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So my helmet is ready for my temerian mercenary and monster hunter. He´s based on the Witcher background, the Artist is a german tattoo Artist named Paul Mikotet. The picture shows the front side. Does anyone do here Witcher Larp?
The fight shows a Nilfgaard soldier that gets stabs from a temerian one.
It will get a dirt makeover to fit the setting.
Whats your opinion of it?
Bro (sis?) it's gorgeous!!!
Is it a painted metal helm or like EVA one?
And where is that Witcher LARP? Ee only had one gere, but it was way before the third game came out and I didn't know shit about its world by then so I just played some edgy Elf.
It´s in germany, it´s a metal helm. Just steel feels right on me.
I just played the first one and read some books, but the genre is so appelaing for me that I could not resist to start a character in it.
The paint that was yoused for it is asian-Shellac-Slag oil colour. It came very near to the original paints for the historical ones. The helm will be coated in the end.
Damn. I usually would come to tell you not to make your own thread but this helmet is so unbelievably gorgeous, you actually deserve it. Fantastic work OP.
stealing he crown healmet idea
Fucking hell OP, I nearly missed this thread. Please post awesome stuff like this in the larp thread please!
File: IMG_20190427_230444.jpg (2.44 MB, 4000x2250)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
I would love to do a Warhammer fantasy or a dark souls cosplay with my actual kit, but where to ? In ren-fair, they will only register that as larping, and a full metal armor isn't really welcome in a convention. great sallet thought.
Oooooohh shit

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