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File: 20181205_091114-1.jpg (593 KB, 757x1210)
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I saw this dude at my college cosplay Goblin Slayer I'm wondering if anyone else has seen some shut like this?
Saw a Haikyuu (?) cosplayer with a bright orange wig and a typical kpop fan walking near my local mall. I was in the bus so I didn't have the chance to take a pic, but the kpop fan was holding a sign saying something like "taking pics without asking is rude" anyway, lmao.
I've seen Attack on Titan cosplay at malls worn by teenagers a few years back but other than that I've only seen furries in ethier full fursuit or those fox ears and tail things walking around.
going to the mall in cosplay was a middle school cosplay staple. I've gone with a lot of my friends and I've seen other people go too, a lot of people in anime cosplays around halloween. I saw some free! cosplayers at the park when pokemon go! was big and a group of japanese exchange students came up and asked them for a pic lol. You also see a lot of people cosplaying at walmart/resteraunts etc when a con is happening nearby.

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