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Here's the long/short of it:
>last year biology major (Ecology/Evolution) at a Cal State school (SJSU to be precise)
>3.2 GPA
>work as a lab assistant for a professor, helping him fix 3D MicroCT images of ant heads for use in research
>no internships/jobs set up
>considering grad school or just learn2codemaxxing at this point (leaning on the latter bc. I joined the CS club and its mentorship program to learn about what jobs and skills I can get w/ programming/other related clubs there and am trying to network with people in those clubs, COVID fucked me up but also woke me up to just how predatory the college system is in this country)
Where do I go from here? Please help me bros, there has to be a way out of this rut I put myself in

>inb4 learn2code is dead, GPA is shit, you're fucked, etc.
Serious answers, please
medical school fuckin retard, or pharmacy, PT/OT or some other jobber therapist if you don't mind making 80k a year.
Are you physically fit?
Do you pass the eye test?
Charismatic in the slightest?
Some level of ambition?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you can go anywhere.
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you are supposed to ask your professor for advice. he will make a phone call and hook you up with his network like a bro
There are a number of biomed programming jobs you could probably get. I've seen them while job searching sometimes and they list substantial bio knowledge as a requirement. You'll have to grind comp sci if it's not your minor, though. They'll want some experience in some way (try open source project contribution)
Go work at a spinach farm. When I got my bachelor's degree I considered dropping my doctoral program to work on a spinach farm testing for vitamins. ~22$/hr and you get spinach.
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>"yep spinach still has vitamins"
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Switch majors to engineering or business and pull a 5rd-6th year(s). If you are not doing medical school, pharmacy, or other healthcare drone profession or are not a career student, this path only leads to misery and poverty
>Chem and Biochem from a UC school in 2019 with a 3.1 GPA with ample research experience.
I deliverd tech-99 MRI isotopes to the U of M medical hospital in Minnesota.

Luckily, I'm good looking and have gotten in with the freshmen women there. I got wind one of them is starting ageless research startup and I now work with them. We have sex, in the offices, whenever we want. Got one pregnant by mistake.

Did I make it or do alright? Nah. I'm just a sex addicted retard.

You gotta keep your ears open for better stuff man. My low IQ brain did okay for the most part. If you're asking biz, this means you're probably too stupid to take risks or advance obvious good opportunities.
Biology? Pharma sales
Devote your life to Christ and the glory of God
dude you are a fucking BIO MAJOR
why the FUCK are you not finishing your medical path?
You are literally on your way to money and you want to....switch?
This is a serious answer, you're clearly smart but not right now, stop being retarded
I can tell you now that bio majors don't make much money in their field except medical
No one is happy in the medical field. It's misery 24/7.
Accepting that most posts on /biz/ about having a biology degree and making 300k as a quantum geneticist or whatever larps are fake and you will probably top out around 60k without a major promotion to lab boss guy.

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