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Whatifalthist tries to tip a toe into /biz/ while an honest anon tries to shill it.

And the answer is No. no it almost certainly isn't doomed in any near term unless you call rocking the stock market to be synonomous with doom. No value depreciation compared to other currencies isn't doom either.

most softball topic any armchair geostrategist can talk about, plus all he does is refer back to zeihan eventually
all fiats are doomed
The devaluing of the dollar is such a sad forum poster subject. It's like NFT hype for world conspiracy amateurs. The dollar isn't strong because every other country sucks so hard they can't even trade in their own currency nor "stronger than it would be" because they must do this. And if somebody else takes over their GDP won't suddenly multiply by a thousand. It's all just nonsense for people who probably didn't go to college and definitely didn't go for finance. The problem with learning everything you know from Youtube and Reddit is that you can acquire thousands of facts, but you never acquire basic literacy in the field you're interested in to actually understand those facts' meaning. Wealth is created through work and products, there's no ****ing get rich quick stonks schemes that work for nations.
Agreed. It sounds like Russian propaganda to me. Like Pravda tier bullshit.
Life is strange isn't it?

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