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/cgl/, how do you display art prints, buttons, plushies, etc. that you purchase from conventions or other places? Do you display art prints in frames or tape them like posters as is on your walls? Do you have shelving just for your plushies or do you scatter them around your room? Post your own setups or ideas here!
Here’s mine to get us started:
For prints, I like to buy the cheap plastic/glass frames from Walmart (I think they’re Mainstays brand?) for my 11x17 prints to display around my apartment. However I’m currently looking for similar styles of framing for my different sized prints.

I also like to collect business cards from artists and vendors that I purchased from or otherwise like their style/wares. I keep their business cards in a business card holder like pic related; however I currently don’t have a great solution for irregular sized/shaped business cards with this.

I’m starting an ita bag for charms and similar collectibles for some of my con haul items, but for the rest I plan on getting a cork board soon that I want to cover in fabric and mount and display the rest of my buttons/charms on.

I also like to collect stickers from artist alleys and cover my tablet case with them.

As for plushies, I have a shelf in my closet overflowing with them, but it’s currently at capacity and I’ll need to start looking into other storage options if I want to get more.
Prints get taped to my wall like posters (until I'm no longer in love with the style/content, at which point they get banished to a plastic sleeve). Otherwise, I don't usually spend more than $10-20 in the AA per con, if at all.

I bought my a keychain/charm and really like the laser-engraved wood design, but realized that I don't know where to put it so that it gets maximum utility / chance to be shown off. Keys get too much damage, I switch out handbags too often, and I don't have a phone/DS/handheld electronic that can hold a charm.
I've seen people pin them to cork boards along a decorative string. With careful placement, it makes a nice wall piece
i have a postcard album from daiso that i put postcard sized prints in, i don't usually buy prints bigger than that. i have a special box that i put pins in, and sometimes i put a couple pins on my bags. not in an itabag way, just making a normal bag less boring. similar deal with keychains. i used to put stickers on the outside of my laptop like everyone and their dog does, until i ran out of space. now i put them on my set of ikea draws. i have a file for doujins/zines and flip through it sometimes. i love doujins more than any other kind of paper media because they come from the heart and the fact that they're limited run makes them feel special.
My boyfriend and I use poster stickies to avoid having any adhesive on the pictures themselves. We have some smaller commissions in frames, but most are odd sizes, so I've taken to scrapbooking them lately.
Most of my prints are framed (ofc Walmart). Otherwise, the other prints are stored in one of those large portfolio folders or in a tube.

It kinda sucks that some of the posters I want to frame are sized as B2. So I'm either going to get them matted or find a custom frame.
File: IMG_20151028_225014.jpg (2.33 MB, 3120x4160)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
I frame my (official) prints with IKEA frames.
I don't buy artist ones unless I super-like them. When I do, they usually live in a plastic sleeve.
File: 20190112_202147.jpg (2.22 MB, 4032x2268)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Cheap frames and my most artistic looking prints go in the living room. All my self-indulgent fandom prints are in my sewing room. (ALTHOUGH I have a Devilman print in the dining room and I still have to frame the Witcher print I got my bf for the living room) They're taped up in there, but I'm looking to get frames when I move. Bit of advice: stickytac. Tape fucks up the back when you move.

I have some figures and key chains, those go on my walls in the sewing room as well.

This is a cropped pic of my living room wall, I will definitely have more on the walls after Katsucon.
Cut white or black cardstock to match the closest size frame, then put the print in the center.
I put prints in artist portfolios. I prefer the kind that lets me add additional pages.
The best commissions get framed on my wall. The other ones just get stored in a folder for now, want to get a portfolio for them
I've installed wall mounted book shelves on almost every wall in my room. The top shelves that are hard to reach are dedicated to my figures/plushies/art. I have the figures in front, with the art behind them in cheap frames and the plushies are on their own shelf. Installing the last of the shelving today and am going to put up rope lights so everything is more visible
If you line these up by the center they will look way better, so move the worm one up a little bit

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