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File: 1512592120781.png (72 KB, 211x244)
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Last one has been autosaged. >>10127595

Cosplay help here. Don't make your own thread, stupid. If you're looking for lolita help, try the Stupid Questions thread. >>10144686
How do I do Houseki no Kuni wigs? I'm trying to do the thing with gift plastic/cellophane/whatever but the strips keep awkwardly curling and bending in odd directions and I can't get them to lie properly. Can I use a hair dryer or heat gun on them to get them to behave? Looking for any suggestions.
You can use any kind of heat source within moderation. Practice on some loose strips before frying your whole wig.

But really it's just physics of almost any plastic. You heat it to slightly upset the plastic in itself, get it to the new position you want, and then cool it to set the change. The cooling step is not skippable!

If you apply too much heat it will become frizzy, lumpy and ugly. I suggest you try frying some of it on purpose just so you know how it looks.
Recommendations for shapewear panties?
Spanx. Or Capezio dance tights if you've got to wear tights too.
How do I make a soft glowing sword?
I was thinking a translucent LED foam, with some sort of mold over top to make it hard? But I'm not sure.
If cellophane is too thin to behave you can use clear vinyl instead. For parts that don't really need to move transparent worbla is also possible, @ivorivet on instagram did that for hers I believe
Plastazote foam with a transparent worbla shell? Or cast it out of clear resin with something in it to make it translucent but diffuse light
What ss do i use for yosuke shoes?
File: 1516912578559.gif (354 KB, 250x130)
354 KB
354 KB GIF
Thank you, anon. I think it's pretty clear I've never had to work with plastic before. One other question- Is it okay to just let it cool in place by itself (with a way to keep it in place), or is it better to use an ice cube on it to cool it more quickly? From my quick googling I see people using ice cubes a lot.
I did see that tutorial, it was pretty interesting. However, there's no way I'd have time to order in transparent worbla before my con (I live in a city that's too small for anyone to carry it locally). I'm actually using mylar, not cellophane (I just had a brain fart and forgot the name) so it's pretty sturdy and workable now that I've confirmed I can heat it. Thanks for both of your help!
Careful with mylar, it's very flammable.
Curly wig arrived a tangled mess. I want to straighten and dye it by using hot water (cheap synthetic non-heat-resistant wig), do I have to untagle it before doing that or can I just dump it into water & detangle it once it's straight?
So, I'm considering doing a video camera with first-person-viewscreen (like VR goggles linked to the camera) instead of eyeholes for an upcoming giant robot cosplay. Its an idea that has always appealed to me, and I want to try something new for my next costume.

Does anyone have any experience with a similar setup, or advice for how to implement it?
So I'm trying to place an order with AP Japan (I'm in the USA and using my Tenso address) and when I put the payment through it gives me an error:


It says the order is awaiting payment in my AP account, and the money has already posted from my bank account?

wat do
File: DA_Beowulf.png (117 KB, 350x350)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Planning to do a DMC3 Vergil cosplay in the next couple of months, looking for advice on how I could put together beowulf boots + gloves (See pic). I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to making cosplay items, anyone got advice on where to start or similar items I could make a base off of?
I think Adam savage did something like that in his Totoro costume
ugh christ I'm an idiot I forgot this was for cosplay help. Sorry yall, been dealing with a lot here the past few weeks, my brain isn't all here.
I do have to wear tights, the capezio tights are shaping too?
Somebody did something similar for a Bokoblin a while back, try looking that up.
If you've got a bit of pudge they hold it in. I'd normally wear stomach smoothing underwear, but if I've got the tights I'd just go with tights.
And they smooth out all the lumps on your thighs too.
They have a few different lines, the hold and stretch are the ones you're after. They stretch on, then on boy do they hold
When working with thermoplastics I feel that the best way to both shape things and let them cool is to press them against a surface that has the shape you want them to hold. For your application I would cut out marquise-shaped pieces and press them against a sphere, like a ball or something, and heat them up in trials starting with lower temperatures until they hold the shape.
Same anon, realised I probably should've done some research first before asking. Anyway, I've settled on making them out of EVA foam, ordered the materials and I guess just going to wing it and make the best I can.

Anybody got any tips making gloves/boots out of foam? I'm thinking just making sort of sleeves for the top part of the boots, then putting the claws over some regular dark shoes. No clue how I'm going to do the gauntlets though.
detangle once straight and cool. It'll get tangled in the hot water bath anyway
With gloves you usually want to have a fabric base that fits you and then glue the foam pieces to that. Check out Lindy Design Lab on youtube, she has a bunch of videos on making gauntlets.
So, it doesn't look like the gauntlets actually have fingers to them. Is that true?

Because, if so, that makes your job a lot easier.
File: spider-man-noir-vest.jpg (102 KB, 1154x1500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
The goggles I ended up getting for my Spider-Man Noir cosplay ended up being clear when I thought they would end up being tinted. The lenses don't seen to be able to pop out so are there any other recommendations for changing their color?
File: DA_Beowulf_2.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
Thanks for the recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out.

Right, they're more like forearm covers that have a sort of 'dragon's mouth' opening at the end. I'm not sure I'll be able to get the shape just right, so I might alter the design a little, so long as it looks decent I'm not too worried.
File: Simon.png (303 KB, 373x800)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
I plan on going as Simon from Gurren Lagann at my next con but I have no idea where to get those boots at, I have no experience in crafting so I'm a little stuck at the moment.
You can make boot covers or buy navy blue knee-high boots and add the embellishments on top. If you don't feel like you're not creative enough, commission it. It'd probably be the same price as buying a cosplay pair.
File: pt2019_04_17_19_49_39.jpg (857 KB, 1200x1600)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
I want to cosplay Pop Step from my hero academia: vigilantes in her school uniform (I'm not confident showing as much skin as her vigilante costume shows lol). I feel pretty confident styling a wig but I'd like to buy or commission her uniform. Are there places that make custom sailor uniforms? Alternately: could I get away with a uniform that's close but not identicle? I've seen taobao stores selling navy uniforms but either with the wrong color stripes on the collar or the wrong number of stripes.
File: hoop skirt.jpg (9 KB, 377x381)
9 KB
How would I go about making one of these? I've seen plenty of tutorials on the type of hoop skirts that go down to the floor, but nothing like this one. I'm not even sure what the search term for this would be
theres a lot of tutorials for beginner cosplay makeup, but i cant find any lists of products to buy.
im a woman, but ive never done my own makeup, like, ever, because im an androgynous dyke.
i sorta kinda get the process, but im at a loss as to what specifically to use. im very pale if that helps. like porcelain tier pale.

pic related, mfw my normie sister refuses to help teach me
just make the hoops much much bigger each time, instead of gradually.
Okay and what keeps it from hanging down the way that a normal hoop skirt does? Is it the length of the strips?
the hoops will be stretching the fabric out a bunch, so the tension keeps it up.

This video might kinda help, though it's making one with tulle. I think they are called platter/pancake hoop skirts. Ballerinas use platter/pancake tutus, so that might help your search too

a foundation (liquid, stick, or pressed powder)
setting powder (can be translucent or skin toned for additional coverage)
setting spray (for longevity and sealing your makeup)
lip stick, gloss, or chapstick

Optional, but beneficial:
a simple 3 step skin care routine (wash/exfoliate, toner, lotion)
false lashes and glue

Next, go to the website of a drugstore of your choosing (Target, Ulta, CVS, Wallgreens, etc.) and go to each piece of makeup listed. Select "Best Rated / Most Popular" etc. or least expensive and take a look at the ratings. You can individually search the ratings of each product, watch a youtube video, or wing it. If you just need the basics, anything that won't kill you will be fine. Keep in mind your skin type and shade. Some products will be listed as for oily or dry skin. If you don't know your shade, head into Sephora, or MAC for help. You can google a comparison of shades between products (ex: What's my MAC 420 shade in Revlon's colorstay foundation?).
Oh, neato. Thank you for the help. I've been toggling back and forth between trying to make the stupid petticoat I bought work or throwing money at the problem and buying a real platter tutu.
You're welcome anon! Good luck!
this is legitimately really helpful, thank you based anon. i hope you find a 50 dollar bill on the street or something.
File: Renée(Mew_Mew).jpg (30 KB, 500x375)
30 KB
What's the best way to ensure a top like this doesn't uh... fall down? The only foolproof way I know is an elastic band above the boobs, but I don't want to sacrifice the shape.
You can use double-sided fashion tape to stick it to your skin to ensure it stays up, or add clear elastic straps over the shoulders.
You can usually apply multiple layers of window tint to clear plastic to change their color for the effect you want. I've done it with black and purple, but never white, but I dont see why it wouldnt work here too.

Basically, you will wipe down the lens with soapy water (to keep the glue from sticking immediately). Put a segment of window tint film over the lens, and position it so it covers the whole lens. Use your fingers to push out any air bubbles. Dab away the excess moisture with a towel and Let it dry (you may need to keep up pressure as it does so). As the soapy water dries up, the glue in the film will activate and stick in place. Then you use a hobby knife to cut away the parts that exceed the lens and smooth down the edges.

You'll have to do this multiple times to build up the white, and ideally you want at least one layer on the inside of the lens as well. But the end result will be something you can see through and will prevent your face from showing.
Add boning to it so it doesn’t scrunch up, and a lace up back will keep it as taut as possible. You can add that clear ‘non slip’ rubber stuff they have on bikinis to the edges.

Heads up any sort of fashion tape is an ass to remove and will leave residue if you don’t take it off immediately after wearing.
Oh in addition, you don’t have to add a lace-up back, but basically anything in terms of horizontal + vertical support is going to keep the top from shifting on your body. Lace up backs are the most straightforward approach to horizontal support imo, especially for a top that doesn’t reach the waist, but you can also add a strong elastic panel with hooks and eyes (can do this on the inside and add zipper to hide if you’d like) similar to how a bra is structured.
You could also integrate a strapless bra into the top by adding loops on the inside to feed it through, which might be enough to support it and keep it from shifting. (can baste it or add some snaps if it’s still finicky)
For more options I’d research couture internal structuring techniques. Good luck anon!
I'm getting the tights on amazon and people in the reviews have said to get a size or two up? Is that a normal thing for the capezios?
Look at the size chart — it’s mostly based on height. Ballet dancers are a lot tinier than most people so the sizing gets shifted. If it arrives and just the waistband feels too tight, you can snip a small cut into the elastic (that’s what ballet dancers do, it won’t rip unless it’s way too small)
File: SaberMuramasaStage1.png (177 KB, 350x450)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
I just require some advice on a couple of things for a Muramasa cosplay that I'm planning to do next month.

What would be best to use for the belt straps around the thighs? Should I just try using small-sized belts that fit around the circumference of my thighs?

For the white sash around the waist in particular, I've been eyeing something like this, https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Ribbon-Formal-Wedding-Dress/dp/B01HCT3BLQ/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=satin%2Bsash%2Bbelt&qid=1555642660&s=gateway&sr=8-4&th=1, however it measures to be around 90'' long, though I can just trim it to a more managable size. Also curious, is the way the sash is tied just called a bow or is it called something else?
File: IMG_1294.jpg (26 KB, 507x326)
26 KB
My convention is in 10 days and I need to make these things for a pair of wings. The rest of the wings are done but I have no idea what to make these out of or how to do them. I tried layering Eva foam and belt sanding it but it didn't work. Any suggestions? They're about 6 inches tall and 8.5 inches long
Out of curiosity, does "Lolita" go into different time periods? Like for example are there outfits from the XVII century that get mixed with Victorian Era stuff?
Has anyone ever gotten shit from TSA for traveling with cosplay props? I'm planning on flying into a con in a month and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble to fly with some of my props. Especially since the TSA at the airport near me is always on some sort of power trip and will give anyone a hard time.
I had a foam katana (2b sword about 3.5 feet long) and they made me check it because it looked too real, even though it was in a bag. Depends on how large it is / how real it looks.
Wow anon, that is exactly what I'm worried about -- a 2b katana. I may end up shipping it to a friend then.

Thank you!
Foam clay? Craft stores may have it in the kids' section if not with the regular clays.

Thanks so much anon!! I'm still sort of a beginner so this is all super helpful!!
Have any of you used Jacquard iDye Poly dye before? I just used some to dye a wig and even though I rinsed it for several minutes it still stinks horribly. I'm letting it dry currently and I'll try washing it with some nice smelling fabric softener later but I'd appreciate any other tips on getting rid of the smell.
File: Gunbuster.jpg (90 KB, 600x900)
90 KB
So, I've got a Gunbuster costume mostly planned out, but there is one sticking point for it that is keeping me from pulling the trigger on starting it built it.

Specifically, I have no fucking idea how I am supposed to get through doors with those massive things on my shoulders. Especially if everything goes according to plan and in-costume I'm about 7-8 ft tall, but even without platforms and such those shoulders are ridiculous.

I imagine that other big costumes or things with wings have a similar problem. What can I do to make getting through doors not require breaking down my costume or having a team of people follow me around as a pit crew?
I've made a couple of large wings before and the only solution I've found so far is to make my wings easy to assemble and reassemble when needed so that I can wear them for photoshoots and then take them off while walking around. This means lots of snap buttons and velcro.
I'd suggest looking for videos of cosplayers assembling their armor or showing how their armor is attached, KamuiCosplay is one I know of.
Hey, I was wondering if any of you could help me. So I’m trying to make Mista’s hat, but I don’t want to lose the tightness of a beanie with the open front, is there another type of hat that would be better to base it off of? Also, any advice on how to make the middle bit a solid arrow and not a flopping dick on my forehead? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
I'm happy I could help :-)
If you're planning on making it, use pleather with a heavy duty needle, velcro, and Kamui Cosplay's tutorial. Or you could add texture to some foam and do it that way. You could even upcycle a purse by using the crossbody strap as the thigh strap and the purse for the pouch.

It shouldn't be too hard to buy online, but it will be expensive.
How about wire and expanding foam?
>Also, any advice on how to make the middle bit a solid arrow and not a flopping dick on my forehead?
Add interfacing

As for the hat, the pattern reminds me of those floppy hats that trappers, aviators, etc. wear. You could find a pattern to use that way. If you're trying to alter an existing hat though, I don't have an answer for you.
I cut the eye hole on my Spider-Man suit too far on my left side and need help
I tried sewing, but it only worked for the right side and stretches out on the left when I put on the suit.
I’m thinking about patching the faceshell (inside black) with a fabric, but don’t know how to print the texture onto it myself
What should I do?
I had planned on making one from scratch, thanks so much for the advice! I’ll definitely try that instead, it seems much better than the route I was going’s for; thanks again, I really appreciate it!
File: 436882-maya_portray.jpg (20 KB, 384x640)
20 KB
Maya anon back again. For Maya's wig, what would be my best bet for the little bun in the back? Would it be as easy as pulling up some of the fibers in the back to form the little bun or would it be better to approach it a different way?
File: RNHE41-77.png (1.62 MB, 1488x920)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Redbubble print on pink shirts, what sites do you guys recommend to look at instead? It's for Travis Touchdown's shirt
Buy a clip-on ponytail/extension and cut/style it to the proper size. Since wefts open downwards in long wigs it makes drawing up hair stupid hard. The only other way I can think of would be sewing in extra weft segments on the back facing upwards.
File: 717-BLJmYeL._SX425_.jpg (36 KB, 425x284)
36 KB
Any tips/what to expect for a first time cosplayer? Doing a free! cosplay with some buds at a con and would appreciate tips on how to make it look better as well please!
Glad I could be of assistance. Good luck, anon!
There's a 1,001 tips I could give you, but the most helpful tip that you can ever use is: do your research. You need to know how to research well in every aspect of the cosplay process and to understand convention conduct. Stockpile resources (like cosplaytutorial.com!). Utilize youtube for the fantastic resource that it is! Cross-reference tips/tutorials, sellers, items, etc. You don't need a tutorial tailored to your specific costume or circumstance in order for it to be helpful.

I can't stress youtube enough. There's HOURS worth of content on their answering your question for first time cosplayers by several different experienced cosplayers. Learn it, love it, live it.

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