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>bed by 9pm
>wake up at 4am to a blaring alarm
>groggily force myself out of bed to be the first to shower in my building waiting 30 mins for the water to warm up
>its a frigid new england morning and im taking a cold shower because not enough time for it to really warm up
>try to take a quick dump but gotta go
>throw on my full polyester outfit
>swing by the dunkin, phew its getting hotter now already a sweltering 85F and humid
>pay 10000% markup on my coffee delight with complimentary spit and my goyslop donut
>drive to work, missed the pre traffick rush, waiting at every light, waiting to exit onto the highway, waiting where the highways split, oh theres an accident today 20 extra mins
>the ac is the only thing on the car that doesnt work, the polyester briefs hugging my nuts getting a good dampening pre work going, no time to shower again, take out a stick of my ultra healthy lithium grade deodorant stick and rub it all over
>work starts, 10 mins late, boss needs to have a talk again
>office is slightly too warm because women prefer 71 over 68
>sweat my polyester dick off all day, make several excuses to go to the fridge room but not enough, oh now put on a lab coat too anon need that protective wool layer over your polyester layer
>work an extra 2 hours because late 15 mins, dont put in overtime heh im sure people will notice
>now sit in 2 hours of traffic to get home from 5-7
>eat goyslop mcdonalds again
>never workout, just browse reddit that night and check my investments as they crash
>bed by 9
Just buy ICP and be done with it
What if you invested wisely instead of throwing your money at highly volatile speculation instruments?
He would still be down given the current state of the market. Anon needs a lifestyle change judging from his routine of eating goyslop
>order the goyslop McDonald's off uber eats
>the protective tape is ripped open
>get to eat after the disgusting ape hands that touched all my food
>its cold and rubbery
>turn on nikacado and cry along
>He would still be down given the current state of the market
Only if he bought in very recently, the S&P 500 is at 2020 levels right now. Operating on sub-year timeframes is trading, not investing.
I didn't read your gay blog post but I think I got the gist. Here's mine
>wife wakes me up at 6am
>go wake up my son who's ecstatic to see me every morning
>have the usual breakfast of 3 eggs and fruit
>drive to my construction inspection job while listening to news and drinking some delicious coffee the wife made.
>another beautiful day in sunny southern California
>start "work" (I'm really just gonna shoot the shit with some foreman for an hour and browse /biz/ before i go home)
>get home by lunchtime, fill out my daily timesheet for 8 hours of prevailing wage (thats 70 dollars an hour for you office drones)and put my son down for naptime.
>check my long/short position I made yesterday and close it for 500 to 1k usd
>hangout with the wife, son and new baby
>fuck the wife

I'm not financially free yet but I've basically made it bros
I kinda hate that globohomo is pushing the cold shower narrative to try to artificially crush demand instead of actually meeting all of their clients' needs and encouraging prosperity.

But cold water dips are actually very good for the psyche. I like jumping in the lake but am scared to do it the winter
Give a poor brother something to short boss
Refuse to eat, open ticket with uber, replacement goyslop comp'd, get the nigger fired.
I've unironically had most of my success on btc the past few weeks. All hail the crab.
>10x long at ~18.5k, close around high 19s
>10x short around 20k, close in mid 18s
I have a feeling it's not going to last much longer though
Interesting thanks
Good luck anon. Biggest thing for me was not getting greedy and trying to take small profits when they were available.

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