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>Started after animethon 2018 (august)
>one of the most expensive venues in edmonton
>last minute change to Edmonton Inn & Conference centre

Just look at this guest list
They must have pulled this all together in 4-5 months.
This is a scam isn't it.
File: 64QbZwUZ_400x400.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
Wrong image lol
so, was it a scam?
Dodged it because it smelt like shit with a hint of scam.

Did anybody actually go to this shitshow?
Heard there was like 13 people in attendance but ladybeard did show up
I went today. Felt like a ghost town compared to even the first AToA at the same venue.

Very few staff members and volunteers. Two panels rooms and one main event room with half the events changed completely or canceled entirely. Panelists were given no info on anything minus the time their panels are. Most people attending seem to be ghosting or loitering with friends in halls. There isn’t much to do.

The artist alley / vendors is actually decent and it is a good venue. Ladybeard is great. Not as horrible as anticipated but still a disorganized mess.
I wonder if attendance would have been different if there wasn't that shit show with the VERY last venue change and how it was handled. A few people in the comments section wanted to drop out b/c of it so

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