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How do you feel about convention tea parties?

How much are you willing to pay additional to attend, and how do convention guests factor into that?
What about them makes you want to attend them or avoid them?
Personally avoid since they're so common and tired to me at this point. They're just kinda boring to begin with.
I’ll usually attend if there’s a set J fashion dress code, otherwise the ticket buyers are creeps or cosplayers just looking for something to do at con.
I'll be honest it depends on the guests, how far, what friends are going, and the prizes...

My max is 60 dollars, because you already have to pay so much for a convention ticket, usually. Guests matter since depending on who goes, means the con will also have things in the dealers room, and they usually contribute a prize.

I limit myself to one a year though, because its pretty pricey and the food/decorations are always sad.

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