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Question to anyone familiar with dyeing fabrics. I’ve got a maroon denim jacket I’m trying to get more of a Scarlet-ish red. I got talked into buying some scarlet rit at Michaels because that would work says the guy.

I just wanted to use some fabric spray paint on it lol.

Any opinions, before I start? I’m using hot water, a whole thing of rit and a bucket.

Probably ok for a cosplay where everything else you wearing will be black but Jesus fuck don't do this if you want the colour to last and not transfer onto absolutely everything in the wash. Get some good Dylon and some salt and do it properly. Also post pic of the tag of your jacket. If there's a lot of non-natural fiber you're going to have to use a poly dye which is a much more intense process.
It’s going to be really difficult to go from maroon to scarlet, or anything dark to lighter or brighter for that matter.
if you want to take it from maroon to scarlet you're going to have to lighten it first, but you're going to run the risk of uneven colour. i've done it in the past using household bleach; an overnight soak will pull out most of the colour.
Use the help thread. You don't need your own thread for this. There's also a million guides for dyeing fabric if you use google for two seconds.

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