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Is it worth it? First time attending would like to hear people’s point of view.
I attended it once, three years ago, so my opinion may be a little outdated. It was fine. I thought the smaller size made for a kind of nice, intimate experience, although I didn’t see many particularly impressive cosplays. I wouldn’t go all out for it but if I was still in the area & prices are reasonable I would go.
Nah, not worth it. It's kind of a crappy con and the dealer's room is really small. I only went last year because they had Lia as a musical guest.
not worth it at all. have attended multiple years and staffed as well. it's extremely unorganized, and chaotic, with barely anything to do/see. dealers and artists alley are tiny. only somewhat good things are the fan-run panels, but even then it's not worth it.
The funnest thing at it last year was the express elevators in the hotel.
It's not worth it unless you're super close
Absolutely nothing to do
How many people attend and how small is it?

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