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File: blerd_2019.png (21 KB, 300x137)
21 KB
Anyone going to this? Planning to pass by with a few friends this weekend.
Haven't heard much about this con. Even as a blerd myself this con doesn't do it for me. In fact i'd feel a bit out of place.
Im glad i'm not the only one. Im here now and I don't want to leave my room
It's a bit ironic that a con that was for us, is a turn off. I don't like the label "blerd". Very self-segregating.
File: paint.png (674 KB, 933x598)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
Think he'll paint me up in blackface if I asked?
I'm enjoying the con so far, anyone interested me a meetup?
So I finally went out and this con is super dull.
The artist alley? Wack
The vendor hall? Wack
The panels? Wack
The game room? Wack
Meanwhile OTA is gonna be fun a.f.

Also confirmed everyone saying it was the best was 100% hammered
>not bringing weed with you to a black con

It's like you purposefully didn't want to have fun
So basically, this con is half-assed. And they wanna guilt us into going. "Support your con!"
Bring Blerdcon to DC proper and you can have weed bakeries at the con. I'll still check it out this evening since its down the street from work.
At least blerdcon doesn't have as many fat fucks as animenyc

Most of the people that I've seen are generally fit
And the fat dudes that are here aren't neckbeards. They look like they give a shit about how they dress.
It's a relatively new con. What the fuck did you expect? Otakon but with black people?
The after parties are great so far

And the arcade room is pretty large too and open 24 hours
File: DSC_6947.jpg (1009 KB, 2220x1828)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
Some thoughts from someone who bought a VIP pass to Blerdcon:

The event was pretty great overall, packed with a ton of different panels, events, a 24 Hour Arcade area larger than that of AnimeNYC, and a lot more cosplayers than expected. While the turnout isn't as large as a larger con, passing by the same people and meeting them in panels throughout the weekend makes it seem like a more friendly and personal experience overall imo.

Definitely panders to the PoC crowd which may be a turnoff for some, but I would definitely recommend it to any PoC con-goers who want a more relatable experience.

The afterparty events were insane, with pre- and post- afterparties going on everywhere (including some orgies from what I hear). The VIP pass was unfortunately not worth the price of entry as most of the VIP events were either lame or could be joined with a basic pass and an entry fee.

Didn't take too many photos myself but I will try to post a few more. Mostly anime characters being cosplayed however there were some interesting twists and takes on cosplays that would probably only happen in a convention like this.
their arcade was just borrowed from magfest, literally
And that's a bad thing because....?
that's actually a good thing? That just means they used the same vendor that supplies a lot of magfest games and the con targets a different crowd. Having a good video game / arcade room can really elevate a con from meh/average to worthwhile

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