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File: nu-chocolate - Copy.jpg (90 KB, 1462x924)
90 KB
delivering! Took about a month for me to get them from the Nagoya release

Posting nu-MeltyRibbonChocolate comparison photos with the older chocolate jacquard releases. Questions or comparison requests will be answered as quickly as I can.

In summary, the nu-mocha and nu-brown are two or three shades darker than the original and have a more cool toned brown appearance than the original.

Calling an anon who has the 2019 MRC release particularly the skirt to confirm if it is the same as these 2020 colors.

I'm also posting this as a heads up to anyone bidding on the nu-mocha round jsk on LM this week.
It is overcast so I'm taking these with indoor lighting. I'll look for an opportunity to get a sunlight comparison photo too!
w/ flash - attempting to get a more accurate color
Starting nu-brown photos. I wish I had something from the 2019 rerelease of MRC to compare but alas I do not
Is mocha really that dark or is it a lighting issue? Thanks for the pics and review btw
It looks darker and more purpley on camera than it does to my eye. It was different enough that I wouldn't wear the 2014 accessories with this JSK because it just looks off.

Youre welcome anon. Hopefully this is better lighting! No indoor lighting but overcast sunlight.
I'm guessing the old buttons are aluminum. They're heavier feeling as well as cold to the touch. The ricrac and other ribbon details are either identical or of the same quality as the original.
thank you for this, looking forward to natural lighting photos too. they don't look as bad as the stock photos but the color change and plastic buttons are a bit disappointing. does the nu skirts have the same volume as original you think?
I’m interested in outside overcast photos. It can actually provide good lighting. Thanks for doing this!
So it's this a totally new fabric then? Killing the theory that it's leftover fabric and possibly pointing to a bigger re release?
Yes, I have a 2014 round jsk and the nu round jsk's skirt has the same volume so thats a plus!

Its definitely not leftover fabric. What I don't know is if they left the round JSK out of the 2019 rerelease of MRC to use for these mini releases as a preplanned move or if it was an entirely new production order.

I think in 2019 they released the short coat, skirt, side frill jsk, barrette, and tights only?
nu-mocha jsk and mocha long coat
nu-mocha jsk and mocha from royal chocolate 2012
brown skirt 2014 (top) and brown jsk
royal chocolate low waist jsk 2012 and nu-brown jsk
Wow, thanks for the photos anon. The new color would look horrible on me.
What makes you say aluminum rather than brass for the orig buttons? Sorry if this is a tard question.
I'm not sure really. I don't think 'brass' buttons are made from brass completely but are usually brass over something else? They both dont stick to magnets unless the brass is over steel so that doesn't help me figure it out. I'll google more and see if I can test it without destroying one
The nu fabric looks more vibrant and a bit more satin-y? which I honestly like
Brass is a lot heavier than aluminum, that would be the main tell.
Do you own any of the items in bitter? The nu brown almost looks like the original bitter
Yes I used the original bitter coat here but I didn't take it outside for the second round. Nu-brown is like a middle point between original brown and bitter but not nearly as dark as the bitter.

Still waiting for sun
Are you willing to sell?
don't be fucking rude
Nayrt, why is this rude?

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