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File: rentoid scum.jpg (86 KB, 700x552)
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Post rentoid seething, eviction stories, rising Zestimates, ways to keep deposits, and plans for expanding your real estate empire.

>How to Use a Home Equity Loan (HELOC) to Buy Another House

>How to Buy a House With Crypto

>Buying a Foreclosed Home

>Buy a house at auction

>10 quotes of inspiration for aspirational landlords

>Installing Security Cameras On Your Rental Property

>The National Tenant Reporting Company
>Easy, online access to our bad tenant database; Unlimited bad tenant searches

>Six Types of Problem Tenants – and How to Deal With Them

>How To Evict A Tenant Quickly

>Landlord's Guide to Evicting Tenants & The Eviction Process

>10 Security Deposit Tips, Tricks, & Hacks for Landlords

>How to Successfully Rent Your House: A Step-by-Step Guide



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File: landlords.jpg (186 KB, 1024x762)
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186 KB JPG
holy based
fuck rentcucks
File: LANDLORD.jpg (97 KB, 800x600)
97 KB
based fuck rentoids
finally inheriting my familial gibs next year. should I buy multis, SFRs, a mix of both or wait for market to dump?
File: chair.jpg (2.31 MB, 1920x2560)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB JPG
mfw rentoid could not pay me the rent but had enough to afford a gaming chair for his retarded kid
will sell it on ebay while my lawyer is evicting the lazy nigger keep strong landbros
I really really like this image anon, mind if I save it?

Wait, let me make an NFT out of it and I'll rent it to you
Section 8 is guaranteed profit as long as you know how to follow their guidelines.
File: 1655844029835.png (265 KB, 721x419)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>live in someone elses house
>call them the parasite
rentoids never learn
File: nimby.jpg (196 KB, 500x1124)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>and provided the housing is for long term residents
this one's valid
Neighborhood my residence is in:
Neighborhood I own land and property in (miles away):
no it isn't you fool
>how to destroy an economy general
I agree.
Laws that hurt landlords destroy economy and destroy housing growth.
is this the larp thread?
File: lc.png (1.73 MB, 1732x1732)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
65% of the population owns their own homes
Are you that much of a failure that the idea that someone renting our their property is such a foreign concept to you?
based general
Did a surprise inspection on my rentoid at 2am and found this drug. I have a zero tolerance policy for junkies and now he is rolling around on the ground screaming that he “needs” it. Addiction is a disgusting thing. He will be evicted first thing in the morning.
when will rentoids learn?
Based and checked

I’ve been training my son how to deal with rentoids who withhold the monthly tip (plus GST). I hope he too can become an amazing landchad someday.
Very impressive swing technique and blade control. We will watch your sons career with great interest!
File: 1634528446714.png (158 KB, 541x506)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Built a restaurant on my grandma's old property and I'm renting it out to a restaurant owner. $5000 rent. The building is in a very trendy college town. Thank God for inheritance.
You were given an opportunity and made the most of it, I salute you king!
Unironically the left one is an *essential* worker aka society would die without them while the right is a leech. You also have the order mixed up.
You are going to hell when you die. Rightfully so
it's called a monopoly, nigger
that's not even remotely what a monopoly is
holy fuck you people are ungodly retarded

If I owned ALL of the houses, yes that would be a monopoly, if I owned ONE fucking house in a sea of houses and rented that house out, it isn't a monopoly.
Without the incentive to charge rent, the capital to build rental units wouldn't exist and housing would be even more expensive than it currently is.
File: 16334496.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
>ultimate champion chad
how are you lcg chads holding up
Yes it is, nigger. Homes have been concentrated to the hands of a few and they hold power of pricing. People are priced out now. Real estate being a speculative asset to begin with in inherently jewish and scammy. It's literally the number one cause of poverty.
Ah yes, how would society function without Baristas, retail employees and fast food customer service. Some of these jobs are already being replaced as we speak. I’m from Australia and we have a major supermarket named Aldi here. The ENTIRE store is run by like 4-5 employees only. There’s no self checkouts so people can’t steal stuff and they’re running absolutely fine. That’s not to say it’s not NICE to have baristas, retail workers, etc to help you when needed, but I highly doubt society would go Mad Max if they all up and quit their jobs.
also pic related, retard. It's not just one single entity holding an asset. It can be a group/organization. Retard
>retail employees
They are literally objectively empirically considered essential workers unlike landlord leeches. The other two are strawman arguments.
Imagine thinking landlords are essential for society to function LMFAO
The greatest way to make income is to start or buy any business.
The move it into CRE you own and rent it off yourself.
Even if the business makes no profit you collect money through the trust that owns the property.
>I cause poverty so I am somehow a benefit to society
Landlords are fucking delusional retards LMFAO
>Yes it is, nigger.
I already explained how it isn't. You're basically just seething at reality and the definition of words at this point.

>Homes have been concentrated to the hands of a few
65% of the population is home owners
companies like blackrock own approx 0.01% of rental properties

>People are priced out now.
This has absolutely nothing to do with landlords and everything to do with left wing policies like zoning, regulations and most importantly central banking printing money and creating a massive property bubble.
But you're a fucking retard and are going to blame landlords for the problems government created and then you're going to beg the government to make things much worse.
Fucking moron.

Also, why weren't there massive housing bubbles before this recent era of artificially low interest rates from the fed? REALLY makes you think.
>It can be a group/organization.
Sure. But it's still not a fucking monopoly lmao
Also, something like 75% of landlords only own one rental property.

>creating housing from literally nothing and allowing people to live in it is not a benefit to society
I bet you work at starbucks
Cool story, unfortunately, rent is due.
Unfathomably based response. Shut that rentoid down.
File: mises.gif (288 KB, 220x208)
288 KB
288 KB GIF
Thanks, king.
ive started a mlm scheme for my rentoids, if they bring me 5 more rentoids, I convert their rent payment into a mortgage payment so they can become land chads

i am a merciful king
>I already explained how it isn't
Ya and I already btfod you. With a pic even, you stupid bitch. Dense mother fucker, kek
2. Not an argument. still priced out. People are overleveraged up the ass
3. Yes it does. You contribute to the poverty. You increase rent even during these times just because you can
>something like 75% of landlords only own one rental property.
Nigger. Monopolies aren't exclusive to just one entity holding the whole asset class. Reread the pic
I literally gaped his asshole, coper. I guess being illiterate and playing stupid is "winning" now LMFAO
>I'm not a leech!
>no, I don't work
>yes I live off of welfare aka from rentoids, b-but I swear I'm not a leech!
>I contribute to poverty, b-but I am a benefit to society for that.. somehow!
File: 1659026505054279.png (238 KB, 1612x1198)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Sick frame of mind you rentoids have, you don't even realize your ideoloogical and emotional resemblance to the worst mass murderers in history. And niggers.
>Ya and I already btfod you.
No you fucking you fucking moron HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Are you serious right now? Just take the L.
A single landlord owning a single rental unit is not a fucking monopolist.
They only own about 0.01% of all rental units in the country and even if they owned far more than this, it STILL wouldn't be a monopoly.
A monopoly literally means ONE provider and nobody else. Rental units are nowhere close to that. They aren't even close to being an oligopoly. In fact it's one of the most competitive markets in the fucking economy you absolute brainlet. Just kill yourself immediately.

>With a pic even
>organization or group
KEK and I already explained how this is dead wrong. Unless you're actually dumb enough to imply that all landlords, being a group monopolize housing, if you're actually making that argument then FUCKING LMAO you're actually dumber than a rock.
That's like saying all farmers monopolize food production. That statement doesn't even make sense. It's as useful as saying "english speakers monopolize the english language."

2. Not an argument.
Of course it is, you just can't refute it.
>still priced out.
You're price out because you're a fucking loser with no impulse control.
I already explained why housing prices have skyrocketed and it clearly has nothing to do with landlords and everything to do with government intervention. It's almost as if you print a trillion dollars and inject it into the housing market, it creates a massive housing bubble or something. We had landlords in the entire 20th century and none of what you said ever happened. We had the same exact home ownership rate in the 50s/60s/70s/80s and we didn't have this affordability crisis. You have no argument.
>People are overleveraged up the ass
and who gave them the money for the mortgages, retard?

>You contribute to the poverty.
How does BUILDING HOUSING UNITS create poverty? Should we have not built those housing units and you'd be fucking homeless because you'd still get priced out?

>Monopolies aren't exclusive to just one entity holding the whole asset class
Yes, they fucking are LMFAO
That's the literal definition.
You're literally saying "all landlords monopolize landlording" in the same way "all farmers monopolize farming". These are millions of different groups/people with different interests competing with each other in their respective fields. It's the exact opposite of a monopoly.
yeah that's nice and all, but rent's still due :^)

also kek, I bet you think retirees living off dividend stock income is exploitation as well
it's almost as if they had to work previously and invest their money to get passive income or something and not buy funcopops and leftist twitch streamer donations
File: 1618972826820.png (102 KB, 657x527)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Not gonna name any names but someone posting 14 times in a half-meme thread probably has some issues he's working through
Go easy on him guys
Landlord threads typically will have a bunch of politics, economics and arguing back and forth. I just know a lot of shit.
I'm sure you do, sweetie
ok my fellow rentochads. post your best property vandalism p0rn
people donated to their gofundme and they got all of their money back plus a fuckton more

rentoids btfo
Not an argument, leech
I did. Read the pic
2. Nigger. Monopolies don't need ONE organization/group controlling real estate to be considered a monopoly. What a retard
1. Banks? Who gives a fuck? How is that relevant, retard? They are still priced out/over-leveraged.
2. LMFAO retard. You bought property to make passive income off of people that actually work. Stop painting yourself as some saint, you delusional fuck. In truth real estate should be controlled by government. This one is kiked up the ass, but really the only way for real estate to work is if government were in charge of housing creation and had homes priced on material and labor. Problem is you need a competent government free of jewish trash. Current system you defend creates bubbles. Real estate is flipped like a shitcoin pricing people out and landlords profit from this as they can scale rent higher to scale with increasing housing prices which yes, creates mother fucking poverty you dumbass cunt
3. I LITERALLY posted a pic of the definition, but your dumbass single digit IQ brain doesn't know how to read. Real estate is monopolized in the hands of the elite. The elite doesn't have to be in the same fucking "club" to make it a monopoly you retarded fuck
>live in someones house that was built and maintained through their capital and work
>call THEM a parasite
lmao this never gets old

>I did. Read the pic
Are you STILL trying to debate me on this after getting this anally raped?

>Monopolies don't need ONE organization/group controlling real estate
Yes, it literally fucking does. You're confusing it with a cartel.
The home ownership market in the USA is neither a monopoly nor a cartel, nor an oligopoly. You're wrong on every single fucking count.
You're literally saying the millions of landlords competing with each other are a monopoly simply because they are all landlords. This makes no fucking sense whatsoever. They're COMPETING, not cartelizing.

>What a retard
fucking lmao
you're just making me repeat my btfoing of you hahahaha
>1. Banks? Who gives a fuck? How is that relevant, retard?
You're asking how central banks printing trillions of dollars and injecting it into the housing market, creating a massive bubble that prices people out and makes people rent far more is relevant to a discussion on housing rentals?
Fucking lmao

>They are still priced out/over-leveraged.
YES, due to the central bank money printing. Why is this so fucking difficult for you?
It's not the landlords, we had landlords in the past decades with falling rental prices.

>You bought property to make passive income off of people that actually work.
Yes, I WORKED, and saved my money while you CONSUMED, then I bought/build a property which didn't exist before to trade with useless losers like yourself that are too retarded to buy a house.
>Stop painting yourself as some saint,
It's reality.
>In truth real estate should be controlled by government
fucking lmao like the soviet union? You basically want everyone to live in pods. The government already basically controls housing and it's a disaster.
How is this going to solve the problem? We had a functional, affordable housing market in this country before the government fucked it up.
>Problem is you need a competent government free of jewish trash.
Look up the economic calculation problem and get back to me.
>I LITERALLY posted a pic of the definition,
Which you didn't even understand. That definition fits with my explanation lmao

>Real estate is monopolized in the hands of the elite
75% of the rental market is controlled by mom and pop landlords who own one single property
Companies like blackrock control about 0.01% of the market.
You're either lying or stupid.
1. Not an argument
2. You're either retarded or pretending to be retarded to save face
3. No, it fucking doesn't you STUPID fucking idiot
4. Not an argument
>creating a massive bubble that prices people out
What prices people out is the speculative flipping. That's what increases the actual pricing of homes. Flipping homes like a shitcoin. It makes more sense to have prices of homes be based off of material and labor only.
>and makes people rent far more is relevant to a discussion on housing rentals?
Landlords love increases in homes because it allows them to scale up the rent higher, leech
2. Flipping
3. Yes, you got into the ponzi early when homes were affordable. That's nothing special. People have to put in 5x the working hours just to match what you put in. Stop pretending you are some hard worker. You were an average worker that was privileged with market conditions
4. You're a leech. THAT'S reality
5. You're a retard and it's ironic that you mentioned pods since the system you defend is literally leading TO pods in certain countries. Iirc autralia and china are 2 examples. The fucking irony, LOL
6. No. My idea is god tier if you have the right people. problem is people like me are rare as shit and most would become corrupted. Real estate being a speculative asset is quite literally what causes poverty as it prices people out.
7. I did. You didn't. Your dumbass thinks all the hoarders HAVE to be in the same fucking club. Absolutely stupid.
8. Read above
*increases in home prices (obviously not the supply of homes themselves)
File: kek.jpg (8 KB, 179x282)
8 KB
>rentoid doesn't even know how to use the internet
to clarify the last part, it can be thought of like this. Pretend 3% of people control say 50% of x. Say they are split into 3 separate entities for the sake of argument. Power is split by a third, but they all share the same common goal anyways so it's as IF they were all one anyways even if they are not directly in the same "group".
>1. Not an argument
Yes, it was an insult, mocking your shitty reasoning.

>3. No, it fucking doesn't you STUPID fucking idiot
lmfao you're seething bloody rage, you couldn't even refute my points about monopolies
Just admit you lost.

>What prices people out is the speculative flipping.
lmao dude are you intentionally ignoring my argument or are you just too stupid to understand it
I already explained how we had more freedom to do "speculative flipping" in decades prior and yet we had no massive housing bubble back then. CLEARLY something else must be causing the speculation now. Housing prices don't just magically increase in price without something propping them up(like trillions of dollars being injected into the market).
TRY to at least READ my argument, you useless parasite.
>Landlords love increases in homes because it allows them to scale up the rent higher
No shit retard. Farmers want high prices for food. I guess they're parasites causing famine now.
Just because someone wants something doesn't mean it will happen. Without the government's money printing, there would be no housing bubble and prices would be coming down.
It's incredible you're too dumb to understand this.
>you got into the ponzi early when homes were affordable.
So? I was smarter with my money and anticipated a rise in demand.
What if the government wasn't creating these bubbles and prices came DOWN? I would have LOST money, retard. In fact once this shit crashes, many landlords WILL lose money.
>Stop pretending you are some hard worker.
I am and you can keep crying.
>You're a leech.
You're a leech lmao. You're the literal definition of a leech.
>pods since the system you defend
This is literally what you leftists desire, it's the end goal of the endless zoning laws, central banking and regulations you desire.
Landlords and home builders are trying to make bigger houses for people, they get more money when houses are bigger.
Whenever the government monopolized housing(which is what you want) people literally lived in fucking commieblock pods.
>The fucking irony, LOL
There is no irony, it's YOUR system.
>My idea is god tier
How are cramped commieblocks god tier? This system literally failed every single fucking time hahahahaha
>the right people.
This has been said a million times by gullible teens.
>Your dumbass thinks all the hoarders HAVE to be in the same fucking club.
You said "MONOPOLIES" not "hoarders" you disingenuous retard. Just fucking kill yourself.
You're simply wrong on monopolies and are going through mental gymnastics to try to save face.
So "hoarding" is the bad thing now? So farmers that hoard the food they produce is a bad thing as well?
You're just a fucking communist. Kill yourself manchild.

>Pretend 3% of people control say 50% of x.
Sure. But I already explained like 5 times already that this isn't how the housing market in USA works whatsoever. So you're just coping.
>all share the same common goal anyways
They're literally all competing with each other. Why is this so complicated for you to understand.
Anyone who wants to buy a new rental property competes with other would be landlords and house owners.
You're simply wrong.
1. Wrong: >>50765597
2. Read above
3. No, I'm not. You blame banks. With my solution, no issues would exist in the first place in terms of housing prices because it wouldn't be a speculative market anymore. Flipping is literally what causes bubbles to form. What do you mean "causing the speculation now"? It's in the fucking nature of the real estate market to be speculative.
4. No. You got in early. That's the same. It's like people that bought btc early vs now while person x had a job and person y couldn't buy in the same time because they were in high school or some shit. Speculative assets are about getting in early or at the lows.
5. No. Farmers actually produce food. You don't produce shit, dumbass.
>b-but I produce demand!
Read above. Way above.
6. You're not, leech :)
File: lmaoooo.jpg (346 KB, 1300x1300)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Rentoid seethe legit makes my dick so hard.

Their fantasies will NEVER come to fruition and they will continue seething, working ungodly hours, barely sleeping, their hopes and dreams shattered, paying ME rent while I enjoy my comfy stress-free life.
I feel bad for rent friends
Not an argument, leech
File: housing.png (304 KB, 893x713)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
>2. Read above
Not an argument nigger. You made me repeat my flawless arguments like 5 fucking times. If you can't actually articulate your points then you lose, parasite.
>You blame banks.
I blame central banks which are part of government.
>With my solution, no issues would exist
Fucking kek.
That's like saying "if we kill all humans, we wouldn't even NEED to farm, my solution requires no farming :)"
>it wouldn't be a speculative market anymore.
Speculation in the market would be far less than it is today in my system. My system worked great in the past with prices coming down constantly.
Your system has a track record of people living in cramped, dilapidated commieblock pods and STILL having shit living standards.
>Flipping is literally what causes bubbles to form.
lmfao then where does the money come from for people to pay the higher prices? it gets printed, dipshit.
Why have housing prices fallen historically? Care to explain this?
>What do you mean "causing the speculation now"?
In most of the 20th century housing prices either fell or remained stagnant. It's only in this era of extreme central bank stimulus that we have these bubbles.
>It's the fucking nature of the real estate market
I already explained how it isn't.
Read a history book. pic related
>You got in early.
Yes. I was smart. If bought it only for the rental income though, not to sell it later. If we had a free market without this speculation, I would still have a decent income from the rental and I would have benefitted society by increasing the housing stock.
>Farmers actually produce food
Landlords actually produce housing by investing in new units. Approx. 30% of the housing stock in the USA wouldn't have been built without landlord capital. You would be forced to buy a house even if you weren't ready and didn't have the money. The prices would be insanely high due to the smaller stock.
>6. You're not, leech
You live in someone elses house and call them a leech lol
Parasite :^)
It's not. It's just a statement of how I feel.
It makes me so happy and makes me laugh really hard lmao
Ya and I feel like you're a welfare queen. Just stating my feelings too, leech :)
>Ya and I feel like you're a welfare queen.
meanwhile a large amount of the rentoids renting from landlords are literally on welfare lmfao
you think this bothers me? parasite :^)
Multifamily for cash flow. The value add is increasing rents so try to get vacant units.
1. Learn to read. I repeated myself too. Not my fault you're retarded
2. Central banks aren't a part of government. lmao. Lol even.
3. No? What the fuck? Pricing homes on material and labor would work. Problem os baby boomer fucks can't do their jobs so they'll always find a way to fuck it up
4. No, retard. Real estate's whole economy is TO speculate on it. Fucking hell, you're an idiot. "It would be less!". No, retard. After crashes what does it do? Trades up until another crash just to do it all over again.
>where does the money come from for people to pay the higher prices?
>it gets printed
What the fuck are you talking about? Money printed doesn't go to average joes. People are buying homes because they want a home, but problem is their pay doesn't keep up with the ever i creasing pricing. You're an imbecile.
6. Dumbass. Pic related. Also AGAIN the system you defend is LITERALLY in REAL TIME having people rent fucking pods. People are losing more and more leverage as tome goes on forcing them into pods. Moron. This last part should be in point 4, but fuck it
7. It is, you fucking retard. People flip homes because it's profitable. It's in the fucking nature of the fucking market.
8. Reread what I said, retard. You weren't smart. You were lucky. If I had bought btc at a penny and became a multi millionaire, that would be luck. Not me being "smart"
9. I already addressed a superior solution to having real estate creation be based on the current system
10. You live off of workers like a welfare queen. Lol parasite :^)
1. Ya, and that's thanks to you :). Landlords create poverty = people need welfare to make up for the greed.
2. Yes, it probably gets under your skin, parasite :^)

>Learn to read.
You learn to read. I repeated myself 10 times and you just ignored or misinterpreted it.
>Central banks aren't a part of government.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Holy shit you have no idea how ANYTHING works. You don't even bother to look up basic facts about reality. Central banks are created and controlled by government.
>Pricing homes on material and labor would work.
Why was it a massive failure in the ussr? People don't want to live in your commiepods.
>Real estate's whole economy is TO speculate on it.
It is speculative now but wasn't speculative before.
Why are you ignoring this? You're just being dishonest.
>"It would be less!". No, retard.
We have historical records and you're just ignoring them lmfao
>After crashes what does it do?
It would stay down and wouldn't be speculative anymore, unless the government started inflating the money supply again and creating another bubble.
>What the fuck are you talking about?
lmfao you don't know basic facts about how our economy works and you're confused
>Money printed doesn't go to average joes.
Anytime someone buys a house, the money to lend them for their mortgage it literally printed out of thin air.
>but problem is their pay doesn't keep up with the ever i creasing pricing
Yes. Due to everything I fucking said.
>Pic related.
>the system you defend
Why do you keep lying? I keep telling you I am against this central banking housing bubble.
>having people rent fucking pods
Why is average housing space increasing over time? Why were commieblocks so cramped?
>People flip homes because it's profitable.
It's profitable because central banks print money and make interest rates artificially low.
>It's in the fucking nature of the fucking market.
Then why doesn't the price of consumer electronics constantly go up? Why does it go down year after year?
>You weren't smart.
KEK I was smart. I KNEW the central banks were doing this so I bought.
You, being a fucking retard didn't know about central banks, so you DIDN'T buy.
Stay POOR and priced out forever you fucking loser lmao
>I already addressed a superior solution
You mean fucking commieblocks in the ussr? Or even housing in maoist china where there was almost no new housing development? Only a cuckold wants the state to monopolize all housing.
>You live off of workers
I provide them housing that didn't exist before.
30% of the housing stock exists due to the capital of landlords.
This is another argument you refuse to acknowledge.

>and that's thanks to you
30% or so of the housing stock in the country was build by landlord capital. Whenever landlords build housing, it pushes prices down. The problem is the money supply in housing is going up far faster than this.
If you are against landlording, you should be against all forms of passive income like retirees living off dividend stocks. You should also be against crypto in general. You're just a fucking failure who failed in life and wants nobody to drag everyone down.
You're very very dumb. :^)

>it probably gets under your skin
lmao no, your seething makes my dick hard
At the end of the day, oooh I mean MONTH you pay me your hard earned money and no amount of seething will change this lmao
Bitch paid only in half. She'll be totally evicted by the end of this month.
Blackrock jews own most of them tho.
How much are they paying you?
where do you think those stupid fucks go to eat after their shift?
Hint: It's to a fast food joint staffed by "wagies"
it would be hard to get your goyslop if the service industry didn't existt.
Hell, you might even have to cook for once!
File: kme.jpg (52 KB, 656x656)
52 KB
Companies like blackrock own like 0.01% of all housing rentals. They've actually been divesting from that sector recently.
Stop believing leftist youtubers.

KEK Mises and Austrian economics chads make you seethe.
enjoy the "unexpected expenses" that I have made sure you will run into, m'lord LMAO
>rentoids actually think this affects us
>what is insurance
This is what you get for renting to poor people
>rentoid doesn't know I render that oil and fat directly from the sinks and resell it to the shitty stores he goes to
show me the grease insurance
>dude trust me
File: 1505333172048.jpg (48 KB, 865x760)
48 KB
>Rentie forgot to pay me a tip with his deposit.
>Instantly raise his rent by 25%

Fucking renties.
File: ok.png (258 KB, 446x435)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
d&c psyop thread
everyone contributing is a glownigger and/or retard
Is this a new power fantasy for anon? A way to feel superior to others for once? It's ok, we all have our demons, times are tough for most and imagination is a valid escape from it for a time. Don't beat yourself up, you'll get through this.

Yikes, you must be fun at parties sweaty
That's not a monopoly, you dumb fuck. It's many different individuals owning parts of the market.
>Reread the pic

Reread your own pic: "(of AN (so singular) organization or group) obtain exclusive possession". If there are multiple groups/organizations that own parts of it, it is by definition not a monopoly. What did you think "mono" meant, you dumb bitch?
fuck rentoids
literal niggers
>move countries
>work and save
>no longer rentoid

and i see locals being rentoids 24/7
those cunts are willing slaves.
File: 1641852232445.gif (1.32 MB, 498x498)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
About to buy 68m2 flat with basement storage and parking space in a new yet unbuilt house in Eastern Europe. 150k euros. Less than 600 yuros a month fixed over 30 years. Housing prices have went up 20% last year and they will never drop. WAGMI and cheers.
This thread is based. One question I have about becoming a landchad is if any expenses paid for on the property can be deducted from taxes?
Imagine being over the age of 25 and not owning property LMFAO
What are you? a fucking child? you cant even manage to save a measly down payment for your first shit shack?
But surely its someone elses fault, SURELY its anyones fault but yours.

Dont take any responsibility for your shitty desicions, its totally those EVIL land lords, they hate you and love suffering and killing babies :c
Nigger one year of rent is enough to pay for 36 iPhones, nobody is retarded enough to buy that many.
>he relaxed
Dividends on stocks should be paid to employees, not given to investors, if the investors want to sell, they can make money at the top selling their bags.
File: mao-zedong-chinese.gif (3.74 MB, 478x268)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
Rent is due huh
if you have rentoids you can structure it as a business and write off everything
He's literally jewish you nigger.
Yes, blackrock do own most of them. wtf is up with all this twitter tourists latelly?
File: 1642701968389.png (172 KB, 683x1168)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Are these threads a psyop to rope more people into the mortgage ponzi scheme? I guess the housing bubble is really going to pop
Zillow deleted price and tax history for every property listed in my area. Almost like someone doesn't want to influence prices to come down or something.
File: 1658508179574798.png (38 KB, 500x170)
38 KB
hey guys sorry this is my rentpiggie I'm raising his rent and tip tomorrow
All rental properties should be bought with cash, no loans allowed. Change my mind.

banning goys from usury is the whole reason the jews have been dominating banking for 2000 years
Yes, you get massive ridiculous levels of deductions compared to what the wagie rentoid gets.

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