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File: 170709_u005s.jpg (180 KB, 510x680)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Hi again! I'm coordinate archive anon. I have a huge collection of saved lolita coordinates, organized by print. Most of what I have are Angelic Pretty prints.

I'm taking requests for albums and uploading the ones I have.
Here is a link to the archived thread from last year: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/S10329800

Previously uploaded albums

Milky Berry (51 images)

Ribbon Berry Bunny (7 images)

Happy Garden (17 images)

Milky Fawn (81 images) * Includes photos of the velvet Milky Fawn applique series and the milky fawn coat

Carnival (50 images)

Wonder Cookie (58 images)

Rose Toilette (35 images)

Milky Planet (91 images)
Jewelry Jelly (36 images)

Dolly Dot (22 images)

Dreamy Dollhouse (119 images)

Be My Valentine (20 images)

Romantic Rose Letter (29 images)

Nakayoshi Bunny (16 images)

Toy Fantasy (67 images)

Halloween Prints (84 images)
>Holy Lantern
>Halloween Treats
>Horror Candy Shop
& various others
Sugary Carnival (179 images)

Melty Cream Donut (42 images)

Strawberry Millefeuille (86 images)

Strawberry Whip (24 images)

Fruity Lemon (23 images)

Miracle Candy (95 images)

Candy Treat (39 images)

Baked Sweets Parade (36 images)
Thank you so much for coming back!!

Any chance you have Cameo Window? I'd also love to see any Baby prints you want to dump.
Memorial Cake (91 Images)

Cream Cookie Collection (56 images)

Dreaming Macaron (111 images)

Anniversary Happy Pie (14 images)

French Cafe (67 images)

Marshmallow Bunny (36 images)

Pastel A La Mode (72 images)

Sweet Jam (59 images)

Wrapping Cherry (57 images)

Misty Sky (96 images)
welcome back,dude! have you considered archiving some gothic or classic coords? I think archiving some mmm, IW, VM or MM coords would be greatly appreciated. I don't really have anything specific dresses in mind though
Fancy Box (89 images)

Diner Doll (41 images)

Wrapping Ribbon (39 images)

Toy Parade (215 images)

Strawberry Doll (34 images)

Puppet Circus (37 images)

Fantastic Dolly (78 Images)

Melty Chocolate (131 images)

Cherry Berry Bunny (96 images)

Fruits Parlor (66 images)

Freshly Picked Strawberries (29 images)
You're the best!!!

I'd love to see the following prints, if you have them:

-fancy paper dolls
-dreamy baby room
-sugar fairy cake
Not OP but if you would like to, I'm sure it would be appreciated. If they only wear sweet its not really reasonable to ask them to catalog other styles
File: 1636106_P1160904.jpg (273 KB, 670x708)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Suya Suya Toys (36 images)

BonBon Bunny (27 images)

Star Night Theater (67 images)

Merry Making Party (50 images)

Sugar Candy Shop (41 images)

Magical Etoile (63 images)

Milkshake series (90 images)

Candy Fun Fair (39 images)

Fancy Melody and Melody Doll (47 images)
The reason why it's so easy to archive angelic pretty prints is because AP fans in japan are really good at using hashtags for prints, and they're easily recognizable. i'm not into classic or gothic, but i'm not sure if japanese lolitas there are as into tagging the names of items

Next up I'm reuploading the folder for honey cake because it was published before the rerelease was out
I've been thinking of making an archive for MMM's silent moon
Honey Cake (82 images)

Country of Sweets (83 images)
Fancy Candy (102 images)
File: 5257253_image.jpg (183 KB, 548x960)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Sugar Fairy Cake (57 images)
Candy Fairy (17 images)
Decoration Dream (43 images)
Neon Star Diner (49 Images)
Doki Doki Strawberry Magic (36 images)
File: twinkle02.jpg (38 KB, 450x338)
38 KB
Any chance you have some with Twinkle Mermaid?
Dolly Heart (25 images)
Ice Cream Parlor (77 images)
Girly Sticker (26 images)
File: tdb25.png (526 KB, 379x512)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Toy Doll Box (73 images)
I would like to see an Iron Gate and Royal Gate coords archive, personally
Seconding Iron Gate, that would be cool
Anon this is exactly what I've been after for so long!! Do you have dreamy parfait by chance?
awesome work, gull
hey coordinate archive anon - have you updated any of your individual print archives since last thread? I have all the prev ones downloaded but if you've added new stuff to any folder lmk so I can do a find and replace

would also be helpful to re-list what you have that has yet to be uploaded so people can request
Anon, out of all the prints I own that you listed, I'm in like, 75% of them. I'm not sure if I should be flattered or concerned.
If any anons would like to collaborate for Moitié coordinates, I would contribute.
Holy shit you have some old ass pictures of me. Ones even I forgot about, I’m shook.
she also had a few of me from d_l that i forgot about. nostalgic af.
Welcome back, love you and thank you anon!
Same, got me a little teary eyed
nothing was updated significantly except honey cake which i reuploaded. everything else just went up 5 or less images so i didnt bother reuploading. ill keep better track from now on though!

Dreamy Parfait (47 images)
Not a single one of my pics. Must not be puĺling pics from CoF
Cause cof is newfag
Thank you for all the work you've done, anon!
If you're up for it, I would love to see an archive of coords featuring Pastel a la Mode.
Holy shit anon you're a saint. I hope you win a bunch of money in a lottery someday, you deserve it.
Same, I don't think I'm ita or particularly ugly, but I'm also not popular so my photos don't get many likes. Oh well.
Shit ignore the link, greentexted like an idiot
These are great coords and the lavender is so cute! I'm torn between being happy that lots of real lolitas got it and being sad that it's not being scalped, I would pay scalping prices for it
Was wondering if you'll ever do one for Dream Sky? A couple of the companion images you used made me hopeful but then it wasn't in your list. Thanks again for doing all that you have already!
Yeah, I love the lavender. It's just a shame that the quality is so bad since the print is so cute.
I pull pictures from tumblr, Twitter and Instagram the most, and occasionally wear.jp. If anyone is excluded it’s not out of malice, I just probably never stumbled upon your socials, I’m sorry anons!!
Dream Sky has started to grow on me lately, I think I’ll be making a folder for it!
How do you save pictures from wear.jp?
I know it's not sweet, but I'd be really interested in seeing Koitsukihime coords in either colourway
I'm not OP but I do have a Dream Sky folder - it's mostly the navy/blue colorways as those are my favorite
They did do pastel a la mode:
No wonder the single picture of me is such shitty quality. It is one of my favorite coords though, I'm happy to be included.
Wow, somehow totally missed it. Thanks anon, I'm dumb.
Waiting ever so patiently for cherry marguerite~ I love you OP T.T
Np it happens
Do you have Crystal Dream Carnival?
File: 5853_large.jpg (339 KB, 600x800)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Cherry Marguerite (57 images)
File: wh1.png (705 KB, 411x582)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Wrapping Heart (51 images)
You're the newfag. CoF has been used for years and years, lots of the most popular lolitas posted there. It only died within the last 2 years as newbies used newer socials like insta and Twitter
Whip Magic (80 images)
Even though I left lolita, it still makes me happy to see that someone still likes my coords. Almost makes me miss my wardrobe a little.
Dude, learn to take a joke.

I was wearing Lolita when d_l was popular, and cof was newfag lol
Do you happen to have Candy Sprinkle, OP? I didn't see it in the old thread either. Either way thank you for compiling all of these photos, I'm saving a lot of them for future reference and coord inspo.
>I left lolita
why you here, gull? dramu?
To discuss other j-fashion?
Here is Dream Sky (90 images)
File: 1273032363805.jpg (187 KB, 467x700)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Albums left to post:
>Wonder Party
>Whip Factory
>Whip Collection
>Tiara Rose
>Sweet Ribbon Strawberry
>Sweet Cream Princess
>Sweet Cherry Margret
>Sugar Hearts
>Sugar Candy Shop
>Strawberry Parlor
>Salon De The Rose
>Royal Crown Berry
>Petit Heart
>Melty Berry Princess
>Melt Chocolapin
>Little Witch
>Lyrical Bunny
>Lady Rose
>Friend Usakumya
>Dreaming Present
>Cream Cookie Parade
>Dessert Berry
>Christmas Prints (Fancy Noel, Candy Carol, Merry Bunny, Holy Night Story, and anything winter-y themed)
a little unrelated but does anybody remember the tumblr blog that kept track of ap releases by year and posted pics of AP shop pics/coordinates?
https://sucre-dolls.tumblr.com/ ?
I'd be interested in Unbirthday and Sugar Hearts!
Sugar Candy Shop
Strawberry Parlor
Royal Crown Berry
Petit Heart
Little Witch

Oh hey! Thank you so much you two!
Here is Petit Heart for you anon! I'm working on the rest currently

Petit Heart (88 images)
I'm not OP, but I have some CDC savings if you're interested
I'd love to see Melty Berry Princess if you have it.
holy night story please!
Crystal Dream Carnival (31 images) https://imgur.com/a/IVV9WcB
Yes! I would love that infinitely.
Thank you!!
File: IMG_20210116_214343.jpg (316 KB, 973x1487)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Ok I found this photo in your album and I'm confused. I never saw a red milky-chan before
that's a runway show item. they may have decided against red colorway for the actual dress (it also looks velvet)
Other than the OP, the other accessories are also custom for the fashion show. Which is sad because I would really want the fur wrist cuffs and ears headbow to match my own stuff :(
All of those runway models looked so bad in lolita. They styling was so fucking weird
Ohh thank you very much for the information! It's quite sad, it actually looks cute in red!
Does video exist of this runway show? I've seen the photos many times but never an actual recording
>ears headbow
Some more civil version does exist though, but its super hard to get by
Isn't this and the applique JSK currently on LM with an $800 starting bid?
Yeah I believe so. Only one person on it so far but it’s still got a day to go

It was Japan Expo 2009, and they were using “real” models for this event so they weren’t styled in away that was trendy for Lolita at the time. It was meant to look like an actual runway show.
Ahhh fuck I meant to reply to >>10537882 as well. Sorry the video isn’t HD, I found a better one. AP starts around 2:30

Thank you! I did recall it being at a Paris event but couldn't recall the name, I guess it makes sense that it was at Japan Expo though
Where is a good place to find the thin, more subtle headdresses like this VM one? I know I've seen older ones from various classic brands but they seem hard to come by now.

Are there any indie or taobao brands making items like this anymore?
I actually have this in a different colourway, and it looks bigger in person.
Any shadow dream carnival jsk coords? Preferably in white, pink, sax
...I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread anyway, ignore me

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