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File: colossal.png (62 KB, 566x91)
62 KB
Previous thread >>10144643 is in autosage, new thread time!

Schedule: http://colossalcon.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/colossal19_websched_v2.pdf

Photoshoot schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uGpIOjSzYoMU4y0vzyixRbVrv6hbxsCd9cU6E0NzmgE/edit#gid=0

Seagull meetup info in the discord!: https://discordapp.com/invite/ZSdpvjC

>Post your cosplay plans!
>How's your progress? Already packed, on the final stretch, still putting your Amazon cart together?
>Any panels look good or do you even bother with panels at Colossal?
>Weekend survival tips you swear by?
>What are your general plans for the con, gulls? Making new friends, having regrettable weeb sex, spending all your money on weak drinks?
CoLlAsAl FaGoT cOn SuPeR gAy MeAt Up

>All reservations will be under the name Moot.


Samurai Japanese Steak House
5500 Milan Rd #350, Sandusky, OH 44870
Located in: Park Place Shopping Center
Pay for your own meal.


Kalahair bridge on the side closer to the parking lots.
Will get Hot N readys.
Need volentiers to bring plates and napkins.
Tips appreciated.


Lunch at Danny Boy's
9000, 6207 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870
Pay for your own meal


Good bye lunch at Sonic Drive-In
5606 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870
Pay for your own meal
File: tenor (30).gif (125 KB, 220x165)
125 KB
125 KB GIF
Party hard everybody
(Until the break of dawn)
Can I carry around a flask with me as long as I'm not just drinking infront of employees?
are you stupid
K a l a h a r i C u p
I did this my first year and had no issues. But now, knowing better, just getting the kalahari cup and putting whatever I want in it is the way to go.
Yes, but definitely do the cup. It'll be easier in the long run.

Slightly sarcastic real answer: No. You are supposed to be rejected if they find a filled flask on you or if your flask spills or leaks any sort of liquid even despite the fact that they will have open bars inside the con hall. This goes for all cons. They probably aren't going to do shit since because EVERYONE will be drunk as shit and again, will have bars on the con floor.

However flasks I find are stupid are pointless. The point of a flask is to sneak booze in to places, and since you won't need to do that it would be better just to leave it at home. Some people suggest getting the big Kalihari cups. While I find them fun and HUUUUUUUUUUGE making them perfect for drinks, I think your best bet is to stop by walmart or a dollar store and get a cup with a resuable straw and a screw top lid like pic related that I picked up ay Ohayo con a few years back. If you drop your Kalihari cup you're gonna spill a shit ton everywhere and it's probably gonna break too which those cups are exspensive. Plus when you are drunk you are most likely going to forget the cup at a party, and to top it off people LOVE stealing those cups since they are so expensive.

My cheerleading cup was only a few bucks and still pretty big. Plus it's much more durable and cheap, so even in the case it does break or you loose it you can just buy a new one that doesn't cost an arm or leg. Plus it's much eaiser to know which cup is yours and no one is going to try and take it. Another plus is since most other cons have a IF WE SEE BOOZE YOURE OUT policy it's perfect for every other cons cause it hides the liquid inside so the only question anyone will ask you is "why the hell did you buy a fucking cheerleading cup?"

Plus it's machien washable and can be easily packed for the other cons too!
Flasks are fun if you want to save money by pregaming with a four loko or two then knocking back sips from the flask to stay drunk, or perhaps spiking other drinks you buy.
Not like there's a metal detector. Weeb cons are low-priority for security.
I knock back the sips whenever I take a piss.
Staff are usually minimum wage clerks or janitors who don't give a fuck what you do so long as nobody complains. Be more cautious around security personnel though.
Most panels are bullshit but I try to attend at least like one per con day. Last year these guys had talked about cell animation techniques and I thought it was a pretty underrated panel with only 4-8 people.
Fuck that one fat guy in every panel who keeps interrupting with his two cents. Let the speakers give their presentation or shut up.
is there any possible way to refund or transfer passes? looks like I may not make it due to room issues.
I want to say something so bad....why...why Edward Elric in sweet lolita? This is awful, I hope she's not planning to wear this to the tea party, if I was the host I'd straight up tell them no.
oh no
>no automail leg
Fake fan
Thank goodness someone else posted this. I just. This crossover makes 0 sense and is poorly executed to boot.
Don't worry too much, they're not on the list. I just asked the host and they checked.
This makes no sense. I get wanting to put characters in lolita, but Ed?? Why Ed? Why sweet lolita? It doesn’t make sense and it looks like shit.
File: DJ3TCvoWkAA1n5r.jpg (25 KB, 400x325)
25 KB

Not liking this trash apparently makes you a gatekeeper
Caps? I thought someone maybe posted something on her post but didn't say anything.
There are better ways to portray Ed as a lolita. It's not like it's that hard to make his regular outfit lolita and go with that. She should just scrap this mess.
Where was this posted?
Colossalcon fb group
On the one hand, I'm against offering concrit unless asked.

On the other the entire concept was asking for an explanation of what lolita exactly is and why that is /not/ it.

"Cosplay is whatever you want it to be" doesn't mean it's not also a steaming pile of dung.

I hate being catty like this but between this and the skateboarder, I can't help but to roll my eyes at this group
While I'm being catty. Things I would change if I had this "hilarious" idea sticking with the "sweet lolita" theme.
> Buy enough fabric so I could have the print rotated so the cones were upright.
>Pick another fucking pattern/cut in general. Probably something similar to pictured because it does well with small repeated patterns.
>Pick a non garish accent color, probably a solid pink in the same family.
>Better lace
>Make the charms things that actually relate to the anime with a pastel color pallet.
>Paint the automail a solid color (probably a rose gold pink) with a glittery top coat instead of looking like random pieces of craft foam slapped together.
>Actually make automail leg.
>Purse is a Xiao-Mei head.
>Better quality wig.
>Better makeup.
>I don't hate the choker, but I would paint what I'm assuming is the transmutation circle pink.

why did I write all this up. I have cosplays to actually work on.

Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot/what you would change from my or original look.
File: DdsSVVbUQAESa5C.jpg (91 KB, 1032x1036)
91 KB

It's not being catty honestly

What the fuck is the point of calling it "cosplay" if it can be anything? Why not call it fucking fishing? How about boxing?

The fact is she is a dumb bitch looking for attention while making no effort to earn it, and dipshits are feeding into it because it makes them feel good to do it. I hope she has a good con
File: 14724.jpg (31 KB, 254x320)
31 KB

Oddly enough, I don't even think doing a sweet lolita genderbend Edward Elric is all that hard, AP regularly makes military lolita that you can copy from, OnS vols 10 and 12 both have military lolita patterns you can use. And even if you did insist on going full sugary sweet, nothing really stops you from throwing a Roland over a pastel x black jsk (although red Magic Amulet jsk would definitely work much better).

Her ideas and handiwork is pretty much just kinda crap is all.
What's gonna be worse, the /cgl/ meet up or the FetLife Meetup?

Who's gonna be better dressed?
Laughing at all the people who were dumb enough to book a room at the maui sands. At least now we don't have to worry about them spreading bedbugs on the shuttles and in the Kalahari
I hope I see some gfl swim cosplays!
The Kalahari already has their own bedbugs though. So there's still worry to be had.

Fetlife meetup? The fuck?
There's a BDSM meetup being held by a gluttonous looking hobknocker and her dried cummy-eyed boyfriend that looks like the 3rd generation of incest. It's going to be wild.
how easy will it be for me to boot up grindr and get a fellow troon for my buddy to fuck
preferably one in astolfo cosplay
File: FB_IMG_1558513249499.jpg (64 KB, 541x960)
64 KB
So did anyone book with them? Did you manage to find something better?

The Fetlife meetup, if it actually happens, will be bad

Those meetups are for disgusting, ugly, sexually repressed people who have been lucky enough to experience sex and won't shut up about it
Part 1 of your request:
Literally the easiest thing ever

Part 2:
Way harder to tell.
sick, as long as they're in cosplay of some sort it should be good enough

What's fetLife
bdsm hookup site

I really hope they fix the place up and pull a Youmacon and put,some,of the venues,over there.
>week before con
>finally finishing cosplays
>friends and I add another from I series I haven’t been into in five years
>honestly pretty excited

At least it’s an easy one to make
Anyone have any extra spots for roomshares?
Lmao imagine being this much of a lightweight
I always wanna share my secret super cheap place to stay for colossal but I don’t wanna get cucked out of my shit for next year. Happy hunting for those still room hopping.
Check with the bikers desu. They don’t care.
dont want to get gangraped sorry
Wrong gang m8
I'm a troon looking for hookups on grindr, will I be drowning in cock all weekend?

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