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First time /cgl/ poster here, so sorry if there is already a thread for this I'm missing.

I need some help finding something for a costume, I was thinking of making a Harry Warden costume, the bad guy from My Bloody Valentine, as was wondering if any of you knew what kind of gasmask the guy wears (pic related) and where to get one.

I know it's a bit early for Halloween, but it's never too early to start planning really. Maybe this could be used as a general Halloween thread, besides answering my question, so it's not a totally wasted thread.
sorry can't help you with that. But can you tell where to find working gas masks ? The big canister never seems to be functional
Working as in they will protect you from hazards or working as in they are easy to breath through?

You can find new NATO standard (and surprisingly Russia complies with this standard, I think it's for international aid reasons or something) 40mm screws for masks and filters, from most surplus stores, or hardware stores sell them too if you just want dust protection, or some industrial use filters.
Ebay and Etsy are also surprisingly not bad places to look, reputable sellers will list the year the filter is manufactured in and if it has been opened or not, and other such important details.

They're going to be hard to breath through out of the nature of being filters, you have to breath through the filter material, it will never feel like you're just breathing normal air, the airflow has to be restricted.
If you want one that is easier to breath through just for cosplay purposes I'd reccomend just gutting a filter out of all it's actual filter parts so you just have the metal shell and nothing to restrict your breathing any further than that.

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