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File: iwishilivedinsweden.png (44 KB, 809x299)
44 KB
For comic conventions, lolita parties, nerd events, questions about shops and all things European.
is there a comm in Lisboa-Portugal? how are people like there?
favourite alternative shops in Europe?
File: TPinMilan.jpg (35 KB, 516x343)
35 KB
Is anyone here attending the TP in Milan? I want to go but know nothing about the organizer.

Not enough money otherwise I'd go. I don't know anything about the organizer either but the location looks pretty and Milan is a wonderful city
yeah there is, both cosplay and lolita

its fine but as you dig deeper it gets really shady
Milan is lovely and its definitely great to see more events in Italy. I remember a few years back nobody really seemed to know much about the community there.
Italian here, there basically is no community... I think I know ~ 10 people who wear it regularly, most likely there are less than 30 in the whole country. The few I know of are very cute tho.
can you send me a link to an online group or something?
idk exactly what you're looking for, but if you facebook search cosplay portugal or egl portugal, you easily find groups you can join, there you can find info about cons and meet ups.
mfw in my town/country we are 6 lolitas but we still consider ourselves a community
any austrians here? i'm a viennese lonelita but i'd like to meet some other lolitas. I know there's a facebook group, but i don't do facebook so idk how to get in touch really.
You should definitely do facebook. It may not be your style, but most communities have migrated there, it is kind of unavoidable.

I purchased a VIP ticket. I think more people that were unable to get a ticket for Traumerei flooded this tea party, because it was pretty chill before and then suddenly BAM all these international lolitas started commenting, right after Sunday
Thanks Anon <3
It’s like 6 ppl who say they wanted a ticket that isn’t many, and they are all
Cant wait for next years Leipziger Buchmesse. First time cosplaying there.
Wouldnt really call it cosplaying, im just wearing the Stuff im wearing at middle age markets and festivals there, except im swapping my full combat swords for larp ones. stupid "security reasons"
List next Year
Japan Expo (paris)
Made in Asia
Dutch Comic Con
and a some smaller local cons.
Any tips for more cons in Europe?
Preferably with some sleeping places near the cons.
definitly Anime-Manga-Con on the Leipzig Buchmesse germany.
Desucon in Finland is great, but they have very little programming in English.
Desucon is trying to set up a more international event. Definitely recommend to keep eyes on it.
Jfashion or alternative in general?
For jfash id suggest dreamy bows

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