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Too risky
get out you dumb fuck.
Thank you.

I was never in terra. I didn't believe in an algorithmic stablecoin. I'm only trying to make a quick buck.
for a quick buck, short WAVES. its the next LUNA.

here is its stablecoin starting to collapse

IMO luna will survive and UST will get shut down. Whoever is trading UST now expecting a repeg is retarded. The only thing that matters is who held UST before the depeg, not luna. You could have dumped UST afterwards and will still be eligible for the snapshot reimbursement. This is only about making those prior UST holders whole and leaving luna to rebuild from the state its in as of now. Opportunists buying into UST after the depeg arent getting shit.
The fact that Terra is still at 25c and Luna still has interest from retards "buying the dip" just proves that crypto is full of the dumbest of the dumb money.
BTC will return to 1-3k by end of year.
Remember folks always do opposite of what 4chan says
How am i wrong? People that lost money holding luna before the depeg are just subject to market conditions and will have to live with the price its trading at now (kek im a luna VC now). If any reimbursement happens, it will only be for holders of UST at a certain block. Why would anyone else get anything?
He was probably part of the Luna spam team. I truly believe the Luna team is spamming 4 chan.
How do you short on crypto? I don't want to sign up for an exchange.
You find a lending and borrowing platform like aave. But Venus is for Bsc and doesn't work because it was utilizing ust and Luna. They stopped their service currently.

You borrow on a platform and sell. Then pay it back at a lower price.

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