or do I need to send it back?
Can you please give me your handphone number?
>- 不幸的是我不会说中文
- Unfortunately, I cannot speak Chinese.
This package will normally be consolidated, but since the seller packaged two packages as one and mailed it to our facility, there is one normal and one abnormal order listing. You only need to complete the normal listing, and we will mail the entire package out. Please do it like that, thanks.
>- 如果我买了东西然后要求仓库发货,那么我的异常订单也会被发送吗?
- If I request the consolidator to mail out the stuff I bought, will my abnormal listing also be sent?
If you select the normal package, then the whole package listing will be sent out.
The fabric is by the japanese textile brand COSMO (they do lots of prints like that), not made anymore tho but https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=586316110793 would be the Taobao resale listing of it.
Any good services cheaper than taobaoring/42agent? I just put in a small order and I think I've reached the breaking point with their extra fees. I really miss taobaotrends...
Cheapest agent would by Ytaopal with 0% fee, but they make up for it with a really high exchange rate and very limited shipping options, Reddit really seems to love that one.
i like basetao

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