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This is a soon to be cancelled con. Say something nice about it!
File: vmpme9iehv031.jpg (23 KB, 1079x889)
23 KB
I live 10 minutes away from it. So i don't really miss it. Pass by it every time i go to work. I still bmx on the ledges there.
Congrats on the insurance payout
File: 1572165315479.gif (740 KB, 320x320)
740 KB
740 KB GIF
File: ERAdfleWsAA7WA7.jpg (80 KB, 1200x675)
80 KB
What's it's name? it looks nice.
Did this overrated shit show finally cancelled? They were advertising hotel rooms the other day.
Katsucon West
Sweet it's in America so I can go next year!
It's ALA. Anarchists and Liberals of America convention.
>next year
File: ALA is cancelled.png (160 KB, 479x413)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>This is a soon to be cancelled con
They are one step closer to being cancelled.
>CES 2021 just got cancelled
ALA is done.
File: 1584120627757.gif (1.61 MB, 500x276)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Let me believe
>Sac Anime Winter also cancelled
No hope.
>Hotel rooms are still going up this weekend
Are they cancelling or not?
File: 1593871852098.jpg (378 KB, 1623x1920)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
Hotels go up in 30 minutes if anyone is still holding out hope
I'm grabbing a room at the Double Tree since the Res Inn is not listed and I heard they don't want to be part of the ALA block because of complaints from actual residents that live in the units. I'm sure those people hate early January when the weeb circus comes to town. But as of right now there is only a 2% chance of ALA 2021 happening.
>Error establishing a database connection
>Exactly 12pm
>All DT, Motel 6, and Azure hotel rooms are booked
Thanks ALA
>Didn't get a room at the Double Tree or Azur
Good to know anyways that this con is going to be cancelled anyways.
Why are you morons still trying to book a room? Gov. Newsom won't allow any gatherings into next year.
File: 1589368712112.png (137 KB, 430x542)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
But I just got a room at the DT
>Holiday Inn
>Ontario Gateway
WTF is this garbage? Where's the Res Inn? Holiday Inn? Azure? Fucking Double Tree? I hope Corona-chan is still here in January.
Looking forward to that general cancellation email in October.
Stop trying to check in on day 0, nerds
File: 4215-full.jpg (41 KB, 594x387)
41 KB
>Reserving rooms for ALA 2021 like it's still going to happen
>His face when
Good luck with that.
File: IMG_3293.gif (477 KB, 300x226)
477 KB
477 KB GIF
>tfw I could’ve been hyped for ALA and watching Tenet and Ghostbusters: Afterlife if EVERYONE just wore a mask, practiced social distancing and doing all they can to flatten the curve
>Rose Parade cancelled
>CES cancelled
>Sac Anime Winter cancelled
>ALA still has their hotel room sell
>People still reserve rooms
>Room block sold out
>People complaining about all ALA hotels being booked
Ugh do they eveb know there is a 99% chance of ALA 2021 being cancelled? I didn't even bother trying even though I always get a room at the Holiday Inn or Double Tree.
File: 1595978939582.png (143 KB, 420x401)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
File: images[1].jpg (10 KB, 279x180)
10 KB
All you murrcans still trying to fill a room with 20000 unwashed weebs in the middle of a fucking global pandemic
UGH I like know right?????
File: IMG_6342.gif (3.97 MB, 525x295)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB GIF
Let’s take some bets: how many TYM’s will it take to derail this thread until it caps?
Sucks to be American
This Anon gets it.
Everyone is just getting a room in case, but the possibility of that happening is about 2% as of right now.
It should be obvious by now that our country will never take the pandemic seriously. People constantly tell each other that this will all be over soon.
They'll only take this shit show seriously is when Trump loses. Even then, the Whiteoid Trumpies will protest that the election was rigged and prolong the lockdowns.
Go away Vlad/Chang
>when Trump loses
I wish i had this much faith in my fellow citizens or in the system.
So why did everyone still get a hotel room when they all know it will be cancelled in a few months?
As someone who is vehemently anti-Trump, I highly doubt he is going to lose the election. Not looking forward to another 4 years of that moron but it’s the likely outcome.
biden is a moron and racist too. i'm voting for kanye
The absolute state of American politics
Because it takes 5 minutes to get one and if the con happens then we have a room and if it doesn't happen then the rooms are cancelled and that's that.
>Anime Impulse moves to May
Yikes! Not looking good for ALA. I hope Impulse is not on Memorial Day weekend because Fanime.
Personally I look forward to and hope ALA occurs. Anime-zing already proved you can still hold a con currently and they havent had some big infection rate afterwards. >>10436069
We need a medium/large con like ALA to have the courage to hold their event so that they can break the ice and show con heads of similar sized and larger cons that it is safe to hold your events! Otherwise I fear we're stuck in this cycle of big cons being too afraid to hold their events while only little cons have the guts to do so.
File: FB_IMG_1596664341134.jpg (54 KB, 960x720)
54 KB
>Wants ALA to look like this
No thanks and Newsom is likely going to extend gathering bans into next year.
Even if ALA wants to hold something similar to Anime-Zing, the government is simply going to tell them to fuck off.
>All that social distancing
That looks sad and depressing.
It's the first weekend of May. I'm sure Asian American Expo is on that same weekend. Unfortunately I don't see ALA postponing into the Spring or even summer, there are too many other cons in SoCal that take up time when students are out of school. At best they can hold it in August, but by then people are still financially exhausted from AX and SDCC. Then there is Animanga down the street which is also a weekend con in Pomona.
When is the earliest we'll know when ALA is cancelled?
Are there any cons that haven’t cancelled?
Some small con in Florida.

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