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File: shima.jpg (79 KB, 600x450)
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What do you feel about cosplay modeling and the system they have with photographers during big events like Comiket or whatever?
So I have been to Comiket twice, once during winter and once during summer. I cosplayed both times from a popular gaming franchise with three different costumes.

Modest; Many people expressed in broken english or simplified japanese their love and appreciation for the character, especially seeing a foreigner portraying them. I had alot more positive reactions walking around and got stopped by hardcore franchise fans. One guy asked for my number, which I humbly declined. Being photographed was a positive experience, but I wasn’t flooded constantly.

School uniform; MANY (creepy) people lined up and persisted for me to sit down, especially on my knees. Sometimes I agreed, but I think you guys can guess what kind of people wanted this pose... My friend cosplaying from an anime stood a few feet away from me and some people requested for us to pose together.

My other friends have cosplayed revealing characters, but when I’ve talked with them they have highlighted that being flooded is extremely tiereing. When you do, a Comiket staff will come and organize the people by calling for the people to move so the next wave can take photos.

Events like comiket I would say for a cosplayer is a showcase there are events close to comiket after that a cosplayer and a “real” photographer can attend to actually connect and get proper photos. In these venues in the female changing rooms there are women that check if you wear underwear, which is hilarious....
I've always imagined it to be a bit scary, but the way you frame it it seems like there's etiquette to follow and systems in place to facilitate convenience for all parties. That's cool.
I do wonder how the photographers earn from their pics, they can't all just be hobbyists.
File: 1301244289971.jpg (163 KB, 720x482)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
This sort of setup really serves no purpose other than letting coomer shooters get shot for future fappage. I can't imagine any actual "good" photos coming out of a setup like this, especially when there are photogs a full 360 degrees around a cosplayer.
I don't have any problems with it being a thing, though. The cosplayers get off on all the attention, and the photogs get off on the shots they get. It's flat out fetishism, which is fine, IMO.
File: hjgvhjg.webm (3 MB, 640x480)
3 MB

.Three Japanese women were pulled out to safety after finding themselves in a dangerous situation.

>Twice a year, crowds of otaku and cosplayers rub shoulders at Comiket, the country’s largest indie manga, anime, game, and cosplay convention.

>Last weekend, the winter iteration of the event was held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention centre, and while most people were well-behaved, respecting the space of participating cosplayers, one unfortunate incident came to light which had people around the world shaking their heads in disgust.

>The incident, which occurred on the third day of the four-day event, involved three female cosplayers who were initially surrounded by a large group of male photographers with a safe distance between them. However, the decision was made to allow the photographers to get a little closer to the women, which turned out to be a terrible mistake, as the circle of men took it as a cue to swallow up the space between them, almost crushing the cosplayers.
why do they all just rush in like that
what was the cue to these coomers?
ok nvm
but who the fuck made that decision lmfao
LOL. Bruh this is some coomer shit
I can't imagine the photos will come out that well, but cosplayers consent to these types of photoshoots so *shrugs*. It's no different than group shoots at cons, except they're usually a bit more respectful in the West because there's (hopefully) more boundaries (and they don't do the "360 degree camera coverage" shit
Dog, I will never understand why women cosplay in slutty outfits, then act shocked (SHOCKED!?!) when men who like that kind of character / outfit / etc try to slobber all over them.

You can wear what you want, but men are going to try to fucking get as far as they can get with you. It's literally human nature.

AND, I'm not excusing or condoning unwanted touching, but don't fucking act surprised that men are trying to hit on you if you're wearing something with your fucking ass hanging out.
File: getin.jpg (167 KB, 1041x781)
167 KB
167 KB JPG

>men are going to try to fucking get as far as they can get with you. It's literally human nature.
>AND, I'm not excusing or condoning unwanted touching
either bait or a really disgusting human being
People should be able to go around naked without someone trying to handball their asses. Self-control is a fucking virtue that more dudes could learn.
I think ignorance or choice to be ignorant to men who are wired mentally the way they are due to their hormones is a bit illogical in the first place. No you should not be able to walk around naked. There is a reason why we wear clothes. And to deny that men think with their dicks is fucking stupid, because hormones is basically what determines how you USE YOUR BRAIN.

It's too obvious you're a woman, because you project your ideals onto men. Which yes, no one likes to be raped. I don't want to be raped. But don't fucking put yourself in a situation and tell someone else to "be tolerant." They aren't your dog and you should be considerate to people who are different than you (i.e, male gender with different hormones and different thinking)
I'm guessing they later reach for the cosplayers and offer proper photo sessions maybe.
IMO it's just a different kind of cosplay(er). Especially with Comiket, the cosplayers are often there with being photographed like that as their main intent. It's less 'fan cosplays while walking around a con doing con stuff and occasionally being stopped for a photo' and more 'cosplayers are there to show off their cosplay and if you're there to chat and buy stuff you wear normal clothes'.
A lot of these girls also make money with their cosplays or as cosplay models.

It's also related to how (most) Japanese cons are completely different from US cons. In Japan it's more like a huge indoor market focused on stands with doujin stuff and official merch, combined with a cosplay area. The social events and workshops and lectures are much more of a US/western con thing.
Jokes on you, I'm a man. I also implicitly understand that there is no monolith of "woman" or "man", and that individuals can be and should be accountable for themselves. Your hormones aren't some uncontrollable thing -- and if they are, you need medical help.

Also, as a man who HAS been raped by a woman, it's not a "hormones" thing, it's a "shitty people who want to harm others" thing.

Your argument borders on rape apologia and you need help. Please get some.
It IS a hormones thing, despite you thinking it's 'people wanting to be shitty.' It's as much as a hormones thing for people being 'crazy.' I think you're just stuck in your own world view.

>Compares rape to being understanding of hormone related thinking
Also it's not my fault your sperm count is probably next to 0. You probably don't have enough testosterone to understand the rest of your testosterone fueled comrades. You probably cum air.
The real question is, if a fat female cosplayer went to Comiket would people surround them and ask for photos?
I understand you men have the ooga booga monkey part of your brain but if you can avoid shitting your pants every time your body needs to go the toilet you can avoid groping a girl if she shows some buttcheek
Yeah, "crazy" people don't get a pass. They need help, not to be allowed to harm and harass other people. But also, it's not a hormones thing. Men don't defaultly harass women, that's a learned behaviour. Basic-ass psyche 101 courses can teach you this.

> Sperm count
Wow ya got me, Mitchell. I'll absolutely take "might cum air according to some dude on the internet" over "rape apologist" every day of the week as a label. Fucking weirdo.
Remember that these smoothbrain rape apologists are the same kinds of people that think wiping is homosexual behaviour.
Yes. Chouzuki Maryou does this all the time.
> that's a learned behaviour. Basic-ass psyche 101 courses can teach you this.
You're kidding me right? It's usually the anti-social socially awkward ones that have the behaviorism issues and the majority of you (wo)men who dwell on the internet and 4chan fall into that boat. I'm sure you are the same.

You just basically gave yourself away as some socially inept girl LARPing as a guy on the internet. And just because people understand common sense of not parading naked around men, doesn't make them a borderline rapist.
>common sense of not parading naked around men
this issue isn't men, it's retarded monkeys like you.
Little Billy can learn not to grab everything he wants. Why can't you? This is why women don't like immature tinydick boys.
God I wish that was me. I wish I could have a giant photog circle nagging for endless photos.
I'm still a dude, and you're still being a rape apologist.

Normal men don't want to rape women just because they're naked, because spoilers: They can understand and value women as other people with their own agency and autonomy.

Poorly socialized men who simp at the shrine of toxic masculinity can't though. They're all the same kind of sexist douchebag, regardless if they fall into the nerd-who-is-an-incel category, or the jock-who-thinks-women-are-objects category.
you will never be a woman
File: EBsQwuMUcAAsoqO.jpg (145 KB, 768x1024)
145 KB
145 KB JPG

>As seen in the video from Comket attendee and Twitter user @rubi0921, the cosplayer, who’s dressed in a cheongsam, was in one of the outdoor cosplay areas where a crowd gathered around her. However, she became uncomfortable with the close proximity of the amateur photographers around her, and can be heard crying while trying to walk away. Even as event staff shout that the photo shoot is being cancelled (“Shuryo!” and ”Chushi!”), a man in a blue shirt with white dots and a brown cap can be seen crouching down in an attempt to get an up-skirt photo.
lmfao this is close to rape, based
based japs showing women what all they're good for
File: WH4VoBY.jpg (86 KB, 468x702)
86 KB
File: DkaLD-uUYAA-CM8.jpg (111 KB, 539x960)
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