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File: 20201028_121345.jpg (127 KB, 675x900)
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What do you think of their newer stuff?
What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?
File: 20201028_121245.jpg (258 KB, 900x900)
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File: 20201028_121318.jpg (237 KB, 900x900)
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File: 20201028_121636.jpg (145 KB, 900x900)
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File: _20201028_121918.jpg (255 KB, 1080x1330)
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File: _20201028_122701.jpg (781 KB, 1080x1342)
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File: _20201028_123133.jpg (580 KB, 1080x1338)
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File: strawberr.png (874 KB, 1180x876)
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I love JM and I think they've been going in a really cute direction lately in their design.
Most of my stuff from JM is older though. I always see really great deals on it, especially nonprint, secondhand.
JM is perfect and amazing but I don’t want more people to become fans because it’s competition for me
>What do you think of their newer stuff?
A lot of their newer stuff is boring and overpriced imo. This >>10494578 however is awesome and reminds me again of why I love them
>What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
The latest stuff I bought were a few inexpensive secondhand cardigans and boleros.
>Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?
I still do but I think their popularity has dropped. I don't see many people wearing it anymore. The second hand market has become more affordable and that infamous book dress doesn't sell for 100k yen anymore. I'm not mad about this development.
I wish I weren't a fatty so I could wear cute clothes
>What do you think of their newer stuff?
I think they released things around 2018/19 that I really loved (strawberry label scarf print was cute af) but I haven't seen much like that from them lately.
>What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
I actually just received my first JM item, a cardigan I bought secondhand at the beginning of the year and had sitting with my SS until now. The quality feels really nice but since I just received it a couple of days ago I haven't worn it yet.

I recently also bought a couple of pairs of JM shoes secondhand because they seemed a good price for the condition. I really hope their quality is as good as their original price would suggest.
>Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?
I'm a lonelita and a complete beginner to buying JM. I think I should move on to JM and other toned down brands because I'm getting older and I could wear them more easily to work. I'm starting to appreciate the simplicity of JM more and more.
>What do you think of their newer stuff?
I think most of it is great but unfortunately I dont think I'd pay full price for any of it. Most of their dresses are as much as my rent and I dont make that much senpai
>What have you lately bought from JM (new or secondhand)?
My most recent purchase is a second hand skirt. Veeeery cute.
>Do you or anyone in your comm regularly wear it?
No one in my comm wears JM, which I dont mind more for me!
I wear All of my JM as normie wear & Lolita.
It is great for the office and it fits my normal style (quirky Vintage & Retro styles ) very well.
Ι 100% agree with >>10495526 I ama gona be sneaky and not post any pics.
File: 150821038_o4.jpg (606 KB, 1000x1499)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
I've developed a new appreciation for Jane Marple just this month, since I'm returning to work after a long period of time. I got lucky and bought a small haul from CC this week of simple black/grey/navy skirts and cardigans for cheap, as well as a pair of the iconic 4-strap shoes in black for a reasonable price (15k yen). Very curious to see how the quality is.
>tfw no JM friends to hang out with
Oh my goodness. what's the name of the skirt on the left? I have a need.
I keep almost buying the JSK/ skirt of the one on the right.

I adore JM but I haven't bought any yet. Thanks for these photos as inspiration!

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